Brawl Stars Tier List – Best Brawlers (July 2023) with Cornelius

best brawlers in brawl stars tier list july 2023 with cornelius

What brawler is actually the best brawler? You can’t level up all 58 brawlers in Brawl Stars at the same time so I need to see which one you’re really using. That’s why I was looking around for tier lists to see which one works best but I was quite disappointed after a short time – most tier lists are either outdated with the recent balance changes and others are simply listing brawlers without any further explanation.

For that reason I have written this tier list and frequently updated it with all the balancing changes and also added the new brawlers to show you which ones are really viable right now.

What’s a Tier List?

It’s the brawlers ranked from S-Tier (Supreme, the outstanding strong) over A– (very strong) and B-Tier to C-Tier (niche useful or not that useful right now).

What I Focused On In My Tier List Of Best Brawlers

When making my tier list for Brawl Stars, I did focus on these things primarily:

  1. Versatility in every single mode
  2. Stats, especially HP and damage
  3. Super Power, Star Power & Gadget

This means a supportive brawler like Pam will be good in game modes that focus on team play and staying alive, just to give you one example, but there’s a lot more to consider.

The Best Brawlers Tier List

Okay, enough introduction! Let’s jump into the tier list right away.



So, I hope this tier list helps you performing well in Brawl Stars and, as always, I will update the entire list when new balancing changes are coming so you always see the latest possible state of Brawl Stars reflected here. If you have questions, just drop a comment below!

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