clash of clans best cc defensive troops guide

Best Defending Clan Castle Troops (Clan War & Village Defense)

The Clan Castle is one of the most powerful defending part in Clash of Clans and here you will see a lot of recommendations how to make the strongest out of defending Clan Castle troops.

Which troops are the best for defense in a Clan Castle? That’s a very common question and there are many different opinions. I will show you in this dedicated post which Troops work best in your Clan Castle for defending your base during Clan War and also for your Home Village.

In the first section of this guide I will give you some info how to build your defending Clan Castle setup and in the second part you find my favorite setups ranked by effectivity.

Difference Of Clan Castle Troops in Clan War VS. Home Village

You might be thinking why a dedicated post for defending Troops in Clan War is necessary.

There are some circumstances in Clan War that require variations in order to have the best Troops in the War Castle:

  1. Lack of surprise – your enemy will know after 2-3 replays what’s inside your Clan Castle without having to make a first attack
  2. Your enemy is better prepared for the attack in general (we don’t want that!)

The taste of surprise in Clan War

I personally see a huge difference – and also disadvantage – in Clan War. Your enemy knows what’s coming out of the Clan Castle because he only has to watch replays of the base being attacked by his other clanmates.

Clan War Base Clan Castle scouting

My advice is to avoid filling all Clan Castles with more or less the same setup.  Bring in some surprises by filling the War Castles with different combinations of Troops you find below.

Imagine an attacker hitting base #10 and has just seen that base #9 had Wizards in the Clan Castle, but you have put a Dragon in #10. I think you get my point, right?

With all the troops available, there are endless possibilities to combine them, but the right approach is always combining them right against the setup your base will have to defend.

A good defensive CC setup will always consist of:

  • A base troop (with much housing space)
  • Variety troops (to make it hard to counter one troop kind)
  • Fill troops (to use all the housing space in your Clan Castle available)

Here are the ground rules you should always keep in mind when requesting troops:

NEVER only have one single kind of troops in your Clan Castle! This will make it a lot easier to take them out, especially when the attacker is prepared.

Prevent having many low-hitpoint troops like Archers, Minions etc. – most attackers carry a Poison Spell and wipe them out easily. They are a great support and fill troop, but no more.

It’s not all about the damage! Golems & Lava Hounds deal no damage but keep a Queen busy or deal additional damage when getting destroyed.

Mix air & ground to make it harder for the attacker to deal with your defending troops 🙂

Best Troops To Choose

Now I want to show you the useful troops that you can use for the three categories I showed above.

Base Troop

Good base troops are

  • Golem
  • Lava Hound
  • Dragon
  • Electric Dragon!

because they are not really affected by a Poison Spell and the Pups confuse the Queen during a Queen Charge and the Golem deals the same damage as a Giant Bomb when it gets destroyed. Time is always a big enemy of your attacker and they will keep his troops busy for some time 🙂

I don’t recommend using Giants (they will suffer more damage from a Poison Spell & any splash damage) or PEKKA (the hit speed is so slow, she gets killed before dealing damage 3 times)

defending electro dragon in cc

Electro Dragons are a great defending troop, as it can charge its strong lightning attack until attacking troops will target it – and the damage can take away a lot of hitpoints, even from a maxed Hero! Even after dying, the death lightning will deal great damage to the attacking troops 🙂

Variety Troop

The best options here are troops that deal ranged damage. I prefer

  • Witches (because the Skeletons keep attacking troops busy)
  • Bowlers as they also can hit troops behind tanks

You can take multiple of them in your CC with great results.

Here are troops that you should only have one single of inside your CC:

  • Baby Dragon with the splash damage and raged when no other air troop is in the CC
  • Valkyrie because when she hits it deals amazing damage
  • Balloon (so slow and predictable that a group of them always goes down in Poison Spell)
  • Wizard

Miners or Hog Rider are no good choice in your Clan Castle from my experience.

Filling Troops

Now you probably have some housing space left that you should fill, I recommend using:

  • Minions (if you do NOT have a Baby Dragon to not remove the raged bonus)
  • Archers

Barbarians are too slow and die off too fast and Goblins are so fast they will reach the target first and get killed without dealing any damage at all.

Best Clan Castle Troop In Clash of Clans (Ranking)

If you stick to the list above, you can combine the troops as you like and should get a deadly defending combo.

Still, I’d like to show you some setups now that you can choose from.

Town Hall 13 (45 Housing Space)

With that housing space capacity, you have plenty of options what you want to put in there so I could also alternate here in dozens of combinations. I decided to put my favorite ones but you can still alter them a little bit to fit your gusto.

Clan War / CWL Village
S+ S+
Without any doubt my favorite one because it messes so much with the attackers setup and there’s nothing he can do. The freeze is brutal and will either slow down the attack, eating time off the clock in war attacks (that’s the “best” case scenario for the attacker) or even mess up a Queen Charge completely or do some much bigger impact on the attack.
Also a really effective combination with the Ice Golem that can mess up an attacking plan effectively with the freeze and the Lava Hound that can hold the Queen for a while and the Lava Pups messing with troops as well. Still, this is the perfect outcome and normally you will not get the full benefit, especially when the attacker knows what’s coming.
Also an effective thing, especially when defending your Home Village as the Witches will spawn a ton of Skeletons and the Archers that come out first will force the attacker to use his Poison Spell (if he brought one) too early.

Town Hall 12 (40 Housing Space)

Here’s where keeping attacking troops busy is getting even more important because your defenses deal such massive damage that every second they are dealing damage will make your attacker suffer a lot more than a little extra DPS added.

Clan War / CWL Village
S+ S+
For me the best combination to use with the Ice Golems that will freeze, no matter how well the attacker is prepared – with some luck in timing can even mess up an attack. The Baby Dragon will deal nice damage as being raged all the time.
This is working great all-round with the Baby Dragon being raged and dealing a nice amount of damage while the Archers that come out first might incentivize the attacker to use his Poison Spell too early. The Witches can keep heroes and other troops busy with Skeletons for a nice amount of time.
Also a nice combination taking the annoying freeze of the Ice Golem in combination with the Skeletons from the Witches. In reality you can also see this busted quick if the attacker knows that you have Witches as well and air attacks will not be affected that much from this setup, but still a solid way to annoy the attacker.
A classic combo that is working if you catch the attacker off guard. With the Ice Golem available I wouldn’t use this anymore but if you don’t have the chance to get the Ice Golem donated into your CC you can still go with this setup here to slow down the Queen or mess with ground attacks.

Town Hall 10 & Town Hall 11 (35 Housing Space)

This is pretty much the same like we had with the Clan Castle Level 5. I still see people putting Lava Hounds in there – please stop because this is not holding attacking Troops back in any case. When someone is attacking a base with a maxed Clan Castle you can be sure there’s so much DPS involved that the Lava Hound is simply wasted. It’s better to use these combos:

Clan War / CWL Village
A great combination for two reasons – the Ice Golem will be really annoying for Queen Charges that normally need to pull the cc or kill squads when getting frozen for a really long time. The Dragon is great against attacking combinations that use the Bat Spell so a great balanced combination.
This one can be also messy to deal with but it’s not my favorite because Witches are too vulnerable to Poison Spells. Still, ground attacks will have to deal with it in a way where things can get chaotic and might make a mistake here.
It’s the former all-time classic and the Lava Hound will keep the Queen busy for quite some time and this is always worth using it here and there.
The Electro Dragon is a very might defensive unit that will harm attacking troops with the chain lightning plus the death lightning – still the others are more powerful if you ask me.

Town Hall 9 (30 Housing Space)

Here’s where the Archer Queen is starting to play a bigger role in your preparation when it comes to your defending Clan Castle troops.

When it comes to Clan War your job at Town Hall 9 is defending the first attack to not get 3-Stared here, this will cost the enemy clan an additional atttack and help you win.

Clan War / CWL Village
If you have access to get Ice Golems donated frequently, this is the best combination to use simply because the Ice Golem always causes trouble while the Baby Dragon as only air troops gets enraged a nice damage output. The Archers can mess as well or get the attacker to drop the Poison Spell early.
This one is a combination to counter witches with your cc troops but can be easily exploited and is weak against air attacks. Still a good combination to use to witch things up in your roaster or to catch the attacker off guard.
Sounds lame but still can cause trouble while messing with the Queen or forcing the attacker to loose some time on the clock, especially in war attacks. Not a big deal if the attacker knows what’s coming and plans with it in the war attack.
I’d only use this for variety because the Electro Dragon is powerful but slow and can be easily countered by the attacker before he can deal massive damage. In a 1-vs-1 situation, he is not that strong, except the attacker uses a full air attack with Loons and Hounds.

Town Hall 8 (25 Housing Space)

At Town Hall 8 (and also lower), you want to focus more on damage dealing troops in your Clan Castle for the simple reason that they deal more damage when looking at the stats of troops of the same Town Hall.

Also, tanking troops tend to work great against Queen Charges but at TH8 and lower there’s no Archer Queen involved so rather stick to the damage 🙂

Clan War / CWL Village
S+ A
The Baby Dragon deals a lot of damage (and can even ruin a Hog Rider attack) and the Valkyrie is also nasty to deal with and cause a lot of trouble and damage to attacking troops. Not that effective in Home Village because you don’t see something like mass Hogs frequently there.
Does cause a lot of trouble and is one of my favorite combinations for TH8, especially against ground attacks with Hog Riders in Clan War. Also easier to counter in Home Village.
This will deal a lot of area damage and maybe someone thought to bring Balloons or Hog Riders. In this case, you just saved your Clan some Stars.
The Balloons work like a charm unless someone is attacking with Dragons. You should only use this combo when your base is strong against Dragons (have your Air Defenses deep inside the core, etc.).
The Witch will hold the attacking Troops with all the Skeletons while the Wizards deal a lot of damage. The nice thing is they all have range damage so they can hide behind Walls.

defending clan war troops the

Wrapping it up

You see there are different combinations to use and mixing them up will really help you. You will save yourself some Stars and make your attacker use more troops than originally planned.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Without a doubt, our clan “who needs pants” has faired so much better in League War since instituting your suggested defending troops strategies. I think mixing up the setups is one of the most powerful and helpful hints. As clan members each started to learn the choices offered, they began to tailor their particular defense CC to what worked best for each of their individual villages. Never will you find two types of CC’s in a row with the same defensive troops in our wars. The hardest part of getting buy-in from the clan, was convincing the stragglers that Electro Dragons are, generally, of no use in 40 space CC’s, or at least, that there were far superior options. Thank you for sharing your efforts and philosophies.

  2. after the current update, will 2 dragons still be a solid def for Th12? I was wondering if there could be any other options. Most people use baby drag to fight against queen ability. Is 1 baby drag, 2 witches and loon or wiz still viable? Thank you in advance.

    • Rather take some more “annoying” setups like Witches, Ice Golem and fill them with other troops – make it less predictable for the attacker what the troops will actually do 🙂

  3. Newbie, best how to guide on getting troops in clan castle and when they are just attackers, defenders in regular multiplayer attacks and defensive play or in clan wars.

    Losing track of when troops are available for attack or defense.

    • Your normal procedure should be for multiplayer:
      (Start With empty CC)
      – Request troops to support your attack
      – attack
      – request defensive troop setup when shield will run out before your next attack will be / otherwise don’t do anything
      — offline time—
      – start over again

      Those for clan wars are requested separately and both setup you can follow the above guide

    • There have been some problems with them, but I will update now TH11, TH9+8 and after that I will also rework the lower Town Halls in the same way including base copy links 🙂
      I would have done it earlier but it’s pretty time-consuming and I simply wasn’t able to do them so far 🙁

      • I appreciate the hard work i come here more than any other clash site. Your stuff is so in depth it makes it easier for me to teach all my clan mates new tips and how to set up their bases, war attacks etc. Keep up the good work it doesn’t go unnoticed. ????????????????

  4. Hey Timmy! I believe there is an error! In the best troops for 30 housing space, you put 4 Valkyries and 3 Wizards, which is way past 30. I’m wondering what this troop loadout was supposed to be.

  5. Just to be clear. E-Drag isn’t a good defensive cc due to it being slowed down when under a poison. IMO the best defensive cc at th9 will be the Hound/Golem since they can tank while the defenses shoot at it.

      • However, I can easily be taken down by a ks when they sent in the queen and king with the ks. I’ve seen it countless times and the base doesn’t defend with a E-Drag regardless if its tanky. It’s not good for a defensive cc. Take a damage or Tank CC that isn’t an E-Drag (Like golem/ golem loon or hound/ lalo)

  6. Uhh Timmy, for the first tip of the 40 housing spaces, you wrote “1 Electro Dragon, 1 Wizard, 1 Archer (my choice)”. That totals 35. I think you should edit that.

  7. For 40 Space what about 2 Max Drags? I’m thinking the combined defensive firepower would even exceed that of a single Max Electro and whatever else you put in there. Thoughts?

    • I’ve been trying 2 drags in multiplayer and haven’t gotten a defense yet. But I do have a few defenses upgrading. I think I got a few 2 stars and a couple of 1 stars. (5700 cup range) Can’t check cause i’m in the clouds. lol.

  8. Hi Timmy! Is there any suggestion for 40 Housing Space? I am also considering using electro dragon for 35-40 HS, e.g. 1 electro dragon + 1 valk + 1 minion (40), 1 electro dragon + 1 balloon. Are they good combo?


      • I have just checked it! Love your advice1 😀

        By the way, I find one typo under the 40 space cc.

        1 Electro Dragon, 1 Wizard, 1 Archer (my choice): The Electro Dragon is, as described above, a very might defensive unit that will harm attacking troops with the chain lightning plus the death lightning

        It’s only 35 space. Should I fill the rest with archers? Thanksssssssssssss

  9. Hi Timmy, I have a question. Actually if the top war player doesn’t have Baby Dragon and Witches. I am meaning to say that if it’s TH8. Then what should he donate from 10 to 25 capacity space. Please I hope you can answer this.

    • I will rework this guide very soon (added cc level and e-drags). To your question… you should really get Baby Dragons into your CC as they are most efficently – alternatively use a regular dragon for the 20-25 space CCs, the lowers should go with arch/wiz/loons

  10. For 35 storage, our clan almost always puts 1 of each … baby dragon, witch, valk, wizard, & archer. I love the combo and am surprised not to see it listed.

  11. #hi C⚫C lovers!!!!
    ????New clan for all war loving attackers!
    ????Any max guys can join???? No matter what the townhall level is!
    ⚫Respect each other
    ????Clan level 6
    ⚫Max troop donation guarranted✔
    ????No Hoppers please????
    ⚫War and farming support✅
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    Gladiators please welcome
    (If you wish you can join our WhatsApp group for more assistance)

  12. 25 Housing Space CC Troops::

    1) Witch +Valk + Loon:
    Although the attack can kill your Witch and her Skeletons easily by using the Poison Spell but If he lures these Clan troops to the corner, he will have a hard time because of the difference in moving speed of these troops. It will be pretty hard for inexperienced attackers to group this combination and use the Poison Spell.

    2) Loon +Giant +Valk + Hog +Minion:
    In this Clan troop composition, only Minion will be killed by the Poison Spell. Because of the movement speed, Valkyrie and Hog will go to the corner at first and the attackers will need to spend a decent number of troops to deal with them. Giant is faster than Balloon, he can soaks a decent amount of damage so Balloon will have enough time to drop 1-2 bombs. This composition works pretty well against ground attacks but it obviously does nothing against air attacks.

    3) Healer + 2Wiz +3Arch:
    I am sure that most players don’t care about Healer’s HP and think she can be taken down by a Poison Spell. In fact, as I have mentioned above, a Poison spell can’t kill her and she even heals much faster can a level 4 Poison Spell’s hit. Other troops can definitely survive.
    Once the Wizards and Archers die, the Healer will move and start healing your Barbarian King, it will be a bit harder to kill your King.

  13. I have seen level 16+ war clans run this set up for anti queen walk ccs.

    1 witch, 1 baby, 13 gobs.
    Gobs deal almost as much damage as wizards and are fast so prompt the attacker to use an early posion at risk of losing queen to defenses+gobs and usually having to pop ability for an unsuspecting attacker. This gives time for the slow baby drag and witch to get to queen and let the poison run out. We’ve had max qws fail to take down baby and witch with using ability rage and poison on cc. If your base is weak to a heavy qw this is a great cc.

  14. My old clan that my mini account is in, I created some pretty good cc War fills. Some are actually on your list, but for 25 space do you think 1 baby d, 1 witch and 2 archers works because it doesn’t have many troops but a witch can cause many problems to ground attacks IMO.

    Hehe I’m in Alia’s clash of clans clan even though he doesn’t even play.

  15. What should be in your CC for TH8 if you are being attacked by TH9 in War just to make them sweat!???? As they can clear us easily… All Clash waiting for your reply????

  16. We have been against war match ups lately that have had very lopsided bases. Level TH10/11s down low on the roster. Giving warcc housing a huge amount of troops for the small based opps to deal with. (not to mention, warden and heroes!) Most cases what seemed an endless run of archers…and very difficult to pull them all out at once with one lure. So the gift keeps on giving till all offensive troops are killed, leaving nothing to finish off the attack and /or no time. Also there are so many buildings that they can obscure the cc well enough not to be able to lure at all in most cases. So, had to waste higher level attacks to eventually wipe them. However, it was a very effective strategy.

    • This sounds like a nasty setup to deal with, but I won’t add 35 archers as normally every th11 that faces 35 archers will deal with it easily
      For lower Town Halls it’s indeed a bad situation

  17. for th11 I find that 5 minions, 1 balloon, and a dragon works well because most the time the only troop they have that can kill air is the queen, sometimes witches, and if they mess up the air troops will wreck their giants and bowlers.

    I never put bowlers in or see them coming out of enemy cc. Bowlers need mass numbers and rage to do any damage, otherwise they’re just too slow and weak with only a couple in there and without rage. There are better options IMO.

    For all th levels and cc size I agree that it’s good to put 4-5 archers, or a few minions, or both, in first so the bigger stuff comes out last and is much harder to lure with hogs or balloons. Watch your clan’s replays a lot and try to keep track of which bases are getting attacked by which types of attacks most often and try to plan your cc troops accordingly. And like you said, having each cc with different troops is crucial. The enemy should never know what to expect. Here’s some of the combos I like to use for our casual clan 15 person war with bases ranging from th11-th6:

    for 35 space – 5 arch, 1 valk, 1 witch (or 3 wiz), 1 bb drag
    – 5 arch, 2 wiz, 1 witch, 1 bb drag
    – 5 minion, 1 bloon, 1 dragon

    for 30 space – 4 arch, 1 wiz, 1 witch, 1 bb drag
    – 4 arch, 5 minion, 2 valk
    – 4 arch, 8 minion, 2 bloons
    – 4 arch, 3 minion, 1 dragon
    – 4 arch, 2 wiz, 1 valk, 1 bb drag (or 2 bloons)
    – 4 arch, 2 valk, 1 bb drag (or 2 bloons)

    for 25 space – 3 arch, 1 witch(or 3 wiz), 1 bb drag
    – 5 arch, 1 dragon
    – 3 arch, 1 valk, 1 wiz, 1 bb drag

    for 20 space – 2 arch, 1 valk (or 2 wiz), 1 bb drag
    – 1 valk, 1 witch
    – 4 arch, 1 wiz, 1 witch

    for 15 space – 1 arch, 3 minion, 1 valk
    – 5 arch, 1 bb drag

  18. For 35 space I use 1 baby drag, 2 witches, and 1 archer. That combo has been working great, curious as to why it wasn’t on your list?

  19. For th8 that is 25 housing space i like to use 2 balloons 1 valk 1 wizard rest archer/minions.The reason is that if they do ground attack and balloon gets a hit it will be deadly.

    Most players are poor user of poison at this level if they use it at all.Many times it has happened they used it on valk/arch or faster troops than cc.And if they do attacks with 4 eq spell (not uncommon at th8)then they have no scope of poison the balloon with destroy golems(tank).

  20. Hai.. I have 35 housing space cc. What about 3 baby dragons and balloon in cc? You said baby dragon is monster so how about 3 monsters?

  21. This is pretty good, but for the cc with 30 troop spaces, wouldnt witch, baby d, bowler, 2 archers also work? It seems better than the things you put, as it hasnt let my opponents 3 star me in the past few wars.

  22. Tim, your advice for CC 11 (35) … you only put 1Lavahound (30) in … and also you bowler ideas seem to be based on 30 instead of 35 :))

  23. Still no 10 housing space comment? :c

    “I still see people putting Lava Hounds in there – please stop because this is not holding attacking Troops back in any case. When someone is attacking a base with a maxed Clan Castle you can be sure there’s so much DPS involved that the Lava Hound is simply wasted. It’s better to use these combos: […] 1 Lava Hound: Also slows down the attacker and the Lava Pups will keep them also busy for quite some time”

    All in all a nice and helpful guide, but am I now supposed to take a lava hound or not? :p

  24. i wouldn’t put valks in th 8 because they normally get attacked by air. so valks are useless. but th 9 and up bdrag valk wiz is all i use

  25. Golem + wizard + archer is useless . Wizards are faster than golems … So they’re gonna move first , get killed and then comes the golem , who hardly does any damage …

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