new eternal tech parts 2024 new eternal tech parts 2024 Tech Parts Guide & Ranking (With Eternal Tech Parts)

Tech parts have been released with the 1.5 Update of and give you the opportunity to not just gear up your equipment to deal more damage and have more durability with additional health, they also will give your skills more versatility. In this guide, I will cover the best strategy to use them and also which ones to go for in the long run.

Please mind! This guide is closely related to my frequently updated tier list of skills and Evolution Skills that you can find here. I don’t find it useful to recommend a tech part for a skill that is not that strong so they go quite hand-in-hand together.

Please also make sure to check out my guides in the best gear here and also the active gift codes you can currently find in here.

Tech Parts – General Guide & Strategy

Before we get into the ranking of each tech part in, let’s go through the general things you need to keep in mind.

How do tech parts work?

You can collect tech parts pretty much like you would gear and can merge 3 of the same kind together to get better rarity that either unlocks more stats boost or additional abilities for your skills. tech parts overview

You’re able to equip 3 attack and 3 defense tech parts.

Where to find tech parts in

You can find them in the new Daily chappenges, in the daily purchases or the shop for Gems. This is currently the only way to gain tech parts but I’m pretty sure they will at one point also drop in normal runs.

General Upgrade Strategy

So, before you hit purple of red rarity of a tech part, it will simply either give you additional attack or health, depending what kind of tech part it is. At this stage, there’s no ‘real’ priority and you can basically use the one that you have at a higher rarity as you will simply get it for the stats.

The interesting thing happens after that as you need to prioritize the strong ones for the strong abilities so please check out my ranking of all the tech parts below.

Tech Parts in Ranked

Let’s now get to the interesting part, ranking and analyzing each tech part to see which ones you should prioritize… This ranking does include how strong the skill is and how much the tech parts improve it.


  • Phase ConverterSBest Skills
    Weird that Habby made the two strongest skills even stronger, also the Lightning Bolt was already a really strong skill and gains now 2 extra bolts on all levels with the tech part and the EVO gets more spread of the shockwave. A must-have in my opinion as well that will make it better in every kind of way.Bonus (Epic ➡ Legend): 2 additional lightning bolts ➡ spreading the Shockwave effect which basically increases the AoE areaBonus (Eternal): adds additional Thunderburst strikes and damageEpic: SLegendary: ABest SkillsBest WeaponBest Survivor
  • Antimatter GeneratorSBest Skills
    Great tech part that will enhance the Drill fight speed, which is absolutely useful at any stage and the additional EVO drill you get from the maxed one simply doubles an already strong skill very well.Bonus (Epic ➡ Legend): increases the drill flight speed and with it basically the damage output by 30% ➡ doubles the arrows basically doubling the damage outputBonus (Eternal): Not really too exciting as they take more damage, okay, and then getting hit twice.... well, not too crazy but the skill and tech part is crazy enough already so I get it. Wouldn't go too far to invest in the Eternal Tech Part, tbhEpic: A+Legendary: SEternal: B+Best SkillsBest WeaponBest Survivor
  • Quantum PolarizerA+Best Skills
    The SoccerBall/Quantum Ball is already a decent skill and with the flat added damage of +30% and the extra duration, this is absolutely a useful tech part and makes the ball also a better skill to pick. And with the Eternal Bonus he simply doubles the FULL effect, which is incredibly crazy.Bonus (Epic ➡ Legend): adds 30% more damage flat ➡ longer duration, scaling pretty big with how the EVO version worksBonus (Eternal): adds another ball, including Quantum BallEpic: A+Legendary: A+Eternal: SBest SkillsBest WeaponBest Survivor
  • Precision DeviceA+Best Skills
    The mechanics are hard to rank, to be honest. The aiming is great although it reduces fire rate but hitting slower is better than missing a faster with missiles. The evolution skill will restore the original fire rate that gets reduced with the epic tech part and make the explosion radius bigger, helpful for dealing with larger mob waves but still less effective than the real powerful area effect skills.Bonus (Epic ➡ Legend): homing missiles ➡ more damage but reduces radiusBonus (Eternal): Epic: S+Legendary: B+Eternal: SBest SkillsBest WeaponBest Survivor
  • NanobotABest Skills
    The Durian is one of the most powerful skills in right now and adding the ability to stay closer before you evo it is a huge improvement as well making it even more powerful early in your stage runs. The additional bleeding effect is not too much impact as it will deal enough damage already too deal with pretty much all mobs that you deal with once evolution is active anyway but additional damage can never be a problem. Best tech part for the best skill right now, in my opinion.Bonus (Epic ➡ Legend): make the Durian stay closer to you ➡ add bleeding effect to mobs that got hit by itBonus (Eternal): Leaves behind a trail or bombsEpic: ALegendary: BEternal: ABest SkillsBest WeaponBest Survivor
  • Gravity ControllerABest Skills
    In my opinion, Gravity Controller brings the Brick more back into the game as it will help dealing more damage to multiple enemies early on by penetrating and hitting every enemy on the way, especially in vertical maps bringing a huge improvement. The evolution improvement is debatable but any improvement will help and making the target zone bigger through spinning is also quite useful.Bonus (Epic ➡ Legend): add penetration effect to the Brick ➡ makes the Dumbbelll spin around in a circle shapeBonus (Eternal): Add more brick count and shatter on hitEpic: A+Legendary: BBest SkillsBest WeaponBest Survivor
  • Energy CollectorABest Skills
    While the Forcefield can be useful in the earlier stages of a run, dealing quite well with mob packs but falls off in dealing damage later so you should not pick the Forcefield as a high-priority skill, more if you need that area damage earlier. The Energy Collector will shrink the size of the field by 25% but double the damage, which is a great improvement as you should not care much about the range but more about the damage. The fully upgraded part will make mobs that die in the Forcefield grant extra EXP, which is pretty useless. Overall not that important and only useful for the purple bonus.Bonus (Epic ➡ Legend): shrinks the size of the field but increases the damage, a nice trade ➡ adds additional EXP when mobs die in the Forcefield, not too important especially laterBonus (Eternal): Snares mobs and get occasional big pulsesEpic: ALegendary: BEternal: B+Best SkillsBest WeaponBest Survivor
  • Hi-MaintainerABest Skills
    The RPG is already a nice skill but the tech parts is one that really made me happy. You will reduce the skill cooldown which will add more viability early on and get an additional rocket for the evolution skill. Simply great and makes the RPG an even better pick.Bonus (Epic ➡ Legend): reduces cooldown and therefore damage output ➡ adds an additional rocket once EVO skill is activeBonus (Eternal): Simply adds more explosions and chain reaction which is pretty niceEpic: ALegendary: A+Eternal: ABest SkillsBest WeaponBest Survivor
  • Energy DiffusorB+Best Skills
    The spreading Molotov fire is okay but you need to evo the Molotov anyway to make it useful or you will only have small patches of the effect. The bleeding effect of the evolution version deals more damage to all enemies that walk into it and helps dealing with situations where you see that your damage output might not be enough. It is a hard tech part to rank but if you are using the Molotov frequently its a good pick actually.Bonus (Epic ➡ Legend): The fire will spread, a nice additional but no game changer ➡ adds a bleeding effect to all mobs that enter the radius and as the radius is that big it basically affects allBonus (Eternal): Fire Trails follows you and damage up. Smaller impact than it appears and not that noticable in reality in terms of damageEpic: B+Legendary: AEternal: ABest SkillsBest WeaponBest Survivor
  • Exo SkeletonB+Best Skills
    The Defender/Guardian is useful for dealing with mobs and also deals quite some damage and with the Exo-skeleton as tech part, it will get more knockback which is useful before you evo it as the knockback there will keep the mobs away and you do not have the effect permanently. The spreading of the defender is although not that important then as you only use the damage to get rid of the mobs and the spreading will not add more versatility or damage overall.Bonus (Epic ➡ Legend): knockback effect increase ➡ pulsing radiusBonus (Eternal): Adds more mini-defender sand and reduce the damage enemies deal, which is a natural and helpful additionEpic: ALegendary: CEternal: ABest SkillsBest WeaponBest Survivor
  • Conduction DeviceBBest Skills
    The Boomerang is not great anyway, but adding the cooldown reset when you catch it - which is also super annoying already and will not boost that much - is not too great. The lightning strikes for the Evolution skill is nice, but the investment for what you get plus the fact that the Boomerang will just get a little better with it and not overpowered... does not place that tech part high on my list, tbh.Bonus (Epic ➡ Legend): reset cooldown when boomerang returns, works great in waves ➡ lightningsBonus (Eternal): not available yetEpic: A+Legendary: BBest SkillsBest WeaponBest Survivor
  • AnnihilatorBBest Skills
    The Laser Launcher itself is not the greatest skill as it is in the game and the additional slowing of enemies is not too useful as it will not target too much unless you Evo it out. Targeting bosses and elites at evolution is also not a great addition to make it better as at this point the laser is just not the skill to work against the bosses and other ones and your primary weapon will. The tech part is as disappointing as the skill itself for me right now.Bonus (Epic ➡ Legend): adds slowing effect ➡ targeting of bosses and elitesBonus (Eternal): not available yetEpic: BLegendary: BBest SkillsBest WeaponBest Survivor


I hope this overview helps you using the right tech part and please mind, only because added bonus effects are good on paper, they will not necessarily make a weak skill a strong one (e.g. Ennihilator as the Laser is simply not a good skill).

  1. I like your list but saw one thing I personally would change.
    Even thought you marked it “A+” I feel like you’re underrating the “precision device” that makes the drones’ have homing rockets. I believe it makes the destroyer (maxed drones’ evo) easily the best skill in the game. It melts bosses and regular enemies. Try it with the Medi-drone and you will be unstoppable.
    Just my opinion but felt like mentioning it.

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