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Best Hero – Pet Combinations in Clash of Clans (with Spirit Fox)

Adding pets to heroes is the latest addition in Clash of Clans that let you fine-tune your strategy even more but there are also many players that now are confused what pets they should match with their heroes to get the most out of it.

The good news for starters here is, it’s not giving you endless possibilities and unless you’re really fine-tuning your attacks and playing at a very top level of the game right now, the choices are quite limited and also quite clear.

In this guide here I will give you the main setup that makes sense for, I’d say, 93% of all players and also why each hero practically has a favorite pet that works best in normal circumstances.

Best Pet For Every Hero In Clash of Clans


  • Barbarian King

    Here are the pet combinations that make most sense with Barbarian King in Clash of Clans.

  • PhoenixS
    Phoenix with the revive abilities is the go-to pet for many players with Barbarian King as you get a second chance to take out compartments.
  • FrostyA
    Reduce incoming damage and Barbarian King in his kit is the hero that will benefit the msot from that and for that reason Frosty is the 2nd most popular pet to use along Barbarian King in Clash of Clans.
  • Mighty YakB+
    Being close range and opening compartments helps Barbarian King the most out of all heroes with Mighty Yak as pet and there are enough strategies that utilize that combo really well. Not as popular as Frosty and Phoenix simply are so much stronger overall, but still a hero-pet combo you should have on your list!
  • L.A.S.S.IB
    More of a niche pairing and although you see it here and there, I really am not a huge fan of this combo since LASSI is so quick that it will get trageted by defenses ahead of Barbarian King so often that it can be frustrating.
  • Archer Queen

    Here are the pet combinations that make most sense with Archer Queen in Clash of Clans.

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  • UnicornS+
    Is just such a slam-dunk pairing here with Queen Charges. This is probably one of the single hero-pet pairings in Clash of Clans that you will see so frequently
  • PhoenixB+
    Gives your Queen Charge a second approach and for that reason you might think it's amazing. The reason why not too many players pick it is that it can be squishy and unreliable and often enough you will run into a lost air mine and your whole backup plan goes down the drain.
  • Grand Warden

    Here are the pet combinations that make most sense with Grand Warden in Clash of Clans.

  • Electro OwlA+
    They are made for each other with the air mode and the range. No other hero will be able to utilize the Electro Owl as pet well and many other pets have their flaws with the Grand Warden, making this a very useful pairing
  • Poison LizardA+
    Is next to Electro Owl the most useful pairing with the warden in ground mode
  • PhoenixB
    Can work but I think that Owl (air mode) and Lizard (ground mode) simply work a lot more naturally than Phoenix, espcially with Phoenix being working a lot better on your King or Queen that this pairing doesn't make too much sense for me rather than very situational niche orchestrated attacks in war.
  • FrostyB
    Can work well with the warden on support (no warden walk!)
  • Royal Champion

    Here are the pet combinations that make most sense with Royal Champion in Clash of Clans.

  • DiggyS+
    The targeting mechanics and the way they work together make it clear that this pet is designed to run with Royal Champion and vice versa in Clash of Clans and is the best pet-hero pairing in the game
  • Spirit FoxA+
    Is now a solid contestant for the Royal Champion as you don't have to worry mechanics and it will allow the Royal Champion to overcome some tricky situations


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