Best Survivor in (Update 1.11 with Worm) best characters with worm

With the release of version 1.8 of, the developers introduced the ability to select between multiple survivors in the game – all have different abilities and strengths. In this guide, I will give you everything you need to know about them so you can focus on the right ones and get the most out of them.

Level Up Survivors in

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So, it’s not just about multiple survivors that you can run, you will also get the ability to level them up with so-called Energy Essence that you will get as new resource from Quick Patrol. The higher you are in chapters, the more you get and the higher you have risen your survivors in level, the more expensive it gets to level them up.

But there’s a more exciting part to know about: survivor level up bonus

As you can see, leveling up one survivor (and that applies to each one of them) to Level 40 and Level 80, will give ALL of your survivors a boost – this system is similar to what the developers did in Archero and means you simply can’t just focus on one survivor to level up, you always should increase all their levels to Level 40 and then Level 80 to get the additional boost that will make a difference.

The Best Survivors in (Ranked)

Alright, with that out of the way let’s take a look at the survivors individually and rank them by their performance (I update this ranking with every new update). Please mind, the outcome is not only what survivor you use, it’s also about picking the right skills during battle and using the right gear and best weapon.


  • CommonA+
    Common survivor is the first and initial one and although many players think he's the worst of all, he's actually the most universal to use, has no special skill that cloaks up a slot and his passive skill scales on percentage. Yes, characters like Worm might be slightly better for Enders Echo to Tsukiyomi for some Special Ops, but Common is just universally solid and works.Exclusive Skill: A passive buff that will not take any skill slot and gives 5% extra skill damage that everyone can useBonus Stats: AExclusive Skill: B+Access: Free Starting SurvivorBest SkillsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • WormA
    Worm is THE character to run in Enders Echo with as increasing damage the way he does is mandatory to get a high position. Still, for most players who won't spend money on the game not a universal great one + I really don't like the fact that he will stuff up one of the passive skill slots with his Listening Bug skill that can't evolve or help evolve anything.Exclusive Skill: Increases damage dealt in a growing area by 10% (first one) to 50% (if you have maxed the Listening Bug)Bonus Stats: SExclusive Skill: AAccess: Best SkillsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • TsukiyomiA
    Tsukiyomi shares the same stats with all other survivors but her ability, a slash that will deal damage in front of her and give you a lot of freedom makes a huge difference compared to the other survivors you see in the game right now.Exclusive Skill: Her Moonshade Slash that evolves into the Moonhalo Slash is an area slash comparable with the mechanics of the Katana that turns into a 360 degree pulse dealing great damage, but far the best one so farBonus Stats: SExclusive Skill: SAccess: Best SkillsBest WeaponBest Gear
  • CatnipB
    Catnip is released alongside with Tsukiyomi as the first new survivor in the game and shares the same base stats as her - his special ability, however, is creating a healing area. I know it is an ever-lasting debate of more damage vs healing... but the healing does not help me out that much when I am in a wave that will hen just get me down a few seconds later while the slash that Tsukiyomi creates will give me some release and help more.Exclusive Skill: His healing drone does pretty much the same as the passive Energy Drink skill although heals more. Not too great and although you can free up the slop by emerging it into a Destroyer Drone it is not that overwhelming, tbhBonus Stats: BExclusive Skill: C+Access: Christmas Carnival EventBest SkillsBest WeaponBest Gear


I hope this guide helps you to use the right strategy to upgrade your heroes and choose the right hero to use in battle – if you have questions or want me to add anything, please comment below.


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  1. i wish there were better f2p survivors. So i contacted habby with the contact us button and said i am f2p and that they should make two free survivors one girl one boy but so far no answer. maybe they care about earning money too much…

    • I managed to get katnip from the christmas event. So, my guess is that is the only way to get these survivors is from big events. Honestly surprised they’re not on the new years event. Could have added a different tab for other opportunities for chances at getting a new survivor or an emblem or tech or something of the sort.

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