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Rise of Cultures Best Layouts (Stone Age to Egypt/China/Maya/Viking)

Why is your layout important in Rise of Cultures? Well, it is mandatory to set it up right so your cultural sites will provide you the most significant boost in Food, Gold & Good, but can also reduce the training time of your Barracks drastically.

The problem? Well, arranging all the structures in a way they will gain the biggest boost can be very time-consuming and, frankly, is not everybody’s affinity. So, instead of micro-optimizing your layout, I thought I will provide you some blueprints for all ages that you can easily copy and use for your village without spending too much time on details.

The Best Age Layouts By Age in Rise of Cultures

I have the setups ordered by the different ages we have in Rise of Cultures, so just scroll through and find the one that suits your needs

Stone Age

Starting with the first age in Rise of Cultures, the Stone Age, your options are not that fancy. You have some small Cultural Sites that you can use to boost nearby buildings. As you want to get the maximum boost for your residential sites you should place the Cultural Sites in between them in a row, like this:

rise of cultures best layouts stone age

Again, you want to get the maximum boost for as many as possible instead of spreading the boost more equally between all, so having the farms a little away with less boost is okay.

Bronze Age

After you leave the Stone Age behind quite quickly, the Bronze Age will offer you many new options, so you should adapt your village layout slightly.

rise of cultures best layouts bronze age

The best way is to form two rows of compact Cultural Sites and place your residential sites next to it. Then you can use the open spots there to place your farms next to it to also give them a good boost. This has proven as the best layout for me in Bronze Age.

Minoan Era

With all the new structures you get in the Minoan Era in Rise of Cultures, you want to start creating more “islands” with your cultural sites to provide a good boost for all of them as much as possible:

rise of cultures best layouts minoan era

Classic Greece

In Classical Greece you will get so many new options, primarily with the large cultural sites that give you a lot more flexibility in designing your layout. The best version that will give you the biggest boost, in my opinion, is by using the large and medius cultural sites in the corner for your residential sites, like this:

rise of cultures best layouts classical greece residential part

Then you can use your small cultural sites on all farms, production and barracks by using them in a middle-lane kind of setup that looks like this:

rise of cultures best layouts classical greece production and training part

This setup gets you the best boost on almost all structures and you can switch production structures with barracks, depending what boost you prefer with your playstyle in Rise of Cultures.

Roman Empire

The Roman Empire age is where the strategy shifts in Rise of Cultures and the earnings from residential areas is getting less and you will get a lot more from boosting production structures as well as barracks. So, instead of optimizing the layout according to the prior ages, you want to put more focus on those structures:

As you can see, the residential areas are now in the outer area and get more a peripheric boost while the larger cultural sites are used to boost the production and barracks in the left and center area of your layout.

Age of the Franks

Also in the Age of Franks, you keep up with the same strategy on boosting the residential area with one large cultural site and use the others to boost your production and barracks as well as possible:

Allied Cultures Layouts By Age in Rise of Cultures

Now let’s take a look at the allied cultures layouts to improve their performance.

Egypt Layout

To get the most out of the egypt layout, you want to create a “checkered” setup with the boosts in a row and alternate with production and residential structures, like this:

rise of cultures best layouts egypt



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