Best Monster (Pet) Tier List In Idle Heroes

idle heroes best monster pet tier list

Pets are everyone’s best friend, right? Well, pets are called monsters in Idle Heroes and despite the less appealing name they are indeed your best friend because they will provide your time with an aura bonus and an active skill that will help you during your battles.

With the amount of different monsters (or pets, however you want to call them) you have a different spot not only to choose the one that will work best for you – it’s also expensive and time-consuming to max them out and you don’t want to invest in a monster that will be useless later, right?

The thing is, when you get first access to monsters they will boost your team simply because you haven’t had the chance to use them before – but you will get to a point where the monster needs to be in line with your team to get the biggest bang for your buck, that’s the reason why I have created this guide here.

Int he first section I have a ranked table for you to give you an overview in what game modes and game stages the monsters work best and below I have you my opinion and more details to each monster in Idle Heroes so you can pick your choice based on quality information 🙂

Monster (Pet) Tier List Ranking

Let’s make it quick here, that’s the ranking table for the monsters in Idle Heroes:

Monster (Pet) Total PvE (Early) PvE (Mid) PvE (Late) PvP
Deer A+ B A S A
Phoenix A S S A B
Wolf B+ S A B B
Ice Golem B+ C C B S
Dragon B B B B B
Snake B- C B C A
Rock Golem C+ C C C B
Griffin C C C C C
Fox C- C C C D

Monsters (Pets) Details

Alright, you can take the tier list above and simply use it, no problem. But I think it will also be useful if I share you my thoughts behind this list and why I did the rankings like I did so you can understand the mechanics behind each monster (pet) in Idle Heroes.

idle heroes deerDeer – amazing monster, actually the best to use late game in Idle Heroes. The main reason why it is not that stronger earlier in the game is that the heal is percentage based. This means that the heal won’t be as high when your heroes aren’t maxed, simple as that. That’s where the Phoenix just gets more heal in. It can completely substitute a healer in your team. The damage is the lowest among all monsters but with one more DPS hero in your team you can easily handle that, especially with the armore and attack buff you will get from the active skill.

idle heroes phoenixPhoenix – the flat heal is superior in mid and early game and higher than what the deep provides. The damage with the burning effect is also decent, although don’t consider the Phoenix as a damage dealing monster in Idle Heroes!

idle heroes wolfWolf – also a solid allrounder pet in Adle Heroes, for sure, and the one you should use when unlocking monsters at Level 70! You have solid damage, the bleeding which makes the Wolf a great choice for PvE and PvP early in the game. No strings attached.

idle heroes ice golemIce Golem – probably the best PvP monster in the late game of Idle Heroes, no doubt about that. It’s perfect against teams that use crowd control abilities with the freeze, although it requires some good rng to really keep bangin’. Combined with heroes that freeze you will hit really strong crits.

idle heroes dragonDragon – using the Dragon with heroes that have high crit and holy damage will skyrocket your damage, especially in PvP. It’s more like a niche monster to use, but if your team fits this can be THE perfect monster, stronger than any other monster in PvP.

idle heroes snakeSnake – if you start PvP mid game you won’t get pass the Snake as monster, the damage is high, the poison with the additional damage also burns through the enemy teams really effective.


Rock Golem – the damage is high, pertify really strong and the additional crit damage make it absolutely worth it to be used in PvP early to mid-game in Idle Heroes. Other than that, not really that strong.


idle heroes griffinGriffin – pretty average with solid damage in PvE and the armor and speed buff, but actually I see other monsters here a lot stronger.




Fox – useless, basically. The silence is useless in PvP and the skill damage is not that strong…

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