super auto pets tier list of all pets super auto pets tier list of all pets

Super Auto Pets Tier List (Updated 2023)

There are so many pets in Super Auto Pet that is already hard to keep track which ones are good and which ones are not and you often times will find yourself having a hard time deciding which ones to pick up, keep and use, right? Well, in addition to that, the developers also constantly balance and change the pets by adapting the stats, abilities and also Tiers.

I have written this tier list here and also constantly update it with each round of balancing changes to give you a good overview with a bride explanation for every pet so you can check back if you’re not sure about a pet.

Tier List of all Pets in Super Auto Pets – From Best To Worst

Below you will find all the pets, including the expansions. So, without wasting more time, let’s jump right into it.


  • SlothS+
    The Sloth is simply the best pet in Super Auto Pets. Every player that has played the game at least once knows that (or at least should).
  • BlobfishS
    Blobfish gives the buff plus experience and that as a Tier 3, which is pretty broken in my opinion. Also, if you start getting it to Level 2 and then pill it to anything else, it's just crazy.
  • ClownfishS
    Clownfish provides crazy value, you get crazy stat increase for just 2 Gold and even if you just level up one unit, you're traded very well and you can level up 3 units. Pretty broken right now and absolutely strong.
  • DogS
    Dog was pretty good but then they increased the stats and it's a very good buy/sell pet now.
  • TurtleS
    Turtle can give you a Tier 6 food in the turn 3 and it would be strong being Tier 4 or Tier 5, but in the current state really overpowered.
  • LobsterS
    Lobster with the small stat increase and the nerf to Turkey at the same time made it so strong.
  • ChickenS
    Chicken gives you 50/50 shops so no reason to rank it anywhere else, although it has low health stats but the potential is so big.
  • LionessS
    Lioness is Tier 6 now with the recent nerf but is free stats every turn.
  • CatS
    Cat goes really crazy through the roof right now with all the new food we have now around. You can get triple Sushi with Squirell, how is that not broken? Super scaling chances.
  • AlpacaS
    Alpaca giving experience for the freeze and one of the strongest
  • LeopardS
    Leopard deals the 50% damage and although Tier 6, that's really strong and you can scale it up.
  • OctopusS
    Octopus is so good now and you can use with +1 Tiger and annihilates pack 2 like crazy.
  • StegosaurusS
    Stegosaurus has great stats and give s stats every turn equal to the turn number so it scales.
  • White TigerS
    White Tiger levels pets behind +3 that's just so strong.
  • LadybugA
    Ladybug is fantastic although some players would disagree. Really great early game and the temporary stats are great and you can keep it through the whole game but also switch it off easily with the temporary stats.
  • MothA
    Moth gives a lot of attack to the most upfront pet and this works well against opponents that tend to put their biggest pet to the front and you can really mess with that setup. effectively by placing a weak unit in the front yourself and buff it up with Moth.
  • SeahorseA
    Seahorse can disrupt the enemy board and especially later in the game where positioning gets more important, this ability will get even more effectively.
  • GoldfishA
    Goldfish discount Gold for two pets and is basically a better version of Swan (see below). Great synergy with Dromedary.
  • RacoonA
    Racoon can steal food from the enemy which makes it probably the strongest Tier 2 pet in Super Auto Pets for me.
  • SalamanderA
    Salamander is easily the fastest scaler in the game and with Lollipop you can swap the stats over and do crazy things with it.
  • CaterpillarA
    Caterpillar is now Tier 4 so it can't get countered that easily and it will simply copy your biggest unit, which can change a lot.
  • Emperor TamarinA
    Emperor Tamarin is working really great as when you sell it you get 50% on the most left unit in the shop and once you get it to Level 2 or Level 3 you can do crazy stuff with it.
  • PuppyA
    Puppy only costs 2 Gold now with the recent buff for good stats.
  • AnteaterA
    Anteater can be crazy when you get the Ants and carry them through the full game.
  • BuffaloA
    Buffalo is so strong and the only reason I have it here in A Tier and not in S Tier is that it has the charging mechanics.
  • PenguinA
    Penguin can only buff 3 Level 2/3 pets now with the recent nerf, but it's still really strong.
  • SkunkA
    Skunk works better later in the game and gets better over time, but you can keep it long enough ab by turn 11 you have a crazy pet on the board.
  • ParrotA
    Parrot is super viable and can go behind anything and gives so many options, even with the recent nerf to the stats one of the strongest pets and the most versatile for sure.
  • SquirrelA
    Squirrel now gives one more food with the recent change and got a lot better with that change and is a very good fit in pretty much any food build.
  • CowA
    Cow works really well and didn't get any changes so far so it stays here in the A Tier.
  • EagleA
    Eagle was and is still really good and you can pill it for getting an early Tier 6 or keep it as a great summon unit for a summon build.
  • LionfishA
    Lionfish is really hard to deal with as it will give all the enemies weaknesses before the battle starts.
  • MonkeyA
    Monkey used to be stronger but with the recent stats change I downgraded a little bit but still a very versatile pet.
  • HamsterA
    Hamster is, although changed now to Tier 5, still a great pet. You can play it, roll twice and sell it and that was basically for free and I barely remember any situation where I didn't pick it up.
  • SharkA
    Shark is now stronger and it works so well with summon builds and with the recent change to health it got so much better.
  • PoodleA
    Poodle was weird with the buffing that didn't affect Tier 5 (but all others) and now doesn't buff itself bt all other Tiers.
  • SealA
    Seal is an incredible scaler and works so well with Squirrel, Cat or Rabbit and then you have these food pets in one line and they will work hand in hand with each other.
  • TurkeyA
    Turkey is like Lobster but a Tier higher and it works with summons in battle, so it's in A Tier and not in S Tier like Lobster.
  • VultureA
    Vulture can deal damage to the enemy whenever a unit faints so you can use it with summons and have a lot of value out of it.
  • ZebraA
    Zebra is a really good buy/sell as you will get basically 8 stats for 2 Gold
  • MammothA
    Mammoth is really versatile when you pill it or mushroom it and you'll get nice stats.
  • SnakeA
    Snake is working well right now, especially with all those summon pets now in Super Auto Pets.
  • SpionosaurusA
    Spinosaurus is slightly better than Turkey but as a Tier 6 so I ranked it slightly lower but has the advantage it not only does its thing when a unit faints, it also does when you pill something.
  • TigerA
    Tiger is similar to Parrot and also really versatile with a lot of utility in the game but higher Tier.
  • OstrichA
    Ostrich scales up fast and can get you great stats in 3 turns and works really well along with Moose.
  • TyrannosaurusA
    Tyrannosaurus doesn't buff itself anymore so I ranked it a little lower in the A Tier but is still a very good pet with a buff to everything.
  • AntB
    Ant is good at Tier 1 and you can pill when it faints and there's a lot it works with.
  • ChinchillaB
    Chinchilla is nice as you only need 4 units to level up twice instead of 6 and you can get a lot of value out it, especially when you run a buy/sell build.
  • DuckB
    Duck has nice stats, a good ability, and you don't need to buy food to get health for pets in the shop.
  • KiwiB
    Kiwi works great with Strawberry and is probably the best Tier 1 buffer in Super Auto Pets, but requires Strawberry, which is also a downside.
  • MosquitoB
    Mosquito has this one random attack that is useful most of the times, especially with that many good options that have 1 health. It also deals good damage in earlier turns and you can actually keep it, it's decent.
  • FlamingoB
    Flamingo is working well if you buy it and pill it the next turn and has good stats.
  • DodoB
    Dodo is not that good when you get it and you need to buff it up and then it will get great. Works well with Crab and Rabbit.
  • Guinea PigB
    Guinea Pig is great value as it will give you double summons now and good for level-ups.
  • JellyfishB
    Jellyfish is good at Tier 2 and have it early and get some good level ups and will scale alright.
  • PandaB
    Panda needs you to invest stats constantly but then you can keep it the whole game which makes it nice.
  • PugB
    Pug and Jellyfish is a nice combo and is flexible overall.
  • StorkB
    Stork is a better version of Spider and if you keep it long enough you get nice Tier 5 out of it, like Eagle, Scorpion and more.
  • SwanB
    Swan gives great Gold, although the stats are now worst since the changes and there's more pets that gives Gold now, but still a good pick.
  • SnailB
    Snail is still alright, even after the changes. If you lose and you see a snail on the board you'll still buy it.
  • AardvarkB
    Aardvark counters summons so well and is amazing to do that.
  • CapybaraB
    Capybara has good stats at Tier 3 and pairs well with Lobster and other shop buffs.
  • CamelB
    Camel is now better since the buff and a solid pick.
  • GiraffeB
    Giraffe gives a free Apple every turn and that will pay off in the long run. Still good even the stats got nerfed recently.
  • ToadB
    Toad gives weakness, which is always valuable in the later turns. The only negative thing about it is, you need to hurt the unit to get the weakness applied.
  • Hatching ChickB
    Hatching Chick has different abilities and a good temporary buff that's good for quite some turns and Level 2 gives a smaller but permanent buff. Wouldn't level up from here, though.
  • OwlB
    Owl is a good buy/sell pet and gives 2-2 randomly.
  • StarfishB
    Starfish is not a self-scaler anymore and now gives random buffs, but is still a good pet.
  • BisonB
    Bison is now more balanced and less powerful with the lower stats from the recent nerf but still a solid pet to pick up in SAP.
  • CrowB
    Crow is not as good as Blowfish but a nice buy/sell to get a Chocolate.
  • DeerB
    Deer is nice with the Chilly Buzz and works well with the summons.
  • HippoB
    Hippo is now better with the buff that it gets when it knocks out a unit and is a good summon counter now.
  • LlamaB
    Llama is like Bison but you need the space open.
  • LynxB
    Lynx is a good early to mid-game sniper but you need a lot of levels.
  • MicrobeB
    Microbe is nice with applying weakness to everything but is has no ability after Level 1 and there's where you keep it but has then low stats.
  • DragonflyB
    Dragonfly has hard positioning with all the levels can be really nerve-robbing.
  • PelicanB
    Pelican is awesome with the start of battle and end of turn buff but need to have a Strawberry for it to be that and that kind-of kills a higher tier for it.
  • RoosterB
    Rooster summons chicks and scales with the levels.
  • Praying MantisB
    Praying Mantis knocks out the unit behind it at the start of the turn but causes some board space issues and in the middle it knocks out double units.
  • CrocodileB
    Crocodile is a great counter for pets in the back.
  • TriceratopsB
    Triceratops is good and late as Tier 5 and gives stats randomly, but other than that a nice pet.
  • SheobillB
    Shoebill gives nice buffs to all Strawberry friends and is a wide scaler with that, but you have to have Strawberries on everything.
  • HuskyB
    Husky is pretty much the same as Shoebill but the opposite as you should not have any food on anything.
  • BoarB
    Boar is now buffed with the new stats on the ability.
  • FlyB
    Fly has been nerfed heavily and the breakpoint changed a lot.
  • OrcaB
    Orca is probably the most-changed and most-frequently changed pet in Super Auto Pets and right now with the summoned faint pet its still good but not overpowered anymore.
  • MooseB
    Moose is nice with the extra Melon before it attacks but there's a lot of counters to it right now and that makes it a weak Tier 6 unit in my opinion compared tot the other ones in SAP.
  • TapirB
    Tapir is versatile with synergies and before they now changed the ability to be random it was so strong. Makes a more balanced appearance now.
  • Sabertooth TigerB
    Sabertooth Tiger is in the current state decent with the ability, but requires some time to figure out how to use it right. Has a nice synergy with Panda and/or Hedgehog where you can directly get a summon out, but the summon spawns randomly.
  • WalrusB
    Walrus is nice when you use a pill and get a Peanut for everyone, but that's pretty much it and Peanuts are not the best food to get.
  • VelociraptorB
    Velociraptor give a Coconut to a Strawberry friend so quite some conditions plus not the best stats and a Tier 6, for that reason at the end of the B Tier for me.
  • HummingbirdC
    Hummingbird is actually pretty good but requires you to have a Strawberry pet and to get for that you need to invest more Gold. Otherwise, I would rank it higher just by looking at the overall kit.
  • BluebirdC
    Bluebird now after the nerf gives the buff to one random target and the randomness can make or break a lot and just makes it a lot squishy overall.
  • PillbugC
    Pillbug is good for the first few turns but then the stats aren't that noticeable and you want to get rid of it after about 5 or 6 turns.
  • DucklingC
    Duckling is a little better version of Beetle and you can choose when you sell it to buff the most left pet and at Level 2 you can freeze a pet in the shop. That can be useful but nothing crazy.
  • MouseC
    Mouse gives the shop a free Apple when you sell it so it's a nice addition but otherwise no good pet overall.
  • OtterC
    Otter is pretty much the same as Mouse although you can sell it cheaper but not choose where you want the buff to go.
  • CricketC
    Cricket works well with many other pets so it has some use in Super Auto Pets but not that crazy just when you look at it on its own.
  • FishC
    Fish has a good ability but with the recent changes that changed the stats lineup made it less versatile for me so I ranked it lower now.
  • Frilled DragonC
    Frilled Dragon works nicely with all early faint pets in SAP, but you need a faint pet to make it really work. Let's call it situationally good.
  • BeaverC
    Beaver is now a little better since the stats got adapted recently. Not changing the world but just decent now and the ability to give health to two pets is useful overall.
  • BatC
    Bat is a difficult case to rank. The weakness is great and gets more and more useful the more equipment you will see on the enemies, but it's bad when you buy it first and then picks up later. And then when you need it and can buy it, then you can also run a better pet like Skunk.
  • DromedaryC
    Dromedary is now only buffing the two most left shop pets after the nerf so I rank it here. Don't get me wrong, it's actually pretty balanced but not outstanding good anymore.
  • ElephantC
    Elephant is so much better now. It can now do multiple hits which makes it a lot more consistent and is now actually a useful unit.
  • HedgehogC
    Hedgehog deals damage to everyone but you have to play to not have it in the back. Solid pets, though.
  • PeacockC
    Peacock got his attack buff buffed and basically doubled and makes it useful, but not outstanding.
  • RatC
    Rat has some synergies with other pets like Hippo, Camel or Boar that can make it a good pick.
  • ShrimpC
    Shrimp give health to random units and at one point you might see that it gives too much health where you don't need it.
  • SpiderC
    Spider can be nice in a summon built or if you use it for pilling on turn 3, otherwise not a good pick.
  • ToucanC
    Toucan passes food to allied pets behind, but doesn't work with all kinds of food but not all the good ones
  • BlowfishC
    Blowfish works nice with Elephant and all the other pets here in this tier, so it's also in this tier.
  • KangarooC
    Kangaroo is okay but has quite a lot pf prerequisites to be really good.
  • OxC
    Ox is now not that good anymore since the nerf.
  • BearC
    Bear can help get rid of equipment on the enemy team, but also on himself. Can actually be useful in the right situations.
  • LeechC
    Leech always needs a unit to hit unless it's in front but unlocks a lot, so I had a hard time ranking it.
  • RamC
    Ram is great in the turn that you will get it but then falls off hard.
  • RabbitC
    Rabbit is not that viable anymore since it got its stats nerfed and with the lower attack stats its just not that great anymore.
  • WaspC
    Wasp is nice if you can tier it up, but you need to get it in an early turn to make it good.
  • SeagulC
    Seagul by itself is not that great and you need to get things like Melon early on to make it shine. Just really situational these days.
  • WoodpeckerC
    Woodpecker needs Pineapple to really work well.
  • ArmadilloC
    Armadillo is weak at Tier 4 but with all the health you can get with it it can be useful.
  • EalC
    Eal can be really good, but you need to get a lot of health on it and if it gets killed before the battle you're in a very unfortunate spot.
  • DolphinC
    Dolphin has a great ability and nice targeting.
  • DonkeyC
    Donkey has not the best stats and is not that great overall, but the push mechanics itself is good.
  • HawkC
    Hawk is good and you can choose where it hits, but with the breakpoint it is only good for a few turns.
  • MoleC
    Mole is a solid buy/sell pet but the Tier 4 is not that great.
  • OrangutanC
    Orangutan is probaly one of the worst scalers in Super Auto Pets (except the two ones ranked below in the lower tiers) and the only reason to have it is for playing it for a turn or two and get the health. Can be bad if he buffs himself but the tiebreaker let you choose which one gets the health.
  • PlatypusC
    Platypus is nice as buy/sell to get Duck and Beaver out of it.
  • WhaleC
    Whale has some decent synergies with the newer pets but you have to have something to eat unless it goes in the front.
  • WormC
    Worm is now bettter with the better stats but you need to invest a lot of food into it to be good and keep buying food.
  • FoxC
    Fox can steal a pill, that's it. And now with the nerf it can't double anymore.
  • GoatC
    Goat gives you the extra Gold when you buy a unit, but that's it. It's not bad but also not outstanding.
  • PolarbearC
    Polarbear gives that buff to a random unit in the shop. The stats it buffs are nice but also they are random so kand be great but also not.
  • ScorpioC
    Scorpion used to be so good, but now that there are so much more pets that can give you Peanuts it has lost most of its viablility in my opinion.
  • GorillaC
    Gorilla as Tier 6 and is really bad the turn you're buying it and it keeps like that for a few turns until you can make full use of the great ability.
  • HammersharkC
    Hammershark is now better with the new ability but 3 Gold is kind-of- expensive for what you get compared to other pets.
  • SauropodC
    Sauropod has the same issue as Worm and Hammershark and needs a full food team to keep going, but for that kind of team you have better options than Sauropod.
  • RhinoC
    Rhino works well against summon builds and also deals twice the damage against Tier 1 pets. But other pets just do that better, but I think it's not too bad.
  • HorseD
    Horse is one of the worst Tier 1 pets in SAP but it works with summons so it can be a pet you can take sometimes without feeling too horrible about.
  • FrogD
    Frog has only one single use for me and that's using the Level 2 ability when selling it to swap the stats. Other than that, not useful.
  • PigD
    Pig is not that good with horrible stats and is basically a sell all of the time for me to get some Gold.
  • PuffinD
    Puffin can theoretically deal some damage with a full team of Puffins and Strawberries, but the invest in both is just, well, unnecessary.
  • WombatD
    Wombat is so inconsistent as you don't know what the enemy will have. If there's no faint pet you have no use for it.
  • YakD
    Yak has okay stats but deals damage to itself at the end of the round and needs to be paired up with other pets that aren't that good. Just the synergy required is not great.
  • CassowaryD
    Cassowary also requires investing in Strawberries and the ability is not really that strong. I'm just not a big fan of the Strawberry build for only Cassoway.
  • Tropical FishD
    Tropical Fish scales very bad now with the new scaling system.
  • LionD
    Lion got nerfed into the ground and the fact that you can't have any other Tier 5 or Tier 6 pet on your team with Lion just makes you lose a round easily. Some good players use Lion well-dosed in games and for that reason I have it here.
  • Sword FishD
    Sword Fish will kill itself so you need a ton of investment and is just overall squishy and lackluster as a Tier 5 where you have so many better options in Super Auto Pets.
  • PiranhaD
    Piranha is a real bad Tier 6 pet in SAP as it won't do enough. It takes some damage but the way the stats are is just weird.
  • DragonD
    Dragon now can only buff 3 units and you have to constantly buy/sell Tier 1 pets and can't even predict the stat buffs. I mean looking above there's so much better options that I won't rank Dragon any higher on this tier list.
  • Tabby CatD
    Tabby Cat has good stats and the extra attack when it eats is actually nice, but you need to keep feeding it and also it's only a temporary effect.
  • BeetleD
    Beetle has been nerfed so much and only affects the most left one in the shop, only a short time viable and if you see a tier list with Beetle ranked high, it's absolutely an outdated one!
  • CrabD
    Crab is also nerfed heavily and only now copies 50% of the battle and is only useful for very specific cases anymore until there is any change in a future Super Auto Pets update.
  • DoveD
    Dove can give Strawberry pets additional stats but that's right now just not viable.
  • KoalaD
    Koala was great and has been going between crazy good and bad within the buffs and nerfs, and right now it's a bad pet again. Although Tier 2 pets aren't overall too strong, but in case of Koala you can find better options and it's really lackluster.
  • BadgerD
    Badger used to be so great, but now with the new costs it's simply so expensive without any additional benefit.
  • OkapiD
    Okapi requires that you roll god stats and it caps out as well, so there's simply so much better options in SAP.
  • PorcupineD
    Porcupine has the counterattack and that sounds good, but the problem is that Porcupine and the target needs to be alive by the time that happens and that is not often the case.
  • HyenaD
    Hyena has great synergy with Komodo but as you see where Komodo is ranked below you see that this doesn't work too well and the ability is also weird with the different swappings.
  • CockroachF
    Cockroach is one of the worst pets, horrible stats and the ability is basically not existing. Just don't pick unless you get presented 3 Cockroaches on the board and don't keep it longer than 2 turns.
  • FrigatebirdF
    Frigatebird only affects hurt units and you're normally even betting buying a peach.
  • JerboaF
    Jerboa is not useable and you need apples which are only appearing randomly in the shop. I really don't want to waste more time writing how bad Jerboa is.
  • KomodoF
    Komodo scales so bad, maybe even the worst of all scalers in SAP and has absolutely no sense and really bad at Tier 6.


Well, that was a heavy list, right? I hope with all the recent changes that nerfed and buffed certain animals in Super Auto Pets, this tier list here will help you to figure out what pets to pick. Also, I will update this list frequently with every update so feel free to bookmark and come back after each new update and balancing round.

If you have questions regarding certain pet rankings (or you feel that I made some mistakes with some rankings), please post a comment below and I will do my best to answer your questions or give an explanation.

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