bullet echo tier list july 2023 with alice bullet echo tier list july 2023 with alice

Best Heroes in Bullet Echo (Tier List) – July 2023 with Alice

Are you a little lost what heroes to pick in Bullet Echo? Well, sometimes it can be tough and also the balancing changes some heroes wrong heaven to nightmare. So, here’s the current tier list of heroes that are very viable, also after considering what top players in Bullet Echo are using right now.

Tier List of the Best Heroes in Bullet Echo

Let’s not waste any more time and dive right into the tier list…


  • AliceNEW
    Alice is the new hero in Bullet Echo and can open portals with her ability, adding incredible amount of mobility and flexibility as also team members can travel those portals. How well she will do in the meta is something we will see in the coming weeks so I did not give her a final rank for now.Class: Scout
  • MirageS
    Mirage is a sniper's dream. She's always aimed and has a great fire rate. Mirage can let one bullet lose per second, and granted her 99% accuracy for being always aimed; she's likely to drop bodies every second too.Class: Sniper
  • LynxS
    Is working really well in pretty much anything you do and should be one of the no-brainer heroes to pickClass: Sniper
  • AngelS
    She's probably the most hated hero in the game, as her passive (Protective Matrix) reduces the damage dealt to her by 75%. So if you engage her and you don't kill her in one shot, you're basically going to fight a tank Angel once she shoots you. That's going to wrap up the S Tier of the strongest heroes in Bullet Echo.Class: Scout
  • SparkleA+
    Sparkle has a ton of health, allowing her to engage and run down fights with her double barrel shotgun. She can be even more dangerous if you manage to equip all her personal gear, as this gives you a three-barrel shotgun for better effect.Class: Ambusher
  • ArnieA+
    Arnie is down in A-tier now because his close-ranged gameplay takes a lot of time and effort to get used to. It's worth it, though. He can one-shot most SMG and Rifle heroes if he manages to land on top of them or two shots for the tankier ones.Class: Ambusher
  • DragoonA
    Dragoon's best selling point is that he shreds armor faster than most heroes in Bullet Echo can. His speed aura is also handy if you find yourself squad up with slower heroes like Firefly or Bastion.Class: Tank
  • GhostA
    Long story short, Ghost is the better version of Stalker. She's faster, deals more damage, and can fit through small gaps. While her stats aren't comparable to some heroes, she's still worth trying out, especially if you're going to pick Stalker anyway.Class: Scout
  • LeviA
    There are two reasons why Levi is a force to be reckoned with. First, her range easily rivals snipers. Second, her AOE stun when she kills an enemy is honestly kinda broken. Given the right positioning, she can 1vEveryone easily.Class: Trooper
  • SatoshiA
    Satoshi is definitely one of the top DPS in the game, if not the best. If you add that great damage output to his ground shield (that traps and boosts range), he'll mow down the competition even if he chooses just to run it down.Class: Trooper
  • LeviathanA
    Leviathan is not a good hero simply because he's not good at his role. He has the lowest armor and health of all the tanks, and there are even non-tanks who outclass him in that department. If they decide to give his health and armor a buff, he'll definitely be a decent hero.Class: Tank
  • FreddieB+
    Freddie is extremely fast and one of the most tilting heroes to match up against. All his skills and passive make him faster and even more annoying but with the recent changes he got more midfield in the roaster of all heroes in Bullet EchoClass: Scout
  • ShenjiB+
    Shenji is interesting but not because he is a crazy hero on his own, more like hiw mechanics can counterattack a lot that has become meta in the past months and she shakes that off. Can do okay in most situations but will not be the hero to dominate everything.Class: Ambusher
  • FireflyB
    Firefly is one of the easiest heroes to learn and use. What's awesome about Firefly is his flexibility. Once he takes damage, his sniper rifle turns into a machine gun he can use to mow down enemies. However, he's really slow, so getting into position and running away may be a bit tricky.Class: Sniper
  • BlotB
    Blot is pretty much a robot version of Slayer. He's barely a leg up from Slayer, though only because he has a force field instead of thermal vision. That force field can save your life if you miss your shot, unlike Slayer, who'll be left defenseless if he misses.Class: Sniper
  • SlayerB
    Slayer has a huge learning curve before you even have a presence in combat. Once you get the hang of him, though, he can annihilate almost every hero in the game. The only heroes that can survive his one-shot are probably Smog or Sparkle. However, you'll probably die immediately if you miss a shot.Class: Sniper
  • StalkerB
    Stalker is the ultimate embodiment of a mediocre hero. Everything he is is mid-average damage, average health, armor, range, and speed. He's not much of a threat to any other hero, but he's a force to be reckoned with in the hands of the right player.Class: Trooper
  • CyclopsB
    Cyclops isn't terrible, but he isn't good, either. He deals decent damage if you scan-kill, but getting good with him would take a lot of skill. Some would even say he's a discount Raven, given that everything he does, Raven does better — so you may be better off going for Raven.Class: Ambusher
  • BastionB
    Bastion is a good hero and great for beginners. His shield allows you to take riskier calls and make riskier plays, which lets newbies learn the skills they need. In higher elos, however, he can get absolutely destroyed by Mirage or Raven — basically, any other hero who's faster than him.Class: Tank
  • RavenC+
    You know a hero is good when he's been heavily nerfed yet still lands a spot in the A-tier - that's Raven. His scan was 'balanced' by letting your enemies spot you when you spot them, but this can actually let you pull off strategic planks or support your camping teammates. He disarms nearby enemies when he lands a successful kill, which can help your teammates secure victory.Class: Scout
  • TessC+
    One of the newest heroes in the game (although took some time) but Tess is quite underwhelming overall and mediocre is the best to describe her with little places to really shineClass: Trooper
  • HurricaneC
    Let's be honest, Hurricane would easily be another D-Tier hero without the recent buffs. He was slow, had an underwhelming shield, and had low damage output. The buffs he got made him a playable hero and a decent one to take to the battlefield.Class: Ambusher
  • BerthaC
    Bertha is a deadly hero in the right hands, but the -95% movement speed tradeoff on her quite powerful ability lands her on B-tier. It may let you spray in all directions, but you're technically a sitting duck until you run out of ammo if you run solo without one or two support heroes watching your back.Class: Tank
  • DocC
    Doc actually became a decent pick ever since he got buffed like half a year ago. His team heal is now balanced with decent damage since he can clear off enemies before getting that slow effect from the heal. Of course, that grenade launcher is always a good thing.Class: Trooper
  • SmogD
    Smog is definitely one of the worst heroes in Bullet Echo. He might be scary because he's big, but Smog is all bark and no bite. This lumbering tank is extremely underwhelming, as he has the lowest damage in the game. If you're winning on Smog, then you're probably a great Bullet Echo player and despite recent changes he still remains bad.Class: TankDamage: B+Defense: B+Utility: CMobility: D


So, we’re at the end of my tier list and I hope this gives you a good overview and helps you with your picks. If you have any further questions or think I ranked one hero horribly wrong, just post a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer.

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  1. smog is actually b or c+, leviathan and doc are D, cyclops is c, bastion is B+, shenji A, arnie sparkle lynx B, levi and mirage are B+ (mirage sucks after nerf)
    it looks like you took tierlist from 2022 and just added new heroes, shitty tierlist actually

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