best skills tier list august 2023 best skills tier list august 2023 Evo & Skill Guide + Tier List (Updated 2.3.2 with Eternal Effects)

During battles when you level up your EXP, you get different skill options presented that you can select from – so far so good, but you not only have 13 weapon skills to choose from, you also can combine them with 12 support skills to combine them in Evolution Skills.

That sound complicated? Well, It’s not but let me walk you through how Evolution Skills work in Survivor!.io and then also talk about my recommendations what skills you should pick first.

Important! Please also check out the active gift codes list we have here, it’s frequently updated and there’s normally always a couple of active codes available.

Best Evolution Skill Tier List

Before we talk about the different ones, here you can see a full overview of all weapon evolution skills in Survivor!.io So, to make sure there’s no misunderstanding, if you want, let’s say, to get the Demon Blade, you will need to get katana to 5-Star and also get at least 1-Star Ronin Oyori to be able to pick up the Demon Blade.

But let’s now talk about which Evolution Skills are great and which ones are rather meh… total damage

Important! If you check your stats at the end to see the total damage done by each one you need to mind that the skills you pick first will automatically deal much more damage and they are not cumulated right – also, they seem to take overkill in account, meaning that a mine that deals 5x enemies with insane damage get the full insane damage accounted instead the net damage they dealt… so don’t trust that chart too much…

As the state of the skills is right now, there’s no real ‘bad’ one, but there are differences and I think we mainly need to classify them into two categories – single target and area target skills.

New: Please also check out the new ranking of the survivors here.


  • General EVO Skills

    These skills can be picked up no matter what survivor hero you run.

  • Thunderbolt Power CellSBest Weapon
    packs a nice punch and also help when dealing with single-target bosses when there's nothing else on the map, but doesn't shine too much early as you still need area damage and single-target damage. Once you have the tech part that gives +2 bolts to all levels, it really should be your go-to first choice skill and will also carry early on. Fully maxed with all EVO maxed, it will strike fast and deal area damage and simply be the skill that deals the most damage across the board. Attention! Read the Modular Mine description below if you want to EVO the Mine with Thunderbolt Mine!How to get: You need to get the Lightning to 5-Star and have at least one Energy Cube passive skill as well and then you can pick up the EVO version, the Thunderbolt Power CellTech Part: The epic tech part adds +2 bolts while the legend parts adds additional splash damagenon-EVO Version: A+EVOLUTION Version: Sw. Tech Part (Epic): S+w. Tech Part (Legend): S+Best WeaponTech Part Info
  • Weapon EvolutionSBest Weapon
    as your primary weapon also has a evolution ability and it already blocks one weapon skill slot, getting this evolution skill is also very important and something to go for in all situations. None of them is terrible and some even extremely good, please refer to my weapon guide linked below for deeper information as this would be too much here at this point to add.How to get: You need to get your primary weapon skill to 5 Star and then pick up the passive skill needed to unlock the EVO skill.Tech Part: no tech part for weapons availableBest Weapon
  • CaltropsA+Best Weapon
    Durian was added in the 1.4 Update and is quite effective, especially when EVO with a huge size, dealing massive damage and also shooting more projectiles. Also against bosses it snowballs quite well and ramps up a good punch. With the tech part on Epic, you will also reduce the spread so it becomes much more viable early and makes more area damage that will actually protect you, the full tech part with the bleed isn't that much of an impact which makes it even more viable as you don't need to invest that much to make it awesome.How to get: You need to take Durian to 5 Star and then you need at least 1 passive copy of HE Fuel, the same the RPG uses to EVO.Tech Part: The epic tech part makes the Durian stick closer to you which adds a lot earlier in a stage, the bleeding effect from the legend tech part isn't thatnoticablenon-EVO Version: B+EVOLUTION Version: Aw. Tech Part (Epic): A+w. Tech Part (Legend): A+w. Tech Part (Eternal): A+Best WeaponTech Part Info
  • Quantum BallA+Best Weapon
    Quantum Ball is quite a nice skill and has been growing more and more on me, also with the increased damage the tech part adds for it. It hits reliable and deals its damage from start to finish and even gets some bonus from some passive skills, so not a bad one.How to get: Combine the Football at 5 Star with at least one level of passive Sneaker skill to unlock the QUantum Ball.Tech Part: With the extra damage you get with the epic tech part, you get a great boost. The legend duration buff of one additional second is nice and, considering the speed of the Quantum Ball with all the copies is also a nice improvement, too.non-EVO Version: C+EVOLUTION Version: B+w. Tech Part (Epic): Aw. Tech Part (Legend): A+w. Tech Part (Eternal): SBest WeaponTech Part Info
  • Inferno MineA+Best Weapon
    A very powerful version of the mine, dealing so much damage that even bosses will feel it and the size and spread is large enough to cover big parts of the map, really useful.How to get: You need to 5 Star the regular Mine and then merge it with any number of Molotov skills, but mind that the Molotov skill MUST NOT BE EVOLVED and it will be removed after merging!Tech Part: No tech part for Mines available right now.non-EVO Version: C+EVOLUTION Version: A+Best Weapon
  • Whistling ArrowABest Weapon
    The Whistling Arrow is working great and once you got some on the map and the improved speed, it will take out some mobs as it will pierce and take out any mob it touches on the way. Although the Epic tech part only improves speed, you will feel the improvement and once EVO, it will become a targeting arrow. Works effectively and homes into mobs and with the maxed tech part you will get even two of them. Also a great pick that I most of the times get.How to get: You need to get the Drill Shot to 5 Star and than have at least 1 passive skill level of the Ammo Thruster to unlock the EVO skill version.Tech Part: The epic tech part will make it quicker and the legend one will basically diplicate it so you have two arrows around. For me probably one of the strongest tech parts and improvements of any skill in Survivor.ionon-EVO Version: C+EVOLUTION Version: Bw. Tech Part (Epic): B+w. Tech Part (Legend): Aw. Tech Part (Eternal): ABest WeaponTech Part Info
  • Destroyer DroneABest Weapon
    with the release of the tech parts I ranked this up to a higher tier now as the homing effect that will make it target mobs in your surroundings make it so much more effective, even on the lower levels. Also the fact that you will free up one slot once EVO with the two drones merged into the Destroyer makes it a great pick and one that I enjoy. You can also use it against bosses when you get into range and it will start shooting all bullets on the boss.How to get: You need to combine a full 5 Star Drone Type A with a full 5 Star Drone Type B to EVO it, takes more skills but will free up one weapon skill slot and also you have no passive skill you need to pick up.Tech Part: The biggest improvement is the homing the epic tech part already provides, the missiles won't just shoot randomly around you but aim for mobs and make it a lot more versatile in lower star levels.non-EVO Version: CEVOLUTION Version: C+w. Tech Part (Epic): B+w. Tech Part (Legend): ABest WeaponTech Part Info
  • DefenderABest Weapon
    can be squishy at the lower levels and is borderline for me know between A Tier and B Tier... deals efficiently with mobs but can be tricky until you get it to a higher stage or EVO. Then you can even catch incoming bullets with it and once spinning fast you can basically run through mob waves. I think as a rule of thumb you should pick it if you have troubles at that stage with mob waves, especially early to mid part of the stage. If not, take one of the above to get more damage in as it will become less effective when it comes to scale damage compared to skills like Thunderbolt.How to get: You need 5 Star of Guardian and then add one copy of the passive skill Exo-Bracer to evo it.Tech Part: The epic version with the added knockback is useful whereas the pulsing the legend tech parts add will not dramatically change the kit of this skillnon-EVO Version: D+EVOLUTION Version: Bw. Tech Part (Epic): B+w. Tech Part (Legend): Aw. Tech Part (Eternal): ABest WeaponTech Part Info
  • Fuel BarrelABest Weapon
    A huge fire area that will burn everything on the map. Nice area damage and also decent as mobs and everything will be permanently in it for the reason of its size.How to get: You need to 5 Star the Molotov skill and then add at least one copy of the passive skill Oil Bonds to merge it into the EVO version.Tech Part: The tech part is not that exciting, just raising the diameter of the fire spread and adding some additional damage taken effect that won't change the world but contributes well to the kit.non-EVO Version: CEVOLUTION Version: Bw. Tech Part (Epic): B+w. Tech Part (Legend): Aw. Tech Part (Eternal): ABest WeaponTech Part Info
  • Thunderbolt MineB+Best Weapon
    The EVO version of the regular mine with Thunderbolts coming out of the side spreading some more area of effect damage when they go off, less effective than Inferno Mine with less damage.How to get: You need to 5 Star the regular Mine and then merge it with any number of Lightning skills, but mind that the Mightning skill MUST NOT BE EVOLVED and it will be removed after merging!Tech Part: No tech part for Mines available right now.non-EVO Version: C+EVOLUTION Version: B+Best Weapon
  • DumbbellB+Best Weapon
    deal massive damage, especially against bosses and also is helpful against mobs as well. I personally don't like the EVO mechanics, though. At 5-Star, it will be thrown at the boss and deals good damage, while the EVO version starts going in 6 different directions but without targeting. But I take it to damage a boss.How to get: You need to have the weapon skill Brick at 5 Star and then add one copy of the passive skill Fitness Guide to evo it.Tech Part: While the epic part will make the Brick penetrate and adds a lot more damage to it, the legend tech part with the swirling effect turns it in some kind of Magnetic Dart so nothing that's too great overall and something you neccessarily have to go for.non-EVO Version: BEVOLUTION Version: Bw. Tech Part (Epic): B+w. Tech Part (Legend): B+Best WeaponTech Part Info
  • Sharkmaw GunB+Best Weapon
    can be quite cool, but the early levels are annoying with randomly hitting targets and not dealing too much damage to make a huge impact. After the recent update it will directly favor bosses it has gotten a lot more viable and is a useful one to use as well.How to get: You need to get the RPG weapon skill to 5 Star and then have at least one passive copy of HE Fuel to get the EVO skill.Tech Part: Lower cooldown and double shots make the tech part one that absolutely makes sense and improves it wellnon-EVO Version: D+EVOLUTION Version: C+w. Tech Part (Epic): B7: B+Best WeaponTech Part Info
  • Pressure ForcefieldBBest Weapon
    is super convenient and I had a hard time ranking it. Especially in earlier stages great and early with low stars you can run through mobs without minding much but the damage falls off later and also combining it with other area abilities doesn't work that well. It you can use it to slow down mobs, which can be useful, but I personally appreciate more damageHow to get: You need to get Forcefield to 5 Star and have one copy of the passive skill Energy Drink to evolve it.Tech Part: The epic tech part that makes the field smaller but then also improves the damage make it better without a doubt, while the legend version with the added EXP gain is neglactable.non-EVO Version: CEVOLUTION Version: C+w. Tech Part (Epic): Bw. Tech Part (Legend): BBest WeaponTech Part Info
  • Death RayCBest Weapon
    added in the 1.4 Update and can be annoying. Deals okay-ish damage but the targeting should be in place and is best used in vertical maps. With the evolution it has a circle around you that turns inwards so goes well with mobs running towards you, but lacks some final damage to make it really strong and I hate how it cloaks up my view. One of the ones that you CAN make work well with very many other conditions in place - or you pick a better one above and have less issues...How to get: You need to get the Laser Launcher to 5 Star and then merge into the passive skill Energy CubeTech Part: The slowing effect of the epic tech part is nice and the legend will add the snaring effect against bosses but overall just feels lackluster with the whole kit mechanicnon-EVO Version: D+EVOLUTION Version: Cw. Tech Part (Epic): Cw. Tech Part (Legend): CBest WeaponTech Part Info
  • Magnetic DartCBest Weapon
    my least favorite area damage pick, tbh. It's not really area damage before EVO and after that it will float out and not hit the closest enemies that makes it unreliable for dealing with zombie waves, I actually like the non-evo version almost better before it changes into the weird area mechanic.How to get: Get the Boomerang to 5 Star and then also get one passive skill Hi-Power Magnet to evolve it.Tech Part: The epic version will reset the cooldown when you catch the Boomerang, so basically the closer the mobs are the faster you fire the boomerang and you will feel that difference. The legend version is kind of meh as the whole mechanic is bad.non-EVO Version: BEVOLUTION Version: Cw. Tech Part (Epic): Cw. Tech Part (Legend): CBest WeaponTech Part Info
  • Special EVO Skills

    These skills can only be used when you run a certain survivor hero.

  • Survivor InstinctS+Best Weapon
    Easily the best skill out there, adding more crit rate and even crit damage when EVO with only one downside - you have to run King as survivor hero or you can't get it. The additional crit just scales with every other skill and all damage so well, it's hard to compare any other skill to it.How to get: You have to run King as survivor and you will be able to get itnon-EVO Version: SEVOLUTION Version: S+Best Weapon
  • Sunfire PalmS+Best Weapon
    Great overall in terms of damage and once leveld up Master Yang, this becomes incredibly strong with all the benos and the 6_star increases crit damage incrediblyHow to get: You have to run Master Yang as your active survivorEVOLUTION Version: SBest Weapon
  • Lunar FrostSBest Weapon
    is basically a Moonhalo Slash that slows down enemies that will enter your radius down a little bit.How to get: You have to have Moonhalo Slash and Katana OR Lightchaser weapon evolved and then you get this presented as an option for a next skill pickup (only vailable with Tsukiyomi)EVOLUTION Version: SBest Weapon
  • Lunar EternitySBest Weapon
    Is basically a Moonhalo Slash with a little bit more damage dealtHow to get: You have to have Moonhalo Slash and Katana OR Lightchaser weapon evolved and then you get this presented as an option for a next skill pickup (only vailable with Tsukiyomi)EVOLUTION Version: SBest Weapon
  • Moonhalo SlashA+Best Weapon
    With the Moonshade Slashes, the exclusive skill for Tsukiyomi, you will get slashed in front of you that deal nice damage and grow in size and deal more damage as you start them up. With the EVO version, this turns into a 360 degree pulse around you which is pretty effective.How to get: You can only pick up the Moonshade Slash weapon skill when you're running the new survivor Tsukiyomi and then get it to 5 Star and combine it with the passive skill Ronin Oyari, the same the Lightchaser and the Katana uses to merge it into it's EVO version.non-EVO Version: AEVOLUTION Version: SBest Weapon
  • Divine DestroyerABest Weapon
    The Divine Destroyer is the combination of the Destroyer Drone with the Medi-drone without any additional benefits than just combining them so you free up a slot, there no added damage or healingHow to get: You need to build the Destroyer Drone and then fuse it with a fully built Medi-drone, that you can onnly get as weapon skill when you're using the new hero Catnip in battle.Tech Part: shares tech part with Destroyer DronEVOLUTION Version: ABest Weapon
  • Holo ProjectionABest Weapon
    Deals actually decent damage when using it in chaptersHow to get: You have to run Yelena and then evolve her basic skill Automatic Pistols along the Sport ShoesEVOLUTION Version: ABest Weapon
  • Drillmaster's FuryB+Best Weapon
    Nice damage and absolutely nice overall, but the cooldown is quite long and the EVO get you even more damage but also more cooldown, this is why I don't rank it higher.How to get: You have to run Wesson as your hero and then pick up Grenades and have Hi-Power Bullet as your passive to EVO it.EVOLUTION Version: ABest Weapon
  • Hydro-Dynamic SpatulaB+Best Weapon
    The targeting is not bad as you will attack the nearest enemy, but it replaces the abilities of your primary weapon and only keeps the stats.How to get: Evolve the primary weapon while running Spongebob Squarepants as your survivorEVOLUTION Version: ABest Weapon
  • Listening BugB+Best Weapon
    increases range and scales all damage taken in that range to up to +50%. Kind-of cloaks up a slot in an general feels like just designed around Enders Echo.How to get: Only available when you play Worm as character and you can't evolve it, it's purely a passive skill.Tech Part: no tech part available, only shares the one with Destroyer Drone when merged into Divine Destroyernon-EVO Version: BBest Weapon
  • ClarinetC+Best Weapon
    Area damage but bad against bosses and it will replace the abilities of your primary weapon and only keep the stats.How to get: Evolve the primary weapon while running Squidward as your survivorEVOLUTION Version: BBest Weapon
  • Medi-droneC+Best Weapon
    Creates a healing area aroun you. I'm really not excited about it as you get the same healing for running the Energy Drink passive skill and you can only run it with CatnipHow to get: You are able to pick it up as active weapon skill when you use Catnip as survivor in battle.Tech Part: no tech part available, only shares the one with Destroyer Drone when merged into Divine DestroyerBest Weapon

Evolution Skills in Survivor!.io…

Okay, the basics first. Every time you pick up these small crystals, your EXP raises and once the bar is full, you will be able to select one of 3 skills. exp bar

This also happens randomly once you beat a boss, but let’s exclude that from this guide to streamline the process. So, you can either pick weapon skills (like Katana, Drill, Guardian, etc.) and also level them up themselves until they reach their full 5-Star potential.

But here’s the thing, 5-Star is not the maximum potential and you can Evo them by picking the according support skill. What skill fits what weapon is shown below the selection where you see the small ‘EVO:…’ printed select skill

So, once you have the skill then at 5-Star and you have the Evolution Skill activated as well (Level 1 is enough), you will be able to pick up the Evolution, as you can see here: evo skill

This is, in short, how you can get the Evolution Skills in Survivor!.io and they are the strongest ones to have. The only problem… well, you can’t get all of them. So, in my next section we’ll be taking a look which ones you should favor. evo skill in action

Important! Do not randomly pick all skills you see and think ‘oh, well, I will evo them by the end anyway…’! There is a cap and you can never have more than 5 weapon skills and 6 support skills, after that you will only get healing or gold bonus skills offered: max skill count

Your primary geared weapon, of course, is the 1st mandatory set weapon skill.

Best Strategy To Pick Skills

So, it can happen that you will have to pick skills you don’t want so you need to be a little strategic, especially in the beginning.

Pro Tip!

If you have a chest and you have the Evolution Skill and the Weapon Skill at 5-Star, you#re guaranteed to get the Evolution Upgrade 🙂

So, my tip is to also let the boss chests sit for some time until you can take it for the guaranteed Evolution Skill instead of getting some random support skills!


I hope you see that it’s important to understand not just to pick what skill seems good in that situation or randomly; it’s also a lot about planning ahead in terms of picking support evolution skills for weapon skills you want to max and so on. I’m pretty sure we will soon see more skills to be added to the game and it will get a lot more interesting in terms of options you will have.

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  1. This game is fun, the only complain I have, as a free player, is the costs to obtain a new caracter and the extreme difficulty to obtain caracter pieces. If the prices weren’t so high I would buy the caracters or the battle pass, because I really enjoyed this game. By the way, thank you for this skill overview!

    1. If you play the limit timed events you can get character pieces quite easily. I’ve gotten enough to unlock Catnip and one other character of my choosing with my legendary character piece chests just in the past few weeks.

  2. I do appreciate this their list, but everyone has their own opinions. The more and more I look at teir lists it seems that everything was created to be equal. It overall seems to depend on you playstyle, are you competitive and focused on damage or do you play the game for fun and just want to pass another level. Anyway great teir list! It’s always fun to see someone’s opinions and test out if you like it more than yours.

  3. Forcefield needs to be higher up on the list. It may not be the best “damage dealer” per say, but it’s an instant win when picked up early. It instakills lower level mobs making the rest of the game super easy to stack whatever synergies you want on top of it making you “near untouchable”.

  4. Some of the S tier skills here is useless without proper skill combination and lower tier skills are best
    paired with proper lower tier skills. For example durian and super cell is just garbage if you don’t pair them with matrix and the rocket one. They don’t have enough damage and won’t help you to keep away stronger mobs when swarmed.

    Defender, force field, fuel barrel, matrix , lightning , shuriken plus 50% damage passive is the best skill set for me. It’s the best combination there is keeps away mobs enough damage for bosses .Every time I get those skills its already over.

    1. Tu dit vraiment n’importe quoi là foudre évoluer avec la pièce thec rouge fais énormément de dégâts de zone

  5. Just something to add:

    Guardian’s knock-back and bullet erasure feature is extremely useful. There are a lot of stage with huge mobs that could be knocked back, or with lots of erase-able bullet. Guardian save you from these.

    Fuel Barrel is extremely useful in several stage with lots of high damage toxic on ground (e.g. thrown by boss). Toxic on ground will be covered by fire which makes you easy to move around.

    1. Pressure Field is more or less either an A- tier or B+ tier since it technically doesn’t actually kill mobs, it takes nice chunks of HP off for sure but it usually takes the higher tier abilities to actually do good damage and deal finishing blows. I’ve tried several scenarios where I had very different abilities along with Pressure Field but the other abilities ended up dealing more damage overall in the “Total Damage” tab in the pause menu.
      Usually best to just focus on getting one or two really good abilities and main the passives as much as possible.

  6. Well I pretty too much disagree with everything that was written in this “guide”. Katana is the best weapon that Ive had experience using, simply because usually the issue is not the bosses but the infinite waves of mobs. Soccer ball is a s-tier as it kills bosses in seconds. Durian is f****** useless, as it does not do anywhere near the same amount of damage. Lightning cell is crap because it only targets random area and not the zombies that are attacking you. Guardian is F-tier, I don’t know why he’s it even in the game. It does not do anywhere near enough damage to kill anything. On the other hand force field is great because he does more damage and more importantly it slows the enemies.

    So I don’t know what game were you playing but it’s clearly not

    1. Although I appreciate comments that initiate a discussion in a constructive way, your comment was actually not only in facts wrong, I also don’t appreciate the attitude how you state your own opinions without facts by disrespecting the effort and work I put into my ‘guide’. Mike, I want to put out helpful content and I do that by sacrificing my free time, do you think comments like yours are helping to get useful content out for the community? You like the Katana, great, no problem with that but it’s not the best weapon just because you invested heavily into it and if you run the other weapons at the higher rarities you will see the difference, but as you’re cleary not up for a fact-bases discussion here I will not start telling you where your opinion lacks evidence (especially the part about the Force Field). Please also don’t swear on my website or I will remove further comments.

      1. Thanks Tim for the guide you made, it really changed my game and overall experience, it’s the best guide for The only skill I disagree is Durian, because it really doesn’t do much damage against mobs, and against the boss I personally find it difficult to hit it even with the upgrade part. The best one damage wise for me with the tech part is the brick, but while it does great damage without the final evolution, in later stages it doesn’t kill the mobs. Guardian with the tech part is unstoppable, specially after evolved, it is now my primary skill against bosses and mobs. Ps: Mike up there really is still a newb in the game, thinking katana is the best weapon. With the void gun out there, mobs are the easiest part and you don’t even have to evolve it.

  7. This guide is somewhat misleading. The meta isn’t to pick all the best individual skills, but to find synergies. Take these skill tiers with a grain of salt. The best builds I find are ones that are flexible and leave room for passive skills like the high power bullet which is an essential skill to have in all builds in my opinion. 50% atk damage is something you can’t even achieve with the best gear.

  8. Nice information, thank you😊👌🏻 I have a question, should I invest money to evolve the equipment or to the character evolve (that green capsule in the right)? Which one is more important/effective?

    1. Depends what level you are, tbh. When you hit level 50+ your character evolve will slow down dramatically so you can catch up with equipment. But I don’t see one significantly more important than the other

  9. Hi, machine gun in this guide is S tier, while in the (Best Weapons in (Tier List) – with Void Power) guide, it’s C tier

    1. Hi, sorry if that comes accross confusion. This is just about evolving your weapon as one of the most important EVO skills (no matter what weapon you run). If you run the weapon for Machine Gun it’s one of the best skill choices among the skills, although it’s not a good weapon. I should updated the description and icons probably 🙂

  10. I was hoping you would have a description of the modular mine with a list of its combinations – it’s probably only from the newest version. I have been able to combine it with molotov and lightening successfully, but it does not combine with drill, soccer ball, rpg, brick, durian, force field, laser, either drone, nor guardian. To combine, the molotov or lightening needs to be level 5, and when I have combined them, I did not have the evo support skill (gold-molotov/CD reduction-lightening).

    Also I’d argue the soccer/quantum ball should be A tier. Movement speed is very useful for avoiding boss attacks and can be the difference between life or death if you are surrounded and overwhelmed but there is a small opening to run through (ideally you could just stand still and melt everything, but that doesn’t always happen). And if you run the soccer/quantum ball it is always going to provide one of if not the highest damage, even if the damage is random. The balls will also target bosses when they spawn and then do random damage to bosses while you dodge without needing to target the boss.

    I would also put destroyer in A tier assuming you are able to get both drones. It consistently does a lot of damage and if you get the tech that allows destroyer to target enemies in range, it’s excellent. But B tier is fine with me because there is so much risk: if you go for one of the drones but can’t get the other, it can be near worthless.

    A tip: One good reason to go for the drones is that it provides a free support slot (you don’t need a support skill to evo them). I’ll always go for the magnet because experience is critical and it is a hassle to collect everything without it. By the time you evo to destroyer, the boomerang can be a good choice to fill in the extra weapon skill slot that gets opened up when you evo to destroyer. The evo from boomerang to magnetic rebounder is actually very solid once you get to the end of a stage and the zombies really start swarming. The rebounder thins out/weakens mobs very well so that your primary weapon(s) can finish them off, and it usually ends up doing a fair-to-large amount of damage.

    1. Thanks for your comment, I updated with the new Modular Mine 🙂
      Also, I put Destroyer in A Tier now with the tech part that apply homing of missiles.
      The Quantum Ball is not bad, for sure, but if you look at the total damage statistics at the end you will see that it deals so much less damage although it ‘feels’ more while playing it.

      1. Thanks!
        Do you happen to know how the damage percentage is calculated?
        I.e. is it adding up all the damage each of the weapons are doing over the course of the whole stage? Or is it doing averages over the past 60 seconds or something like that?
        Because I have repeatedly found the ball is doing more than 20% of damage by the end of the stage, but maybe it is just because I don’t shy away from it, sometimes the soccer ball is my first non-primary weapon pick.

        1. Unfortunately, I don’t, but I think it’s throughout the full stage but you can try to monitor it and pick the ball up early and late in the same stage and then see how the difference is. I personally have played around with it and believe that it’s a total (also from the developer side easier to implement)

          1. Thanks for the reply. After some observation I agree it’s probably keeping track of total damage throughout the stage.
            I noticed an interesting thing which is that the modular mine (and its evos, especially) often ends up doing the most damage. However, the damage is overinflated because of overkill. E.g. if the modular mine does 50k damage but monster dies after 20k, that extra 30k is still counted for the damage chart. Of course, every weapon will have at least a small amount of overkill for practically every kill, the effect is just greater with the mine.

    2. I honestly never go for magnet support skill, even if I grab boomerang I treat it as my “ok this is my extra support skill slot.” Instead what I tend to do is find a magnet early on, lure an elite towards it and kill it nearby without picking up the chest, then go off and collect exp normally until first boss is about to spawn and work my way back towards the chest since there’s an indicator saying where it is, as soon as boss spawns I pick up the magnet and chest, then when boss dies I rinse and repeat with the chest and magnet it drops

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