the best pets in dragon trail the best pets in dragon trail

The Best Pets (Tier List) in Dragon Trail: Hunter World – 2023 Update

Are you having a hard time deciding not only which pet you should run in Dragon Trail but also which pet you should evolve? Well, I have you covered and below you will find a ranked list that will show you which pets are strong in Dragon Trail right now and which ones are rather mediocre or bad.

Before we start, please also make sure to check out my class guide here to make sure that you choose the right class and don’t have to restart later because you’re playing a class you don’t enjoy. Also: make sure to check out the list of active activation codes here to get some extra rewards, I update it frequently when new codes get posted.

Tier List of the Best Pets in Dragon Trail

Without wasting more time, let’s get right into the pet ranking…

Please mind that I only ranked SSR pets as they are the way to go long-term in Dragon Trail (with the only exception of Little garlic as only SR pet that can be evolved past 5-Star).


  • Little Flower FairyS+Best Class
    Little Flower Fairy has burst healing and passive healing and will help you out in so many situations. I mean pets with damage are great, but having a pet that will make you sustain longer, especially with damage-oriented classes, is really strong and actually the best pet in Dragon Trail right now for me.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Stubborn RockSBest Class
    Stubborn Rock doesn't deal much damage but more importantly provides a shield that is based on percentage and also reflects damage so you will be able to deal some decent damage overall while being very sturdy and sustaining a lot more attacks. A great pet to run in Dragon Trail.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Saphhire DragonSBest Class
    Sapphire Dragon is really good, dealing AoE damage and also can stun enemies and is useful to interrupt and crow control a little with that. One of my favorite choices right now and helps in pretty much all situations.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • PearlSBest Class
    Pearl also deals AoE damage and has stun effect and the rectangular area effect makes it quite valuable and also a great pet choice in Dragon Trail. Also handy in PvP situations with the area that gets covered by the damage and skill.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Icy BearA+Best Class
    Icy Bear doesn't deal any significant damage but has, in my opinion, the strongest pet skill in Dragon Trail that will give your character invincibility for some periods. This can help you when dealing with whales that can basically one-shot or two-shot you and might get you out of tricky situations. But also dealing with stronger mobs is getting easier with it. Quite universal and a good pet to run in Dragon Trail as well.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Purplefeather EagleA+Best Class
    Purplefeather Eagle deals incredible damage with the curse that will delay the damage but then punches really hard, especially against world bosses.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • FlashratABest Class
    Flashrat deals really good damage, but it's 'only' single-target and this makes him fall off compared to the other pets ranked higher in this list as you will miss out some good damage potential when dealing with multiple enemies.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Baby Totem MonkeyABest Class
    Baby Totem Monkey deals AoE damage, which is great, but doesn't have much single-target damage and the overall damage output is not that great compared to other pets in Dragon Trail. Don't get me wrong, still a good pet to run and useful but you can do better.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Saber-toothed TigerABest Class
    Saber-toothed Tiger deals the highest amount of single-target damage out of all pets in Dragon Trail and that secures him this spot in the A-Tier. Although, and that's the reason I don't rank it higher, it won't do anything else like buff/debuff or any control effect of any kind.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Toro ElephantABest Class
    Toro Elephant deals good damage and reduces enemy speed when hitting them. Nice setup and some control, although the speed reduction is more for players that want to get more towards whales to prevent enemies from getting away and gain an edge with the speed reduction.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Fennec FoxB+Best Class
    Fennec Fox deals solid damage nd has an enemy debuff that will let you deal more damage to an enemy over time. The reason I rank Fox quite low here is the longest skill cooldown of all pets in Dragon Trail and that you need to have a sturdy enemy to really get the full effect out of it.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Fire WyvernBBest Class
    Fire Wyvern is basically the same as the Fox but has a shorter cooldown but doesn't affect multiple enemies with the skill, so a little weaper overall. I'm tempted to actually put it in the C Tier but leave it at the bottom of the B Tier as it's stronger than the lower ranked pets.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Little GarlicC+Best Class
    Little Garlic is the only SR pet up here on the list with additional damage over time and the ability to get evolved past 5-Star is actually a decent pet. Yes, falls of later compared to the SSR pets but for starting and in the earlier stages a quite formidable pet.Rarity: SRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Green Plain TurtleCBest Class
    Green Plain Turtle has weak damage and the damage reduction is not bad so I ranked him in the C-Tier. Not horrible but not a great choice either, especially as you have so many better options in the higher tiers above.Rarity: SSRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Three-tailedCBest Class
    Nice damage and nice attack buff for you. I mean SSR outclass him at one point but up until then, a solid pet to run.Rarity: SRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Flower DeerCBest Class
    Nice damage and transfer as HP to you. Stats are not good enough later but can help you in close situationsRarity: SRBest ClassAll Codes
  • MakakaD+Best Class
    Damage is alright but the debuff won't hae much of an effectRarity: SRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Cactus BallD+Best Class
    Okay damage, okay reduced incoming damage, nothing specialRarity: SRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Greenlux BeetleDBest Class
    The hit rate reduction is too limitied and too short to really make a difference and when reduced hit rate would have a great effect later in the game, this pet is already a little outclassed by the SSR petsRarity: SRBest ClassAll Codes
  • Dark BatDBest Class
    The HP shield won't be noticable and the cooldown is pretty slow for it, tooRarity: RBest ClassAll Codes
  • Red BeetleFBest Class
    Hard to trigger, almost no benefit. Not worth it.Rarity: RBest ClassAll Codes
  • GibbonFBest Class
    You won't really feel it, the chance is low and RNG for such a small benefit is not worth it.Rarity: RBest ClassAll Codes
  • RedfaceFBest Class
    Just noRarity: RBest ClassAll Codes
  • Ghost ScorpionFBest Class
    Triggers too late to really help and the reduction is not nearly enough to make a differenceRarity: RBest ClassAll Codes
  • Colorful FrogFBest Class
    Not helpful, not even in PvPRarity: RBest ClassAll Codes


So, I hope this ranked list will help you make a good choice which pet to run and also which ones to evolve in the long run in Dragon Trail and not waste your time and effort on a pet that will be only mediocre or bad later in the game. If you have anything additional to add or you have further questions, please don’t hesitate dropping a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer.

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  1. Honestly it’s an incomplete tier list flower fairy + stubborn rock is good for pvp n PvE. Another good combo is flower fairy+ saber or fire wyvern/ wildfire dragon. Also saber + fire wyvern/wildfire dragon is good as well

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