best defensive island in island war best defensive island in island war

Best Defensive Island in Island War – Here’s How

Are you struggling on defense in Island War and think there’s something wrong with your island layout? Well, if you have this feeling chances are high that there actually is – but no worries, I have here all the defensive techniques and tips that will help you build a very defensive island that will give any attacker a hard time.

The Best Island Defense in Island War

Alright, there are several aspects that you want to keep in mind, let’s go through them

The General Layout

I know that some players get fancy when it comes to the general structure of their island (and, I’ll give them that, really creative as well). But defense is no matter of creativity and although it might sound boring and you see it so much, the basic two layouts are the ones that simply perform best, even for top players:

The ‘H’ Layout

island war h island defensive layout

The ‘oldie but goldie’ of all island layouts and probably the one you see the most – that’s probably why player don’t want to use it or get creative on their own. Yes, there are players that got quite comfortably attacking it but if you defense, including troops and hero, is in place you will still be able to do really well with this layout. So, just because you see it frequently doesn’t mean it’s bad, it means it’s still effective enough that so many players tend to use it.

The ‘J’ or ‘7’ Layout

island war j island defensive layout

I don’t want to say it’s the evolved version, it’s simply the newer version of the ‘H’ layout and also really effective. I don’t see too much difference between this and the ‘H’ layout overall so it comes more down to your personal preference what you want to use as long as you keep in mind that you need your defenses more upgraded to run the ‘J’ island more successfully than the ‘H’ island!

Defensive Structures Priority

A big part of your defense in Island War is your defensive structures – and you should upgrade them in the order of how effective they are:

  1. Cannons
  2. Air Arrows
  3. Archer Towers
  4. Bombs
  5. Mortar

Of course, it’s not the worst idea overall to invest extra in Builders to keep your upgrade times as low as possible – an upgrading defense is a defense not helping you at all!

island war defense priority

Traps (Bombs)

Bombs are really effective against troops without too much hitpoints, like Frost Archers, Nuns, Mace Warriors and more. Use them in compartments where melee troops of the attacker have to walk through to get the (literally) biggest bang for your buck!

island war defense use of traps like bombs

The Troops & Heroes

Some troops are working incredibly well on defense in Island War and I highly recommend you to check out my troop tier list here to find out which ones you should run. Frost Archers and Infernal Warlocks should be your defensive troops of choice.

Also, pick a hero for defense that is actually doing well in defending – you can find out more about the heroes in Island War here.

Train, Learn & Improve

A very important but also often neglected fact is that you should train attacks against your own island. I know players think it’s lackluster as you know where everything is, but this is not about getting better in attacking in Island War, it’s about learning how your defensive mechanics on your island work and it will primarily help you identify weak spots that other players can exploit.


I hope these tips here have been helpful for you and you’ve been able to pick up one or two things to improve your island defensive performance – if you think I should add something or you have any further questions regarding Island War, don#t hesitate and comment below and I’ll be happy to reply.

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