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the best heroes in island war the best heroes in island war

The Best Heroes in Island War – with New Heroes 2023

The best army is worthless without a good leader – in terms of Island War without a good hero. And as heroes performance can carry a lot and you have to invest a lot of tomes and potions into a hero, i think you might find it helpful to see what heroes are worth the hustle in Island War and which ones are not.

Also, a really important guide is also my ranked list for all the troops in Island War that I constantly update as well – make sure to check it out here.

Island War Hero Tier List

Alright, let’s jump right into the tier list…


Modgud is my favorite with his ability to resurrect died troops as skeleton warriors which makes every fight against a huge struggle and if you can even distract the enemy a bit so the skeletons can build up, he can snowball through pretty much everything..
Skills:Dark Fire: Modgud shoots a fireball at a certain area
Dead Guard: unleashes a soul flame and deals great damage to surrounding opponents.
Summon Undead: brings dead soldiers back to life.
Ymir is very powerful by not just dealing his damage, he will also freeze the enemies in their position and interrupt, it will also reduce their attack speed and also buffs allies defense so your march get pretty durable with him. Combine him in the front row with any troop that ha a lot of HP and you have a real meat-shield going on..
Skills:Frost Armor: increases the defense of a friendly group by a percentage for several seconds.
Regrettable Heavy Strike: causes damage and freezes the opponents for several seconds.
Frost Aura: reduces the attack speed of nearby enemy units by a percentage.
Hodur deals lasting damage to an area and is really effective to deal with many enemies at the same time due to his overall skill kit, on offense and defense as well. Actually one of the most reliable hero to use on island defense.
Skills:Shadow Volley: hits eight opponent groups in range.
Mistletoe: opponents who are in his range take damage over three seconds.
Dark Raven: he summons a crow causing damage to the enemy
Odin is a hero that has a lot of damage rolling going on, making him right off the bat to one of the strongest heroes in Island War..
Skills:Avatar: While the skill is active, the hero's attack and defense power are increased.
Purge: Upon hit, it increases the damage enemies take by 25% and then re-damages them.
Green is a hero you will like. He's easy to get, can heal the team and himself and taunt to keep enemies attacking him; and with his self-healing, he can sustain very well. You will need solid troops along with him to make up for him not dealing much damage himself, but he will make your setup pretty durable..
Skills:Photosynthesis: Green can restore his health and heal himself
Power: When green attacks, there is an option to heal nearby teammates.
Mocking Tree: taunts the enemy and increases his own defense by a percentage for a duration of time.
Freyr is good in Infinite Trial and against bosses as his 3rd skill will increase the attack power on a percentage base, which scales really well. Also, his charge-stun is really powerful when used in the right moment so time it well when you see he faces into the direction you want him to charge when you execute his active skill..
Skills:Pig Attack: his swine charge will charge at the enemy and stun them for a few seconds.
Savage Assault: Freyr orders his wild boar to attack and stun enemies.
Horn Valor: increases the attack power of allies by a percentage.
Siren is a great healer with special abilities. So, her ally healing ticks very precise and her enemy defense debuff is based on percentage which makes her scale very well (especially against bosses). Plus added troops speed. Enough, she's just fine as a hero in Island War!.
Skills:Song of Healing: the hero heals allies for 3 seconds.
Voice of Nostalgia: increase the movement speed of allies in the area, which can be good because the troops are slow in island war.
Demoralizing Melody: will lower the target's defense level, which is usually helpful against bosses.
Athena is a great hero in Island War, too. Her active skill with the control abilities is working really effectively. The only reason she's ranked here at the end of the A Tier is the fact, sometimes her active skill sends her on a suicide mission when assaulting into a huge pack of enemies that will take her down. Also I miss some buffs or debuffs she should provide for allies....
Skills:Shield Bash: assaults an opponent directly and punches them back.
Return of the Goddess: Athena deals damage and stuns random opponent groups within range.
Has some rng in his kit that makes him do aweful things sometimes but overall a good hero in Island War and one you can make great use f in myn situations..
Tesla deals well with defending structures and can buff defense as well, making him a helpful hero in many sitautions. He's not superior in any more so shouldn't be that high priority but if you like his mechanics and you invest in him it's notthing you'l regret later..
Zeller can be pretty cool to use but requires you to time his backlash cooldown right. Especially at lower levels, you will learn fast that he lacks HP and diving right into the enemies without anything to back him up (like a raft of assassins) will often end bad for him..
Skills:Backlash: Zeller has the ability to teleport behind the opponent and attack him.
Poison: Every second, the Zeller attack the enemies and decreases the opponent's ATK by 20% more efficiently.
Evasion: rises your dodge chance by five seconds.
Harald is a make-or-break style hero that can be super powerful but als wrecking yourself as his skills won't make any difference between friendly and enemy troops. When he dashes into an area with the most enemy troops, he also wipes your troops there so he is powerful and strong but sometimes not very helpful..
He has stuns, pierecing shots and some damage over time. The control ability has just a chance to hit but still is effective but sometimes the timing is a little off..
Kidd can target multiple enemies with his gun shells, but where he really shines is on reducing the enemy defense by a percentage. The percentage reduction is a real good thing as it scales really well, especially against bulky enemies like bosses in Island War..
Skills:Weapon Support: The Kidd starts shooting and deals damage to six random opponent groups.
Corrosion Penetration: Every strike lowers the opponent's defense by a certain percentage for a short duration.
Alcohol: improves stamina for three seconds.
Headless Horseman is overall interesting, especially as melee hero that has the ability to instantly kill enemies when they fall below a certain percentage of health. Still, this is not too viable and you need to really tailor everything too much together to keep that kit rolling well - something you can get so much easier with other heroes in the higher tiers in Island War..
Skills:Hellfire: Headless Horseman hero unleashes hellfire and hurts the opponents.
Soul Sword: After killing several opponents, its attack power and range enhance.
Burning Death: instantly kills enemies below a certain percentage of health.
robin hood
Robin Hood
Robin Hood is, unfortunately (but one has to be it), the worst hero in Island War. Yes, his shards are easy to get in the early stages of the game and he can deal somewhat decent damage and damage over time. he's not bad in terms of there's something off with him, it's just that the other heroes in Island War are all better than him and you're probably better when you save your EXP Potions and Skill Tomes for them instead of investing them into him..
Skills:Focus: Attack speed is increased by a fixed percentage for 5 seconds.
Separation Arrow: The hero can shoot three arrows simultaneously at the enemy group.
Arrow: On a hit, the arrow bleeds and deals extra damage in three seconds.


I hope this list helps and, again, make sure to check out the troop tier list in Island War here – it goes hand-in-hand with this guide as no hero is good with bad troops and the best troops will not perform well without a good hero.

Anyway, if you have further questions or like to share something about Island War, feel free to use the comment section below and I’ll be happy to answer.

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