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Unlock Legendary Brawler Faster & Box Opening Guide

Legendary Brawlers are the most powerful – and desired brawlers- in Brawl Stars.

Literally every player wants to unlock them because there’s always one of them being on top of the meta and extremely strong.

Now I know player that have pulled them out of a regular Brawl Box in the beginning while others have been spending some serious cash and still waiting to get them.

Primarily all the comments asking for legendaries made me write this guide here ????

In my guide here you will find all the answers you can get when trying to unlock a Legendary Brawler in Brawl Stars.

Unlocking A Legendary Brawler

In general, there are only two ways how you can unlock a legendary brawler in Brawl Stars:

  1. Unlock them via Brawl Boxes
  2. Get them in the one-time offer in the shop for 560 Gems

That’s it.

Now each one of these two ways has some pitfalls.

The shop seems to be the easier solution because you know what you get, but it’s not like that legendary brawlers are offered there all the time – these one-time offers are quite rare. Also 560 Gems is about $30 and you might think that’s a little much for a brawler – actually I do think that to be honest.

The other way, well, takes time and is determined by luck and randomness.

I will show you some things you should know to maximize the chances to get a legendary brawler from the Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes or Mega Boxes.

In my opinion, you should totally focus on getting them through the boxes.

Brawl Boxes Drop Chances For Brawlers?

You might know it from other games that the more expensive boxes have a higher chance to give you a rare, epic or legendary item.

Brawl Stars has some other approach here:

  • A Big Box is exactly 3 Brawl Boxes
  • A Mega Box is exactly 10 Brawl Boxes

drop chances for brawlers

End of story? No.

Now we get deeper into it ????

As you can see, here are the chances from inside the app

The Big Box and the Mega Box simply offer higher amounts of power points, coins or tickets than the other ones, but they don’t offer MORE of them.

Let’s give you an easy example here… When I open 1 Mega Box, I can get 120 power points of 2 different brawler. But when I instead open 10 Brawl Boxes, I will get 10 times 12 power points for 2 different brawlers.

Chances don’t add here.

In other means, When opening 10 Brawl Boxes (that have the same chances in one Brawl Box to give a brawler), I will have 26% chance for a rare brawler, 12% chance for a super rare brawler, 5.4% for an epic brawler and so on

Of course 10 is not a value where you can rely on when talking randomness and statistics here, that’s jsut the average. Indeed there are people that don’t pull a single brawler from 50 boxes and others that will pull 3 brawlers in 20 boxes.

The main strategy here is to not focus on the big boxes but to open as many boxes as you can when you want the best chances to pull a brawler, including the legendary ones.

Unlock Legendary Brawler Quicker

Now here comes another thing to motivate you to open all boxes right away (unless you have all the brawlers you want to have).

With every box you open up in Brawl Stars that doesn’t contain a Legendary Brawler, you will rise the chances to unlock a Legendary Brawler in the next box by – hold tight – 0.0048%.

That’s not much but better than nothing, right?

You probably also know these people that stockpile their boxes… why do they do it?

Well, there’s one specific reason to not open up boxes anymore in Brawl Stars!

Stockpiling Brawl Boxes?! Well…

As soon as you got all the power points for one brawler, the chances to get power points for other brawlers that you haven’t maxed.

This is actually a pretty fair system rather than turning these power points into coins or anything else and is great for all players.

But we wanted to talk about the stockpiling of brawl boxes…

This only makes sense if you have all brawlers or all the brawlers you want to have. It doesn’t make sense to unlock brawlers you don’t have much interest in right now because then you will also get power points for them making you power up your other brawlers slower.

Another important reason is that when a new brawler gets introduced into the game, you have higher chances to unlock the new brawler right from the start instead of waiting very long until you have enough brawl boxes to get it.

If you’re not sure what brawlers are worth getting, you might want to check out my full tier list for all brawlers here:

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