Best Defending Clan Castle Troops (Clan War & Village Defense)

best cc troops in clash of clans

Which troops are the best for defense in a Clan Castle? That’s a very common question and there are many different opinions. I will show you in this dedicated post which Troops work best in your Clan Castle for defending your base during Clan War and also for your Home Village.

In the first section of this guide, I will give you some info on how to build your defending Clan Castle setup and in the second part you find my favorite setups ranked by effectiveness.

Info! Updated with latest Balance Update (May 2022) + how the meta changed in the previous weeks. Most Town Halls got some changes in the defending cc troops recently so my list below reflects them now.

Best Clan Castle Troop In Clash of Clans (Ranking)

Here are some setups that have worked really well and I update them with every balancing update.

TH LVL CC Setup War CWL Home Base Comment
14 x1 x1 x9 S ⬆︎S+ Currently the strongest setup you can run in your Home Village. The additional Archers help to swarm as attackers are less likely running specific spells against cc setups.
14 x1 x2 x3 ⬆︎S+ S The war version of the cc setup with an additional Head Hunter works more reliable in war and is harder to deal with as attackers expect/knows the setup. Still the bread-and-butter setup here.
14 x1 x1 A S This setup is becoming more and more meta for Legend League with the freezing effect paired with the Hound working really well. Helps mixing up the roaster. Less frequently used in the past weeks as easier to handle when the attacker knows about it.
14 x2 x1 x5 *Not viable anymore* Leave it in the list if someone searches it up but wouldn’t recommend running right now!
14 x3 x9 S A Coming in more frequently recently and can be a effective “switch” setup to losen up the structure of your war roaster.
14 x2 x2 x3 ⬇︎B S Super Minions are easier to deal with when you know that they are coming, so wouldn’t recommend them in war. Still one of the best options for home base
14 x3 ⬇︎B A Very handy combination because it’s not that expected and can catch the attacker on the wrong foot. But not that great for war.
town hall 14 base layouts

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13 x2 x2 x3 ⬆︎S+ S+ With the recent balancing changes, this setup is killing it for war and makes it also great for your Home Village.
13 x3 x1 x3 A+ S+ Works more and more at the Home Village, and a setup that you see more and more frequently as the additional Super Minion is harder to deal with
13 x1 x1 x9 S ⬇︎S Currently the strongest setup you can run. This is the Home Village variation with 1 Head Hunter less and more Archers
13 x1 x2 x3 ⬆︎S+ S The version of the the above cc setup for wars and CWL with one more Head Hunter and Goblins as they are faster.
13 x1 x1 x3 A+ A+ Rather a new setup that you see happening more and more. Surprising the attacker here and there but is a little rng depending how the Witch is dealt with and how luck plays into it.
13 x1 x1 B A Yes, a very classical and hitpoint-heavy setup. Works, but I’d only recommend it if you have problems getting the troops above donated into your cc.
best town hall 13 base layouts for clash of clans

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12 x2 x1 x2 ⬆︎S+ S+ For me the best combination to use right now with a lot of trouble for the attacker. The hound keeps troops busy and can really mess with the Queen while the Archers distract on top of that. Optionally use a Head Hunter to put more pressure on the attacking heroes. Becoming more and more the go-to setup in war recently
12 x1 x1 x4 ⬇︎S S+ Super Minions still dominate TH12, especially in war as countering is not that easy and lacking the 5 housing space compared to TH13 makes them still your best option.
12 x1 x1 x8 A S+ This cc setup is catching up recently with the regular Dragon offering more tanking than the Baby Dragon.
12 x1 x2 x6 B S Oldie but goldie… Attacker has to deal withHound while Head Hunter go after heroes. Archers & Goblins will create chaos and distraction.
best town hall 12 base layouts

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x1 x2 x1 A S+ For me the most versatile home village cc setup for defending. You have the Baby Dragon that will get enraged and deal good damage while the Witch summons her Skeletons and the additional Archers will create more mess. Especially hard to deal with without Poison Spell.



x1 x5 ⬆︎S+ A Not used for quite some time, this setup is back in the meta and the most reliable thing you can run in wars right now.



x1 x1 x3 A S A setup that you see providing good backup for your Home Village more and more. The big Dragon is a little more reliable compared to the baby Dragon and the Witch can produce the same effectivity with the big Dragon compared the baby Dragon with 2 Witches setup.
best town hall 11 base layouts

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best town hall 10 base layouts

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9 x1 x1 x8 S S My personal favorite with the baby Dragon dealing nice damage and the Witch summoning a ton of skeletons when the timing is right. Messy to deal with.
9 x1 x10 A A A classic that works like a charm with the Dragon that will be the focus but the additional Archers can create trouble as well with a lot of distraction. No attacker likes to see those troops coming out of the Clan Castle. Can also be used with a Baby Dragon and more Archers
9 x1 A A This setup isn’t the most creative one out there but it’s effective and dealing with a Lava Hound is something no attacker likes. It slows down the attack, the pups are annoying and can mess up an attack for sure
9 x1 x3 A A Without a Poison Spell the attacker is doomed here. Would rank it higher but you need to have access to Head Hunters… The skeletons are super annoying and the Head Hunter will pressure the heroes effectively. If you can use it, use it.
best town hall 9 base layouts

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8 x1 x1 x1 x2 S+ A The Baby Dragon deals a lot of damage (and can even ruin a Hog Rider attack) and the Valkyrie is also nasty to deal with and cause a lot of trouble and damage to attacking troops. Not that effective in Home Village because you don’t see something like mass Hogs frequently there.
8 x1 x1 x3 S A Does cause a lot of trouble and is one of my favorite combinations for TH8, especially against ground attacks with Hog Riders in Clan War. Also easier to counter in Home Village.
8 x1 x1 x1 A S This will deal a lot of area damage and maybe someone thought to bring Balloons or Hog Riders. In this case, you just saved your Clan some Stars.
8 x4 x1 x1 A B The Balloons work like a charm unless someone is attacking with Dragons. You should only use this combo when your base is strong against Dragons (have your Air Defenses deep inside the core, etc.).
8 x2 x3 A B The Witch will hold the attacking Troops with all the Skeletons while the Wizards deal a lot of damage. The nice thing is they all have range damage so they can hide behind Walls.
best town hall 8 base layouts

Looking for a solid base design that work well with these cc setups? Check out the latest Town Hall 8 bases here.

Difference Of Clan Castle Troops in Clan War VS. Home Village

You might be thinking why a dedicated post for defending Troops in Clan War is necessary.
There are some circumstances in Clan War that require variations in order to have the best Troops in the War Castle:

  1. Lack of surprise – your enemy will know after 2-3 replays what’s inside your Clan Castle without having to make a first attack
  2. Your enemy is better prepared for the attack in general (we don’t want that!)

The taste of surprise in Clan War

I personally see a huge difference – and also disadvantage – in Clan War. Your enemy knows what’s coming out of the Clan Castle because he only has to watch replays of the base being attacked by his other clanmates.

My advice is to avoid filling all Clan Castles with more or less the same setup. Bring in some surprises by filling the War Castles with different combinations of Troops you find below.

Imagine an attacker hitting base #10 and has just seen that base #9 had Wizards in the Clan Castle, but you have put a Dragon in #10. I think you get my point, right?

With all the troops available, there are endless possibilities to combine them, but the right approach is always combining them right against the setup your base will have to defend.

A good defensive CC setup will always consist of:

  • A base troop (with much housing space)
  • Variety troops (to make it hard to counter one troop kind)
  • Fill troops (to use all the housing space in your Clan Castle available)

Here are the ground rules you should always keep in mind when requesting troops:

NEVER only have one single kind of troops in your Clan Castle! This will make it a lot easier to take them out, especially when the attacker is prepared.

Prevent having many low-hitpoint troops like Archers, Minions etc. – most attackers carry a Poison Spell and wipe them out easily. They are a great support and fill troop, but no more.

It’s not all about the damage! Golems & Lava Hounds deal no damage but keep a Queen busy or deal additional damage when getting destroyed.

Mix air & ground to make it harder for the attacker to deal with your defending troops 🙂

Best Troops To Choose

Now I want to show you the useful troops that you can use for the three categories I showed above.

Base Troop

Good base troops are

  • Golem
  • Lava Hound
  • Dragon
  • Electric Dragon!

because they are not really affected by a Poison Spell and the Pups confuse the Queen during a Queen Charge and the Golem deals the same damage as a Giant Bomb when it gets destroyed. Time is always a big enemy of your attacker and they will keep his troops busy for some time 🙂

I don’t recommend using Giants (they will suffer more damage from a Poison Spell & any splash damage) or PEKKA (the hit speed is so slow, she gets killed before dealing damage 3 times)

Electro Dragons are a great defending troop, as it can charge its strong lightning attack until attacking troops will target it – and the damage can take away a lot of hitpoints, even from a maxed Hero! Even after dying, the death lightning will deal great damage to the attacking troops 🙂

Variety Troop

The best options here are troops that deal ranged damage. I prefer

  • Witches (because the Skeletons keep attacking troops busy)
  • Bowlers as they also can hit troops behind tanks

You can take multiple of them in your CC with great results.

Here are troops that you should only have one single of inside your CC:

  • Baby Dragon with the splash damage and raged when no other air troop is in the CC
  • Valkyrie because when she hits it deals amazing damage
  • Balloon (so slow and predictable that a group of them always goes down in Poison Spell)
  • Wizard

Miners or Hog Rider are no good choice in your Clan Castle from my experience.

Filling Troops

Now you probably have some housing space left that you should fill, I recommend using:

  • Minions (if you do NOT have a Baby Dragon to not remove the raged bonus)
  • Archers

Barbarians are too slow and die off too fast and Goblins are so fast they will reach the target first and get killed without dealing any damage at all.

Wrapping it up

You see there are different combinations to use and mixing them up will really help you. You will save yourself some Stars and make your attacker use more troops than originally planned.


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  1. Hi Tim!

    In your TH14 combo of Super Minions x2, Head Hunters x2 and Archers x3 there are 6 slots left to make 45. Do you suggest adding another Head Hunter, or removing one Head Hunter to fit a third Super Minion, to fill the CC?

    Regards Roffe

  2. In a war right now, strongest in my guild so I donated all the troops. Their is a high variety between all the ones you’ve recommended so I’ll see how they do and adjust them accordingly if I think they could use an improvement. Thank you though, for the longest time I kinda just donated dragons and archers/wizards

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