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clash of clans hero pets

Adding pets to heroes is the latest addition in Clash of Clans that let you fine-tune your strategy even more but there are also many players that now are confused what pets they should match with their heroes to get the most out of it.

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The good news for starters here is, it’s not giving you endless possibilities and unless you’re really fine-tuning your attacks and playing at a very top level of the game right now, the choices are quite limited and also quite clear.

In this guide here I will give you the main setup that makes sense for, I’d say, 93% of all players and also why each hero practically has a favorite pet that works best in normal circumstances.

Best Pet For Every Hero In Clash of Clans

L.A.S.S.I + Royal Champion

The problem with combining a pet with the Royal Champion is that the Royal Champion is really fast and jumps over wall – you need to use a pet with a high movement speed. The reason why LASSI works best here is not just the movement speed, also the favorite target is really close so LASSI will stay close to the Royal Champion instead of running around far away and not giving much benefit (Mighty Yak for example has that problem with the Royal Champion).

I found that this combination works best, no matter what attacking strategy you run.

Electro Own + Grand Warden

The biggest problem the Electro Owl has is that it can’t out-range any Air Defense and once locked by an Air Defense you normally have no way to safe your Electro Owl.

Combining the Owl with the Grand Warden let the Owl stay out of the tricky spots a lot better and has the best chances to stay alive as long as possible. Combining with a hero like The King or Queen, the owl will always be right inside the action and the chances that a Air Defense will catch it off is super high.

The only exception is in air attacks where you can protect the owl inside a pack of Balloons, but still I’d pick it with the Grand Warden in almost any situation.

Mighty Yak + Archer Queen

If you’re doing any kind of Queen Walk or Queen Charge, and most of the attacks do that, the Mighty Yak is the best choice.

The great thing is that the Yak deals extra damage on walls, so this makes your walk a lot easier because the queen won’t need to work through walls. The Yak will always lock on the same target as the queen, so when the queen targets a building behind some walls, the Yak will start destryoing the wall towards that building and also charge deeper into the base which helps with the pathing of the Queen Charge perfectly fine.

The other reason is that the Unicorn will contribute to the same healing cap that Healers have on heroes, so adding the Unicorn to a couple of Healer will just make the healing effect go nowhere. A valid point, still, is that sometimes a little healing can make the difference and even only getting 10% of the healing can safe your queen in a close spot. But I’m honest I’m still not into the Queen/Unicorn setup so the Yak is the better option.

Unicorn + Barbarian King

Last but not least, the Unicorn. With the reasons with the Archer Queen above in mind, the King is actually the best fit.

In most attacks you have the King hawling around the base and doing his thing and the additional healing of the Unicorn might not heal much but covering the damage of a single defense so he can stay alive longer.

With the high hitpoints the King has it will also work fine if the healing takes longer and it will give you some free space in your attention when you know that you don’t need to monitor your King that closely.

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