Star Power Guide – How To Unlock & Which Ones Are The Best

brawl stars best star power to use

The Star Power is the last piece to make a brawler as strong as possible, enhancing the brawler with a permanent bonus.

Some Star Power are very useful and will make your brawler a lot better compared to the same level brawler that hasn’t got the Star Power – while others aren’t that useful.

In this guide I want to give you all you need to know about the Star Power in general, how to get a Star Power for a certain brawler or in general faster plus my personal recommendations which Star Powers of the available Star Powers are best for each Brawler.

Let’s go.

Important! I also started to include the Star Powers in the Brawlers Tier list so you don#t have to check it in multiple places – see the best brawlers tier list here (usually updated monthly)

Which Star Powers Are Good?

Here’s my recommendation to help you decide which Star Power you should get for every brawler in Brawl Stars.

I also put a tier rank in the grade row to help you see how much impact a Star Power has on that brawler:

Brawler Grade Star Power Description
S Shell Shock is a great Star Power that will slow down enemy brawlers and help Shelly catch up with them, but Band Aid is one of the best Start Powers in Brawl Stars (even after the nerf). It will give her half of a second life and makes her so strong that she is still one of the most powerful Brawlers with her Band Aid Star Power.
A Hyperbear is not a really good Star Power overall with the faste damage her bear deals – I’d always go with Bear with me Star Power simply because enemy brawlers don’t actively avoid her bear that much and healing back and forth between Nita and her bear is useful in many situations.
S Colts Star Power either increase his attack range and speed of his bullets or his movement speed – after all I think the extra range and damage is the more powerful ones and also one of the most useful Star Powers in Brawl Stars while Slick Boots only make him a little faster but not as fast as the fast brawlers in the game.
A Bulls both Star Powers are really useful and actually there’s no clear favorite here. I think it’s more about your play style and favorites what you pick although I’d say that the additional damage with Berserker is a little more helpful in most game modes.
S Energize is for sure the Star Power to go here, although Shocky is also not a bad Star Power at all. Energize is just really strong because you can not only hel up your turret, you can also use your turret as a range extender – imagine your turret now acts like a normal enemy brawler but get healed when your shots hit it.
S Of course Rocket No. Four is the better choice here with one more rocket you can have – this gives you 33% more damage potential and superior in many situations while Incendiary is, well, nothing more than helpful when checking bushes.
S This was a tough choice for me but I’d say that the jumping ability will give you more advantage than the additional damage. Giving your the ability to escape over a wall or obstacle is more handy than adding damage in my opinion (also as the super is already dealing massive damage)
A With Bo you have an easy choice which Star Power is better and that’s Snear A Bear. Stunning enemies for 2 seconds is an almost certain death judgement to an enemy brawler while the Circling Eagle only is helpful on the few maps that have a lot of bushes (and they will get shot down really fast anyway).
A In my opinion it’s a draw here which one you use as both are similar helpful. One is letting you start healing faster and the other will give faster reload speed. If you’d ask me I’d give the faster reload a really small advantage.
S Respawn once every battle on the map where you died? Sounds too strong, right? Not for Supercell as this is what they made for 8-BIT as a Star Power and it’s extremely strong compared to a larger radius for his booster turret.
S Meteor Rush all the way here. El Fuego doesn’t make much impact as El Primo normally takes out an enemy brawler when landing on him so that burn is not helping much. Meteor Rush, however, can make you chain supers and make sure not a single brawler will slip through your fingers (fists).
S Barley has two really strong Star Powers and the choice is not that easy to be honest. I’d give the Extra Noxious a small advantage because the 15% more damage is incredible with every single attack – however, healing 900 health with 3 attacks in Medical Use is also really nice. Take what you like, guys.
S While Da Capo is a solid Star Power, you really want to get your hands on the Screeching Solo Star Power! Your super will deal really good damage now and travel through walls and having a great distance along with the healing (that many enemies ignore anyway) will give you a perfect tool to take out fleeing enemy brawlers or just deal additional damage when you normally would heal your team mates.
A The Plant Life Star Power is the better choice for sure with Rosa. You will heal up so much more and really dominate on maps with many bushes. The Thorny Gloves add damage while her super is active but normally you would take out most brawlers (except the high hitpoint ones) anyway so the benefit is not that big as you might think.
A Both Star Powers are benefitial but I’d still go with the Extra Bouncy. If you have some decent skill to play with Poco you can get a lot of value from the extra damage while bouncing his shots like you normally would do. Running faster from the Robo Retreat is helpful to cover more of the map or to get away to save your life but I’d still prefer the extra damage.
A You really want to go with the shield from Steel Hoops as Barryl is always pretty vulnerable and this helps him survive. The extra shots when using his super from Rolling Reload sounds nice but you normally wouldn’t survive long enough to use them.
A Her Last Blast Star Power is actually a little bit stronger because it makes it really dangerous to take out her turret and you can also use it yourself when placing a new turret to deal extra damage on a robot or safe or clear the middle area in Gem Grab. Setting the ground on fire with Balls of Fire is also helpful though to control a larger part of the map but I will still vote for Last Blast with her.
A The Power Throw Star Power is the better choice with Carl since you will gain damage with the axe returning faster all the time while the Protective Pirouette will onyl reduce damage when Carl uses his super.
S Snappy Sniping is such a strong Star Power and will make your blast enemies a lot easier and faster while Ambush only gives additional damage when you’re in a bush and at max range. Obviously this is not that hard of a choice, right?
B I think no other brawler has such useless Star Powers like Pam does. Mama’s Hug will only heal 900 damage when all bullets hit and this is not the case normally so the heal is simply not high enough to give a real advantage. Mama’s Squeeze is even more useless since most enemy brawlers can take out her turret without entering the area.
A His Power Grab will give him insane additional damage but it’s too limited and you won’t take out an enemy brawler that often yourself to actually chain this one, still a solid Star Power. Sponge is pretty useless for me as Frank already has such many hitpoints that this additional ones don’t make a real difference to me.
S The additional speed the Home Run Star Power provides is just incredibly strong and make Bibi dominate so much in most game modes because you’re all over the place and can make quick and powerful ambushes before the enemy brawlers can actually react. Batting Stance is okaish and helpful here and there but nothing compared to Home Run.
S Both of Mortis Star Powers are really strong but Coiled Snake is a little bit better since it is an ability that you will always have instead of relying on killing an enemy brawler. The extra dash range makes him like double as easy to play and double as powerful on the battlefield
S The Healing Shade is so much more powerful (especially since it got improved AI in the latest Balance Changes) and really helps your team whiel the Black Portal shadow version has only so few hitpoints that it won’t make any noticable damage on an enemy brawler.
A Magic Puffs is not a crazy strong Star Power but compared to how awful Pat on the Back is it should be your choice. There’s no way it’s worth it sacrificing Gene’s game-changing super to heal a team mate, and then only for 2,000 hitpoints! Just keep your hands off that Star Power until Supercell decides to make something useful with it.
S While Fertilize is a good Star Power and you will see some nice benefits from it, Curveball is the Star Power you should use with Spike. Every decent player knows how to dodge the spikes and when they start flying in curves it’s almost impossible to dodge them and this will add a lot more damage to Spike in general.
A Both of Crow’s Star Power are good but not any extraordinary. I’d pick Carrion Crow with the extra damage to targets with lower health because that’s the playstlye you use with Crow by grinding them slowly down. Making enemy brawlers deal 10% less damage when poisoned is nice but noething more.
A Although Invisiheal sounds like adding a lot of viability to Leon and healing him up, Smoke Trails is the still the Star Power that you should use because it allows Leon to reach any target on the whole map while invisible and that’s simply stronger than making an escape more here and there.

Now some more tips to unlock Star Powers ????

How To Unlock Star Powers Faster In Brawl Stars

Here’s my general guide that will help you unlock the Star Powers quite well without spending any money on it – and in average you should be able to get one new Star Power within 2 weeks (when taking the drop rate and how much boxes you can get with it – token doubler or boxes you buy with gems are not included in this calculation and will speed up the progress obviously).

If you have a brawler at Level 9, you can find a Star Power with about 1% chance from every box you will open. When you will get one and you have multiple brawler that don’t have all of their Star Powers unlocked yet, you will randomly get one of those that you’re missing.

brawl stars all star powers

So here’s the best system to use to make sure you will get those Star Powers and no matter at what point in the game you are, simply apply it 🙂

Get 1 Brawler To Level 9

The first thing to do is to level up one of your brawlers to Level 9 as fast as you can!

Each box you will unlock before you have a brawler at that level might contain a Star Power that you don’t get because you have no unlocked Star Ppowers available!

So, do this as fast as possible (ideally with a brawler you like playing of course) and also get Power Points from the shop for Coins – I know this is not recommended in general but in this case it’s more useful than saving the Coins – and also the Star Points from the Trophy Road.

get power points from the brawl stars shop

Also try not to spend Coins on leveling up any other brawler to save all the coins you have to level that first brawler to Level 9 and get the Power Points from the shop.

Bonus Tip! If you haven’t unlocked more than 5 or 6 brawlers yet, try to save up some boxes to open for the Star Power later and focus on the Power Points in the shop, you often get sweet offers with like 200 or 300 or even more Power Points there.

Don’t Buy The Star Power From The Shop

Once you got your first brawler you can now get the Star Power from boxes so now it’s time to open all the boxes you have saved up for now – sometimes you’re lucky enough and unlock it quite fast.

When you have done that and you didn’t get the Star Power, DO NOT GET IT FROM THE SHOP!!!

I know it’s tempting but it will cost you 2,000 Coins and you will need those Coins to level up your next brawler to Level 9!

Show some patience here and I guarantuee you it will be faster in the end than rushing it.

The only exception is when you have more than one brawler at Level 9 at this point and still wait for the Star Power and have a lot of Coins (more than 3,000 or so).

If you buy the Star Power earlier you’re again in the state where you could miss a Star Power from a box because you don’t have any unlocked Star Power and that’s what you want to avoid at any cost 😉

Tickets > Token Doubler > Mega Boxes

Each box you open can contain Gems and you will get some with every day you play Brawl Stars.

If you really want to get the most out of it, spend those on the Tickets for events – you can get 60 Tickets for 80 Gems and you can use them in events like Robo Rumble to turn them into 1,500 to 1,800 token easily. That’s two Mega Boxes but a lot higher chances to unlock the Star Power from these boxes.


While you wait for your next Star Power it’s time to work on the next brawler that you want to get to Level 9.

You can now take some more time until you unlock the Star Power for your previous brawler and don’t really need to rush that much. Only level the next brawler up fast once you have all possible Star Powers for (all) your brawlers at Level 9 unlocked.

You can also wait at Level 8 when you want to make sure that you want the Star Power for the previous brawler more than for the brawler you’re leveling up right now.

Here’s the whole system repeats over and over again and makes sure that you won’t miss any Star Power and to not get any Star Power that you don’t want 🙂

So much for the system to get Star Power unlocked, now let’s have a look at the Star Powers that are worth unlocking.

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