best pets in with gary july 2023 best pets in with gary july 2023

The Best Pets in (Version 2.4) with Karen

Pets are the latest addition in and with the merging and their multiple skills that you unlock through rarity, there’s a lot of time and effort you need to invest into them – to prevent doing all that for a pet that will not necessarily meet your need I have written below a guide that will help you figure out which pets you should go after.

How Do Pets in Work?

You will pull your pets through Pet Chests and then you have the option to merge three of the same rarity together to increase the rarity of a pet and unlock further skills.

survivor io how to unlock pet skills through merge

Then you can activate pets either by using one as your active pet so their active skill will become available or you can define two pets as support pets so their passive effect will becomeactive during battle.

survivor pet active and passive

Active Pet Tier List

Here you have the pets in a tier list:


  • CroakySBest Heroes
    Deals great damage and is the best pet for Enders Echo and just overall the best pet of all of them right now.Active Skill: Deals damage in impact and another time after 1 second to the targetLegendary Skill: Flat increases your crit damage which is prettty fine.Best Heroes
  • RexABest Heroes
    Works well with Worm and when you maxed but I personally appreciate Croaky more for the more universal way of using him - still, Rex is for me the runner-up of the pets and you can build him correctly with buffs that trigger when you get below a certain amount of HP and then use Rex with his self-healing to maintain that.Active Skill: Deals piercing damage against a shaped area that goes through enemies and deals damage.Legendary Skill: Takes damage of your character instead ofyou taking the damage.Best Heroes
  • NeemoABest Heroes
    Interesting mechanics especially for freezing bosses when you drop below 30%. Not the game-changer kit that is overpowered but absolutely more on the helpful side.Active Skill: Shoots a bubble that deals attack damage on impactLegendary Skill: If you drop below 30%, will freeze everything for some time. Has quite a cooldown but helps if a situation gets critical to clear up a mob wave a bit.Best Heroes
  • CrabobbleABest Heroes
    Deals pretty nice damage but at legendary seems to become more of a support pet to reduce other pets cooldown which seems quite weird right now. With the awakening system and the more recent updates since the release he has become a lot more viableActive Skill: Deals pretty nice damage that penetrates enemies and seems to be the best active skill against mob waves.Legendary Skill: Reduces the cooldown of other pets abilities.Best Heroes
  • KarenB+Best Heroes
    Decent traits she provides, includiing inspiration but primarily she works as assist petBest Heroes
  • GaryBBest Heroes
    Despite the fact how to unlock and evolve Gary within the event that is the oppoisite of accessible unless you spend a lot of money, he is a decent assisst pet for crit rate but nothing you will not get from other pets.Active Skill: Leaves a trail of slime behind him that deals enemies that walk into it, comparable to the fire trail of the Eternal BootsLegendary Skill: Inherits HP from your survivor to last longerBest Heroes
  • CheshireC+Best Heroes
    A very interesting kit with fast damage and avoiding a fatal damage which technically is not a revive, so all other revive countdown willnot be affected. Useful in come situations but not the overall best that you#re looking for.Active Skill: Fast attacks that deal solid damage to the target with a very short cooldown.Legendary Skill: Can help you survive fatal damage and gives back 50% of max HP.Best Heroes
  • DD-6C+Best Heroes
    Seems to be the pet to use against mobs and waves as it has a lot of area damage in the pocket and deals quite nice damage. Overall you don't get much to boost your survivor itself or do well against bosses too muchActive Skill: Shoots lasers that deal great damage to multiple enemies at once.Legendary Skill: Deals great area damage at a certain are with quite s short cooldown.Best Heroes
  • MuricaCBest Heroes
    I am still not the biggest fan but after testsing for some time, the max out skill works well against bosses and if you get them below the critical health mark the extra chance proccs enough to really make a difference - but against normal mobs the extra damage is basically wasted. The best about this pet is when it dies and you can use the large hitbox as meatshield to block projectiles, but if that's the best ability to use this pet it tells much how good it is and the end of the day...Active Skill: Performs an attack that penetrates through enemies and deals great damage.Legendary Skill: Has a small chance to deal 10x damage to a target that has less than 50% HPBest Heroes
  • ShellyDBest Heroes
    Although I really love the turtle, the skills don't seem to be that great with a close range shock that is only really ueful situationally and the damage reduction only applie to pets don't seem to be that great after all. Dies quickly and is the weakest pet in right now.Active Skill: Close range attack that shocks back enemies, keeping them at distance and dealing damage.Legendary Skill: Applies damage reduction but only affects damage taken by pets.Best Heroes


So, this is the overview that I hope will help you prioritize what pets and abilities you will start investing in at the start but also in the long run. Please mind that I will update this frequently, espcially now that I have a lot of time testing all of the pets, so check back here frequently in case there’s an important update.

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