Best Gadgets For Every Brawler in Brawl Stars (July 2023)

brawl stars all gadgets for all brawlers ranked

Picking the right gadget for your brawlers can be a make-or-break decision in Brawl Stars as sone brawlers have a great and a bad gadget or two amazing gadgests – in most cases this is, however, not the case, so I decided to give you a full evaluation of all gadgets along with my recommendation what gadgets work (for what mode) and what brawler best below.

Also, this goes hand-in-hand with the ranking of every brawler in the meta of Brawl Stars right now and also brawl star.

The Best Gadget Choices (Every Brawler) in Brawl Stars

Alright let’s go right into the list – please open the ‘Show More Info’ section to see what gadget I recommend and what tier rating I give them. The list is sorted alphabetically but you can also use the search to find your desired brawler faster.


  • 8-Bit
    If you're running 8-Bit in Heist mode, take his Extra Credits gadget but in any other game mode, his Cheat Cartridge is the way to go.Cheat Cartridge: BExtra Credits: CBest Star Power for 8-Bit8-Bit in the Meta Tier List
  • Amber
    Her Fire Starter gadget goes really well with both her star power and is universally your gadget of choice here.Fire Starters: ADancing Flames: FBest Star Power for AmberAmber in the Meta Tier List
  • Ash
    The Rotten Banana gadget is not working at all with his kit so go with the Chill Pill for the extra health and this can be a game changer in many situations.Chill Pill: ARotten Banana: FBest Star Power for AshAsh in the Meta Tier List
  • Barley
    I personally find his healing tonic gadget more useful as it helps get out of tricky setups better than simply slowing down.Sticky Syrup Mixer: BHerbal Tonic: ABest Star Power for BarleyBarley in the Meta Tier List
  • Bea
    Both gadgets are useful and good and I personally like Honey Molasses a little bit more as it is more universally useful and her Rattled Hive is harder to aim to make an impactHoney Molasses: BRattled Hive: CBest Star Power for BeaBea in the Meta Tier List
  • Belle
    Normally you want to run her Nest Egg gadget as it's useful and can provide value more or less every time you use it. Her Reverse Polarity can be a great surprise and do great but can also miss and be worthless, so I rather take Nest Egg and always know what I get.Nest Egg: AReverse Polarity: CBest Star Power for BelleBelle in the Meta Tier List
  • Bibi
    Her Extra Sticky can be great if you have her super ready and you actually hit an enemy with it or it will be wasted and Vitamin Booster is useful in every match. Vitamin Booster: AExtra Sticky: CBest Star Power for BibiBibi in the Meta Tier List
  • Bo
    The delay of Tripwire doesn't make it a great gadget while his totem gadget is a a way better option.Super Totem: BTripwire: DBest Star Power for BoBo in the Meta Tier List
  • Bonnie
    her Crash Test gadget doesn't deal much damage and is also really risky for her as it can end in a suicide mission while Sugar Rush gives her a massive buff without risk or conditions, so go with that. Sugar Rush: ACrash Test: FBest Star Power for BonnieBonnie in the Meta Tier List
  • Brock
    Although his Rocket Laces will help espaciping in tough spots, his Rocket Fuel is a really strong gadget that will deal devestating damage and reach and should always be your choice.Rocket Laces: ARocket Fuel: SBest Star Power for BrockBrock in the Meta Tier List
  • Bull
    Although his T-Bone gadget will heal, his Stomper gadget is a better choice to interrupt his super when he charges too far and also stuns.T-Bone Injector: BStomper: ABest Star Power for BullBull in the Meta Tier List
  • Buster
    Ultility Belt provides good healing and is not neccessarily a bad gadget on Buster, but Slo-Mo Replay is simply taking out enemies like crazy with the slowing and pulling effect and should always be your first choice with him.Utility Belt: BSlo-Mo Replay: SBest Star Power for BusterBuster in the Meta Tier List
  • Buzz
    On maps with a lot of bushes Y-Ray-Shades is the better gadget, for sure, but the extra throw from the Buoy gadget is overall the better option for him.Reserve Buoy: BX-Ray-Shades: BBest Star Power for BuzzBuzz in the Meta Tier List
  • Byron
    With Booster Shots you can go a little bit better in close-range situations but I personally prefer Shot In The Arm as his gadget a little bit better to have his HP always filled up well.Shot In The Arm: BBooster Shots: BBest Star Power for ByronByron in the Meta Tier List
  • Carl
    Although the damage with Heat Ejector can be nice if you hit with it, you should always wake his Flying Hook gadget Heat Ejector: CFlying Hook: SBest Star Power for CarlCarl in the Meta Tier List
  • Chester
    Bot his gadgets aren#t that great, with Spicy Dice has a lot of RNG in what you will get and Candy Bean a RNG buff. I would go with Candy Bean as buffs are better than ending up with a worst super, but that might be up for your decision.Spicy Dice: CCandy Beans: CBest Star Power for ChesterChester in the Meta Tier List
  • Colette
    Gotcha is the better gadget as you can't just fire it into nothing as it has a longer duration and is normally the gadget I will choose with her.Na-Ah!: CGotcha!: ABest Star Power for ColetteColette in the Meta Tier List
  • Colonel Ruffs
    His gadgets are a little tricky to choose because his TAke Cover gadget can do great agianst some brawlers and not good against others while his Air Support Gadget covers a huge area but many players know how to dodge it. I recommend Take Cover after all.Take Cover: BAir Support: CBest Star Power for Colonel RuffsColonel Ruffs in the Meta Tier List
  • Colt
    His Speedloader gadget is only useful in heist, nowhere else. In any other mode use his SIlver Bullet and you can catch your targets off guard and deal a ton of damage with his super.Speedloader: CSilver Bullet: ABest Star Power for ColtColt in the Meta Tier List
  • Cornelius
    With Replanting you get a great charge towards an enemy and Poison Mushroom shuts down an opponent for 1.5 seconds. Both is really strong, but the way he is right now, his super works so well that you don#t really have to shut down your target and dashing into them.Replanting: APoison Mushroom: ABest Star Power for CorneliusCornelius in the Meta Tier List
  • Crow
    While the shield from Defense Boost gadget is great in Solo Showdown mode, his Slowing Toxin is overall really strong and works always.Defense Booster: BSlowing Toxin: SBest Star Power for CrowCrow in the Meta Tier List
  • Darryl
    Both are useful at the same-ish scale and I personally like Tar Barrel more so I ranked it a little higher.Recoiling Rotator: CTar Barrel: BBest Star Power for DarrylDarryl in the Meta Tier List
  • Dynamike
    You can ignore his Diget Spinner gadget and Satchel Charge will be the better choice in 99% of all modes and matches.Fidget Spinner: FSatchel Charge: SBest Star Power for DynamikeDynamike in the Meta Tier List
  • Edgar
    Actually this comes down to preference and I see both gadgets useful at the same level. I like the burst for his super from Let's Fly but if you like the shield you can also not go too wrong with that as a gadget on him.Let's Fly: BHardcore: BBest Star Power for EdgarEdgar in the Meta Tier List
  • El Primo
    Asteroid Belt is his best gadget for Brawl Ball but anywhere else you don't really want to destroy walls so rather take the Supplex Supplement.Supplex Supplement: C+Asteroid Belt: CBest Star Power for El PrimoEl Primo in the Meta Tier List
  • Emz
    No question here and although Acid Spray can help her deal with walls, her Friendzoner is the choice as it will help her deal with the only brawlers she struggles (close-rangers) as you can push them back and deal damage. This is always my no-brainer choice.Friendzoner: A+Acid Spray: CBest Star Power for EmzEmz in the Meta Tier List
  • Eve
    Gotta Go is the better gadget as Motherly Love will sacrifice her super to heal team members so the choice here is very clear.Gotta Go!: A+Motherly Love: FBest Star Power for EveEve in the Meta Tier List
  • Fang
    The micro-stun for interruption with his Roundhouse Kick gadget is simply too good to switch it for his other gadget.Recoiling Rotator: CRoundhouse Kick: ABest Star Power for FangFang in the Meta Tier List
  • Frank
    Noise Cancelling is only great against certain brawlers and his Irrestitable Attraction can be countered... so you have a tough choice here. I personally like his Irresistable Attraction a little bit more as when it hits you have a guarantueed kill.Active Noise Canceling: BIrresistible Attraction: B+Best Star Power for FrankFrank in the Meta Tier List
  • Gale
    Twister, for me, is the better gadget for Gale espcially since they got nerfed.Spring Ejector: CTwister: ABest Star Power for GaleGale in the Meta Tier List
  • Gene
    You can consider using Vengeful Spirits in very open maps where you can actually hit to get value, but in all other cases his Lamp Blowout will heal and pushback and always provides value.Lamp Blowout: AVengeful Spirits: C+Best Star Power for GeneGene in the Meta Tier List
  • Gray
    Walking Cane is not a gadget that is bad, but with Grand Piano you can literally destroy a wall you're pointing at which is simply a lot more powerful in most sitautions.Walking Cane: BGrand Piano: A+Best Star Power for GrayGray in the Meta Tier List
  • Griff
    Piggy Bank is not the craziest gadget in Brawl Stars, but the fact that Coin SHower is so bad makes it the best option for Griff.Piggy Bank: ACoin Shower: FBest Star Power for GriffGriff in the Meta Tier List
  • Grom
    With Grom's gadget the choice is not thtat clear and easy, but I use Watchtower on maps with lots of bushes and otherwise I run Radio Check but that has the risk of being dodged.Watchtowers: BRadio Check: B+Best Star Power for GromGrom in the Meta Tier List
  • Gus
    At the end of the day Soul Switcher barely makes a good tradeoff while Kooky Popper gadget is working pretty nice every time with good value and shouldbe your choice.Kooky Popper: ASoul Switcher: FBest Star Power for GusGus in the Meta Tier List
  • Hank
    His Waterballoons gadget is visualizd and easy to dodge and most of the time will not have an effect, while his Barricade will provide the shield and is simply more reliable overall.Waterballoons: CBarricade: B+Best Star Power for HankHank in the Meta Tier List
  • Jacky
    Although her Rebuild gadget sounds fun, you should always use her Pneumatic SpinnerPneumatic Booster: BRebuild: FBest Star Power for JackyJacky in the Meta Tier List
  • Janet
    With two really strong gadgets, you have a rough choice here with Janet - Drop The Bass is slightly stronger overall in usability and value witht he range, revealing enemies hiding, etc. while Backstage pass is good for evading tricky situations.Drop The Bass: SBackstage Pass: ABest Star Power for JanetJanet in the Meta Tier List
  • Jessie
    While Recoil Spring can be useful in heist, in most situations you want to go with her Spark Plug gadget.Spark Plug: B+Recoil Spring: CBest Star Power for JessieJessie in the Meta Tier List
  • Leon
    Leon's Clone Projector gadget can help to trick but is not that reliable so I always recommend using his Lollipop Drop gadget to stealth on the spot.Clone Projector: CLollipop Drop: A+Best Star Power for LeonLeon in the Meta Tier List
  • Lola
    Stunt Double is simply not as useful as Freeze Frame and can even get you in tough situtians, although the healing is good.Freeze Frame: A+Stunt Double: BBest Star Power for LolaLola in the Meta Tier List
  • Lou
    Cryo Syrup can be really useful whereas Ice Block can be super squishy with the way he is vulnerable after his effect wears off.Ice Block: CCryo Syrup: ABest Star Power for LouLou in the Meta Tier List
  • Maisie
    Her dash has a lot of conditions and can be very situational while Finish Them can give you an incredible hit if you land it, so go with that.Disengage!: BFinish Them!: ABest Star Power for MaisieMaisie in the Meta Tier List
  • Mandy
    Caramelize can go to waste often and Cookie Crumbs can work against you, so no easy choice here. Caramelize: B+Cookie Crumbs: CBest Star Power for MandyMandy in the Meta Tier List
  • Max
    If you use the Sneaky Sneakers gadgets on her you have the sitautions where you love it but most of the times the situations won't resolve in your advantage so Phase Shifter is the better gadget for her.Phase Shifter: ASneaky Sneakers: DBest Star Power for MaxMax in the Meta Tier List
  • Meg
    Her Toolbox gadget gets destroyed over time, limiting the effectiveness a lot and in general you want to keep her mecha alive anyway, so Jolting Volts should be your gadget on her all the time.Jolting Volts: AToolbox: DBest Star Power for MegMeg in the Meta Tier List
  • Mortis
    Mortis Combo Spinner is more effective in terms of using it as it will trigger right away but if you#re a skilled Mortis player you will get more value from his Survival Shovel.Combo Spinner: BSurvival Shovel: BBest Star Power for MortisMortis in the Meta Tier List
  • Mr. P
    Under all regular circumstances, the better gadget choice is Service Bell for value all the time while his Porter Reinforcements gadget is simply lackluster in most cases.Service Bell: B+Porter Reinforcements: CBest Star Power for Mr. PMr. P in the Meta Tier List
  • Nani
    Her Warp Blast gadget can provide cool situations but also removes the explosion and get her into trouble after, so I like her counterattacks moreWarp Blast: CReturn To Sender: BBest Star Power for NaniNani in the Meta Tier List
  • Nita
    Her Bear Paw stuns are great in earlier stages where you can have an impact, but later in the game her bear will be dealt with too much so the shielding from Faux Fur is the better gadget choice.Bear Paws: BFaux Fur: BBest Star Power for NitaNita in the Meta Tier List
  • Otis
    With Dormant Star you get value but also you see it go to waste often enough to not make it the better gadget choice here with Oatis so I recommend using Phat Splatter is almost always providing good damage and stay active for quite a while.Dormant Star: DPhat Splatter: ABest Star Power for OtisOtis in the Meta Tier List
  • Pam
    Pulse Modulator is not a bad gadget but the value you get at the end is often times not that much and Scrapsucker is just such a universally helpful gadget that you should run this pretty much all the time with her.Pulse Modulator: CScrapsucker: SBest Star Power for PamPam in the Meta Tier List
  • Penny
    Salty Barrel should always be the gadget with Penny as you can block so much damage from long-range and give her so much more versatility all around.Salty Barrel: STrusty Spyglass: DBest Star Power for PennyPenny in the Meta Tier List
  • Piper
    Auto Aimer is a nice option against close-range brawlers and tanks, but the homing that her Homemade Recipe gadget provides is simply too strong to not run it every single match with Piper in Brawl Stars.Auto Aimer: BHomemade Recipe: SBest Star Power for PiperPiper in the Meta Tier List
  • Poco
    Against most brawlers Tuning Fork is just the better option and his Protective Tunes gadget is more a niche use against brawlers like Crow where you want to remove the effect from your team mambers.Tuning Fork: BProtective Tunes: CBest Star Power for PocoPoco in the Meta Tier List
  • R-T
    Both are actually solid options but I feel his Hacks are not as strong as his In lIne gadget taht can have huge value.In Line: BHacks!: ABest Star Power for R-TR-T in the Meta Tier List
  • Rico
    Bouny Castle is one of the best gadgets in the game and should always be your choice for Rico.Multiball Launcher: FBouncy Castle: SBest Star Power for RicoRico in the Meta Tier List
  • Rosa
    If you can connect her Grow Light gadget to other bushes to get away, it's a cool thing. I personally believe that damaging enemy brawlers that hide in bushes is a far more versatile option in most cases.Grow Light: BUnfriendly Bushes: B+Best Star Power for RosaRosa in the Meta Tier List
  • Sam
    Pulse Repellent is simply too squishy while Magnetic Field is normally a guaranteed bulls eye in most situation dealing devestating damage to enemiesMagnetic Field: APulse Repellent: CBest Star Power for SamSam in the Meta Tier List
  • Sandy
    Always use her Sweet Dreams gadget as it provides great value in so many situations while her Sleep Simulator can backfire so much (espcially when you need the healing you're in a spot where sleeping is the last thing you want to do)Sleep Simulator: DSweet Dreams: SBest Star Power for SandySandy in the Meta Tier List
  • Shelly
    You can pretty much ignore her dashing as she is already super fast and concentrating her damage when you get in the spot can deal dramatic damage, devastating for the enemies.Fast Forward: DClay Pigeons: ABest Star Power for ShellyShelly in the Meta Tier List
  • Spike
    Popping Pincushion is useful in Heist, for sure, but outside of that I recommend using his Life Plant gadget for blocking projectiles and healing which is simply great overall.Popping Pincushion: CLife Plant: ABest Star Power for SpikeSpike in the Meta Tier List
  • Sprout
    Sprout gives you a tough choice as both the gadgets are actually solid. I personally like having Transplant with the 3 additional supers but if you go for the massive healing you're also not on the wrong path.Garden Mulcher: BTransplant: BBest Star Power for SproutSprout in the Meta Tier List
  • Squeak
    Residue is simply a crazy gadget as you can shutdown a passway for 10 seconds Windup: DResidue: S+Best Star Power for SqueakSqueak in the Meta Tier List
  • Stu
    One of the toughest gadget choices in Brawl Stars as both of them are really nice - I personally like Breakthrough a tick more but actually you don't go wrong with either of them.Speed Zone: A+Breakthrough: SBest Star Power for StuStu in the Meta Tier List
  • Surge
    With Surge you have an unusual choice as both his gadgets are great options. I like Power Shield more as it helps him survive and reloads his ammo which is most of the time the more reliable gadget. But again, both are doing great on him.Power Surge: APower Shield: A+Best Star Power for SurgeSurge in the Meta Tier List
  • Tara
    In short, Support From Beyond is normally the better gadget option with her as it's hard to deal with and easy to use.Psychic Enhancer: CSupport From Beyond: ABest Star Power for TaraTara in the Meta Tier List
  • Tick
    Last Hurrah is just so much better as a gadget on Tick compared to his other one that this should be your choice with him. Always.Corn-Fu: DLast Hurrah: SBest Star Power for TickTick in the Meta Tier List
  • Willow
    Her gadget can be quite situational but as there's only one vailable the choice is very clear...Dive: BBest Star Power for WillowWillow in the Meta Tier List


I hope this list helps you to stay on top of the meta and see what gadgets to choose for your brawler(s) – please mind I update this with every significant balancing changes update so make sure to check back here to see if something changed. If you have more questions, please post a comment below.

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