brawl stars best star power to use brawl stars best star power to use

The Best Star Power For Every Brawler in Brawl Stars (July 2023)

The Star Power is the last piece to make a brawler as strong as possible, enhancing the brawler with a permanent bonus.

Some Star Power are very useful and will make your brawler a lot better compared to the same level brawler that hasn’t got the Star Power – while others aren’t that useful.

In this guide I want to give you all you need to know about the Star Power in general, how to get a Star Power for a certain brawler or in general faster plus my personal recommendations which Star Powers of the available Star Powers are best for each Brawler.

Let’s go.

Important! I also started to include the Star Powers in the Brawlers Tier list so you don#t have to check it in multiple places – see the best brawlers tier list here (usually updated monthly) and also my recommended gadgets for each brawler in Brawl Stars here.

Which Star Powers Are Good?

Here’s my recommendation to help you decide which Star Power you should get for every brawler in Brawl Stars.

I also put a tier rank in the grade row to help you see how much impact a Star Power has on that brawler:


So here’s the best system to use to make sure you will get those Star Powers and no matter at what point in the game you are, simply apply it 🙂

Get 1 Brawler To Level 9

The first thing to do is to level up one of your brawlers to Level 9 as fast as you can!

Each box you will unlock before you have a brawler at that level might contain a Star Power that you don’t get because you have no unlocked Star Ppowers available!

So, do this as fast as possible (ideally with a brawler you like playing of course) and also get Power Points from the shop for Coins – I know this is not recommended in general but in this case it’s more useful than saving the Coins – and also the Star Points from the Trophy Road.

get power points from the brawl stars shop

Also try not to spend Coins on leveling up any other brawler to save all the coins you have to level that first brawler to Level 9 and get the Power Points from the shop.

Bonus Tip! If you haven’t unlocked more than 5 or 6 brawlers yet, try to save up some boxes to open for the Star Power later and focus on the Power Points in the shop, you often get sweet offers with like 200 or 300 or even more Power Points there.

Don’t Buy The Star Power From The Shop

Once you got your first brawler you can now get the Star Power from boxes so now it’s time to open all the boxes you have saved up for now – sometimes you’re lucky enough and unlock it quite fast.

When you have done that and you didn’t get the Star Power, DO NOT GET IT FROM THE SHOP!!!

I know it’s tempting but it will cost you 2,000 Coins and you will need those Coins to level up your next brawler to Level 9!

Show some patience here and I guarantuee you it will be faster in the end than rushing it.

The only exception is when you have more than one brawler at Level 9 at this point and still wait for the Star Power and have a lot of Coins (more than 3,000 or so).

If you buy the Star Power earlier you’re again in the state where you could miss a Star Power from a box because you don’t have any unlocked Star Power and that’s what you want to avoid at any cost 😉

Tickets > Token Doubler > Mega Boxes

Each box you open can contain Gems and you will get some with every day you play Brawl Stars.

If you really want to get the most out of it, spend those on the Tickets for events – you can get 60 Tickets for 80 Gems and you can use them in events like Robo Rumble to turn them into 1,500 to 1,800 token easily. That’s two Mega Boxes but a lot higher chances to unlock the Star Power from these boxes.


While you wait for your next Star Power it’s time to work on the next brawler that you want to get to Level 9.

You can now take some more time until you unlock the Star Power for your previous brawler and don’t really need to rush that much. Only level the next brawler up fast once you have all possible Star Powers for (all) your brawlers at Level 9 unlocked.

You can also wait at Level 8 when you want to make sure that you want the Star Power for the previous brawler more than for the brawler you’re leveling up right now.

Here’s the whole system repeats over and over again and makes sure that you won’t miss any Star Power and to not get any Star Power that you don’t want 🙂

So much for the system to get Star Power unlocked, now let’s have a look at the Star Powers that are worth unlocking.

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