The Best Weapons in Kinja Run

Are you wondering what weapon works best in Kinja Run? Well, the developers change them right now quite frequently so I have updated my guide here to give you a clear ranking of all the weapons in Kinja Run.

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Thanks, Kinja Run

To be honest, I really love the fact that the developers did implement the feature to return everything you invested into a weapon or gear (unlike Archero, their prior game), this makes switching weapons easy as you don’t lose anything and can swap your weapon in seconds.

Best Weapons Tier List

Alright, let’s take on the tier list now

S Tier

The Stygian Scythe is the one and only weapon in Kinja Run now, it just deals so massive damage, is really versatile, has great buffs and is overall the most sustainful weapon to use in every situation.

A Tier

The Frost Wand used to be top of the top with the mechanics that follow enemies. Paired with some Prolonged Sshots you had a absolute deadly setup but the developers patched it a little bit to make it work more ‘noemal’. To be honest, it was like running god mode when you picked the right skills.

Speaking of skills… I also have recently updated my guide on the best skills to pick since the few ones that were broken (e.g. Shield) were patched to normal.

Yes, the Eternal Spear did not perform well, absolutely not. But with the recent patch and the rework the developers did, it now is a very nice weapon that I see absolutely on par with the Frost Wand. I’d not put it in S Tier as Scythe is still so much stronger, but I think A Tier is absolutely fair and let’s see where the journey in Kinja Run goes with it in the future.

B Tier

The Boomerang is a solid weapon to start and also one you can run quite some time with solid stats and good scaling, but at one point it simply falls off behind the ones in the higher tiers but it has no major flaw, like the Longbow.

C Tier

The Longbow should actually be a fantastic weapon in Kinja Run and also has great buffs, but dealing area damage is sometimes really bad and especially encountering bosses you will run into trouble with it – and to be fair, the other weapons don’t give you such a hard time dealing with mobs, anyway…


So, I hope this helps you decide which weapon you’re running in Kinja Run and with the way to reset all investment on any weapon, you can also easily swap them and try a new one without investing anything.

If you think I ranked a weapon wrong here, please let me know in the comments below.

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