Best Monster (Pet) Tier List In Idle Heroes 2023

Pets are everyone’s best friend, right? Well, pets are called monsters in Idle Heroes and despite the less appealing name they are indeed your best friend because they will provide your time with an aura bonus and an active skill that will help you during your battles.

With the amount of different monsters (or pets, however you want to call them) you have a different spot not only to choose the one that will work best for you – it’s also expensive and time-consuming to max them out and you don’t want to invest in a monster that will be useless later, right?

The thing is, when you get first access to monsters they will boost your team simply because you haven’t had the chance to use them before – but you will get to a point where the monster needs to be in line with your team to get the biggest bang for your buck, that’s the reason why I have created this guide here.

Int he first section I have a ranked table for you to give you an overview in what game modes and game stages the monsters work best and below I have you my opinion and more details to each monster in Idle Heroes so you can pick your choice based on quality information 🙂

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Monster (Pet) Tier List Ranking

Let’s make it quick here, that’s the ranking table for the monsters in Idle Heroes:


Because of the synergy and the meta with Mystic Fairy Freya, the Snake is now an extremely powerful monster in Idle Heroes so I rank it that high. The damage with the synergy will simply go through the roof running them along each other and with other damage dealers, too..
No questions here that Phoenix is the most important monster that you should build on every single account first. Best for every game mode. Baseline damage, crit damage, heal, burn and stacking damage against burning targets makes it overpowered in all PvE scenarios. This list can go on and on but I make it short - invest in Phoenix and you won't regret it!.
Works great with any bleed hero like Scarlet Queen Halora and with the massive damage increase buff, Wolf is an incredible choice but not ranked higher as he needs those specific synergies to make the impact he can do..
The brand-new monster and the 2nd monster you should build on your account. Great stats with holy damage and crit damage reduction paired with the active ability of giving 30% shield. This is why it's here rather than the Deer that will do 20% healing that can overheat... shields can't get wasted and makes Lion really strong..
Fox is a nice monster, no question, but the ones above should be higher in priority to you. You get precision and skill damage and silence enemies but, bottom line, the main reason why Fox is a useful monster is for the reason of the 62 energy it will give your allies so can get the actives rolling..
Can stun, boosts crit chance and damage but is not that top tier monster in Idle Heroes anymore, unfortunately. The reason he's falling off is that Wolf, Snake and Phoenix are simply providing (in the correct synergy) so much more buff that the Dragon can't hold up with them. Universally, without looking at the peek synergies, he is still a rock-solid monter to run..
Used to be better and with additional armor and block buff good defensive. The heal can easily overhead but overall there are other monsters above that do the job better. My take... if you already built the Deer you will have a great time using it. If you haven't built it, rather invest into the monsters higher in the list..
ice golem
Ice Golem
Gives precision and holy damage which synergizes well with certain cheese setups. Has a chance to freeze and buffs damage against frozen tragets but there are no good heroes that freeze right now and it's also super rare that freeze will stick, otherwise higher in priority..
Slowing down the enemy team is nice but only for PvP and with so many ways to manipulate speed, it's just impossible to use Griffin reliably to manipulate the enemy speed well as you simply don't know the speed..
boulder golem
Boulder Golem
Gives armor and precision, so offense and defense and has petrify. Not specifically bad but I think you should build all other monsters before building the Stone Golem..

That’s it, if you feel that I made a horrible mistake or I should update the list please post a comment below 🙂

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