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Best Pets in Hero Wars (Ranking) – with Khorus

Pets are a man’s Hero Wars player’s best friend. Interestingly enough pets will support you in Hero Wars – or better said, your heroes – but they are also not cheap to upgrade and choices according to your pets should be made wisely. For that reason, I have created a ranking that should help you prioritize your pets and give you some help on what pets to invest in next.

Pets Uses In A Nutshell

Pets can patron a hero which means they can buff that hero with certain stats – each pet does different buffs. This means that pets that can be useful for many different heroes are better than ones with more specific cases when tit comes to tailor a ranking to help you prioritize.

1st Priority

1st Priority

It’s Axel all the way as he will apply a shield that will distribute physical and magical damage among all heroes, depending on how much health they have lost. This means they share any burst damage and no hero will get heavy damage and go down quickly.

Also adds a damage cap so it’s hard to not have him on top of every pet tier/priority list in Hero Wars.

Next Priority

The pets in this priority are not in any order, prioritize them as you feel it works right. This also depends on your hero roaster, what team setups you do, etc…

2nd Priority

The healing Oliver provides is amazing and will be really helpful in a lot of situations – every hero can use healing, right? For that reason and the fact that he will provide a lot more sustain to pretty much any hero make him valuable and useful and you should work on him early.

2nd Priority

Cain, however, is more focused on avoiding damage. I personally would even put him higher in ranking but the fact that chances make the RNG aspect higher prevents me from doing that. Cain will give you bonus energy and make your chance to dodge higher. The more you dodge, the more energy he generates and the faster your team engine rolls. Works as well as it sounds.

2nd Priority

Albus is the last pet in this ranking that I recommend you to work on and use. It’s, in fact, the first pet here that actually boosts damage directly. The cool thing about Albus is that he will boost pure damage so you can apply that to pretty much any hero that deals damage and get a nice bonus out of it, especially when looking at his skill where he will target the enemy with the highest health.

Towards Late-Game

This is the priority you want to work on when you have invested a good bunch into the above pets.

3rd Priority

Khorus (New) is great to work against control effects. The reason he’s so low in priority here is not that he’s not good (as he is), but the fact that he will not be that important until you reach further down towards the late- and end-game of Hero Wars so investing early will not help you as much as the the pets listed above will. A great end-game pet, though!

3rd Priority

Fenris is not just amazingly cute, he’s also useful to grant the chance to blind enemies with basic attacks for 2 seconds (and then also deal extra damage to them). Actually a nice thing but there are not many cases where you can use it that well to not have a hero in your team doing that job, plus, the extra damage is not that much. The above pets are just stronger.

3rd Priority

Biscuit was added not that long ago to the game and the hype was big. After all, Buscuit is a pet you want to have on your priority list, but not on top.

Biscuit slows down and blocks healing, better said let the owner reduce the healing. The huge problem why Biscuit is not that powerful after all is that he doesn’t block healing all the way, it only gets reduced by 30% and that’s simply not enough to make a huge difference, especially when the pets listed above are so much stronger.

Last Priority

These are the pets to only work on when you have finished the others. They are heavily niche role and for whale accounts rather than normal players.

Last Priority

Mara increases any cc effect like blinding, silence, slow, char or mind control. This sounds so nice on paper but reality shows that on one side only a few setups and situations could really use it and normally the hero kits work well with their duration so it’s rather a nice to have. Looking at the invest and the better options you can have makes her pretty low in the ranking here.

Last Priority

Merlin boosts magic damage skill speed so you can think about getting an effect about a handful of times in a battle plus the effect is so small you barely recognize it. Just not worth it.

This is the priority I would work on the pets in Hero Wars. If you have a different opinion, please share it in the comments and we can discuss it 🙂

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  1. Hello

    New to this game and currently at lvl 70 (violet and violet +1) playing HW Mobile.

    So PETS.. when and how are they obtainable ?

  2. Hi Tim,

    My Priority list is not that far from you though.
    Oliver – Upgraded to Violet
    Axel – Upgraded to Violet
    Albus – Upgraded to Violet
    Cain – Upgraded to Violet
    Fenris – Upgraded to Blue +2
    Biscuit – Upgraded to Violet
    Mara – Upgraded to Green +1
    Merlin – Upgraded to Green +1

    However, I use Albus more often now due to using heroes that are causing physical damages.
    K’arkh, Astaroth, Cleaver, Isaac & Martha.
    Sometimes switching Celeste / Lian with Isaac though.

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