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twd survivors town layout siege settlement twd survivors town layout siege settlement

Best Siege Settlement Town Layout in TWD: Survivors

Are you struggling to proceed in Siege Settlement because your town is not defending well? There’s actually couple of valuable layouts that will help getting a lot further and in this short guide I want to share them with you.

Just as a heads-up, this can easily help you perform a couple of levels above your characters’ levels as you can see here. Incoming performance is a couple levels higher and can even be more (that was just the last screenshot I have about it):

siege settlement performance

This might also be a good point to give you the advice to check out my character tier list for The Walking Dead: Survivors where you can see which characters are the strongest in the game and which ones to avoid. You can find the best characters list here.

Siege Settlement Layout Guide

Alright, but now let’s jump into the different town layout setups you should have to defend well.

Let’s start at the right side of you your town and you will see the enemies (red lines) enter there so make sure they will start approaching the first line of structures. This is great as they are busy while you can use a watchtower to take them out (green lines), this setup should look pretty much like that:

the walking dead siege settlement defense layout 1

So, what you’re basically creating here is a circle or a ring around your town center. You want to have that closed ring so the walkers are approaching the outside while your watchtowers can target them. Leaving some space between the outside ring of building and your center makes sure that the walkers will continue to walk around as long as possible, something like this:

the walking dead siege settlement defense layout 2

In the center you can then station your brawlers and make sure to take everything out that coming in, but it will be a lot less and with this strategy you can beat Siege Settlement pretty easy without investing a lot in your characters to keep up with the incoming walker levels.


I hope this helps and I know that most players use this strategy to push some extra days in Siege Settlement easily and then use the rewards to push their progress further. If you have questions (or maybe a very cool town layout you want to share), please don’t hesitate dropping a comment below.

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