brawl stars new supercell fighting game 2017 brawl stars new supercell fighting game 2017

Brawl Stars – New Supercell Fighting Game for Android and iOS

Supercell is about to release a new game in 2017 and it will be a game outside the well-known Clash universe.

There’s only little info out there and nothing officially announced, despite some Youtubers that have very close connection to Supercell posting pictures on their social channels recently.

Also other pictures and comments are pointing us to the direction of a whole new game coming soon, very likely settled in the Wild West theme:

Also another forum post was telling, that this will be a multiplayer, 3 vs 3 mobile game:

brawl stars mobile multiplayer game by supercell

We all know, when Supercell is starting a new game they know exactly what they’re doing and there#s a reason why 4 of their most recent games are still among the most popular of the world (Clash Royale, Hay Day, Clash of Clans and Boom Beach).

Their last game release was in early 2016, so it looks like the time has come for a new game.

As always, you can expect that they will soft-launch the title – in terms of Supercell this means that they will release the game in the Canadian AppStore first to get an impression if the title is worth rolling out globally.

You can see here how you can play Brawl Stars before the official release – read the guide here.

Here’s the first gameplay footage about Brawl Stars:

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