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The Best Troops in Boom Beach: Frontlines

So, with all the recent changes to the latest version of Boom Beach Frontlines, I have totally reworked by guide here for the different troops to give you a good overview which ones to use and which ones might not be the best fit for you.

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The Best Troops in Boom Beach Frontlines

Alright, let’s jump into the best troops available in Boom Beach Frontlines right now.

Assault is a troop known as an incredibly agile unit with speed that allows it to get from the spawn point to the control point in a flash. If you’re on your game, Assault can often be the first person at the control point, giving your team a leg up over the opponent. Assault is also able to fire his weapon longer before reloading than other troops thanks to his extended magazine. As a bonus, Assault has a large pool of health points. Overall, it’s a well-rounded troop that is great in any situation in Boom Beach Frontlines right now.

Known as the “Hidden Danger” in Boom Beach Frontlines, the Sniper rare troop specializes in powerful long-range attacks. She doesn’t have as many health points as Assault, and she is definitely not as fast, but her powerful rifle makes up for that. And, if you’re hiding and staying out of range while you pick off enemy troops, you won’t need many health points anyways! The Sniper tactic of posting up in a safe position and taking out enemies at range is great for players who don’t enjoy dying and respawning frequently. Get your shots in, stay hidden, and support your team without taking damage!

With a name like Medic, you know this troop doesn’t exactly specialize in offensive abilities. This common troop is a support character that is mainly used to heal other troops in the line of fire. The Medic can also collect a ton of munitions just by fulfilling his duties, making him really useful in Boom Beach Frontlines! Enough munitions to purchase all kinds of defenses and vehicles by the time he reaches the control point. The Medic isn’t completely useless outside of healing teammates. He can also serve as a human shield by standing in between his teammates and attackers, taking hits instead of them. And, once your health gets low, you can scurry away from the action, self-heal, and then get right back to it.

The troop most people are probably most familiar with is the Heavy, also known as the “Bullet Sponge”. A rare troop, the Heavy specializes in dealing out tons of damage, while tanking a ton of damage on his own. Not unlike the Medic, the Heavy often finds himself between the enemy and his teammates, serving as a meatshield. He can take it though since he has a health pool of almost 2,000 points. You’ll want to use the Heavy on the frontlines since his attacks can mow down most enemy troops without issue, in addition to the amount of damage he can take.


So, I will update this list frequently when either new troops will get added to Boom Beach Frontlines or the developers change something, which happens quite frequently right now, so make sure to check back here and there to make sure you don’t miss any changes.

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