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The Best Hero Abilities (Equipment) for each Hero in Clash of Clans – with Frozen Arrow

Now that we can customize our heroes in Clash of Clans with different abilities and also taking into account how long it takes and how expensive it is to upgrade and max them out, I think it’s important to see which abilities perform really good and which ones are more niche usage or even counter-productive.

Some abilities that have been on the heroes for many years are actually not that great and can be swapped out easily for a way better performance when attacking so I decided to write this (ongoing) overview of their abilities and how strong I see them here.

What Are The Best Ability Equipment(s) in Clash of Clans?

Yes, yes, yes… you can always reply with ‘it depends’ but some equipment gives abilities to your heroes that are universally strong and I refuse that there is much discussion about it and for me the priority is quite clear – I appreciate Supercell for not making us level up all of them and then heavily swapping out equipment for each attack individually unless it’s really neccessary.

So, for me below there is a clear priority for each hero but before we come to that, please some general advice that you should follow:

The 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. Rule

Every 3 levels there is a nice stat boost so always try to aim for those sweetspot levels when upgrading your equipment. Also, when starting to use or switch to a new equipment item, always get it at least to Level 9!

Rarity & The Future

So, there will be new equipment released frequently and first leaks already indicate new items for heroes and also that there will be a rarity above epic. What does that mean for you? I would advice you to hold on to your ore as much as possible and invest very conservatively right now – you don’t want to see a new huge equipment piece being released and then you are stuck with the basic ones as you spent almost all your ore on them…

VERY IMPORTANT! Some abilities work well if your base has a weakness against it, so please make sure you’re using a base that is designed to take the new abilities into account! I just updated all bases and you can find them here: TH16 here, TH15 here, TH14 here, TH13 here, TH12 here, TH11 here, TH10 here and TH9 here.


  • Barbarian King

  • Giant GauntletS
    New boss in the ring, simply too good with the health reduction and the area damage almost always provides value so this is the equipment you really want to have.Description: The Giant Gauntlet makes the Barbarian King gigantic when he uses his ability. While gigantic, the Barbarian King does area damage and takes less damage.
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  • VampstacheA+
    Heals himself passively with every attack, translating into up to a lot of passive healing that makes him so much harder to get killed and easily the best Barbarian King ability in Clash of Clans right now.Description: Every time the Barbarian King attacks, he heals himself
  • Barbarian PuppetB
    The og ability of the Barbarian King that he got since his release 10 years ago, summoning a pack of Barbarians, heal himself and rage through enemy lines. Still good and useful and great against strong single-target defenses or paired with the Grand Warden but the newer abilities are just taking over here.Description: Summons a pack of raged Barbarians
  • Earthquake BootsB
    Breaking through walls can be annoying with the Barbarian King but I feel like healing and raging him is so much better as this skill requires precise timing to really work well.Description: Causes a powerful earthquake which destroys walls and damages buildings
  • Rage VialB
    Some healing and rage up but here is the deal with it... if you do remember before we had multiple abilities, the rage effect was insane but a lot came from the summoned Barbarians and without, the DPS is not that crazy anymore. It's not bad, no, but also not too incredibleDescription: Casts Rage on the Barbarian King
  • Archer Queen

  • Frozen ArrowS+
    Looking at the versatility that Queen Charges have and the way the timing works with Frozen Arrow, it's the strongest individual ability for the Archer Queen to work against defensesn like Scattershot, Inferno Towers or the Monolith. Super universal and absolutely worth getting and leveling up.Description: The Frozen Arrow gives the Archer Queen the ability to slow down the targets she hits for a brief period of time.
  • Invisibility VialS
    Just crazy strong when you can hide her whenever you're doing a Queen Charge and the stuation gets messy. A have-to equipment on the Archer Queen in Clash of Clans now.Description: Turns the Queen invisible and gives her stronger attacks
  • Healer PuppetA
    Really good healing that stacks with herself and the additional helers if something went wrong with the ones you brought or even use it and save yourself the housing space of the healers for Queen Charge. Many possibilities with it and also a very strong oneDescription: Summons a flock of Healers
  • Giant ArrowB+
    More situational. Against the right bases this can havoc key defenses if they are reachable - but, and this is a big one, if the base is designed solid (like the bases I have here on AllClash), this is not possible so the value of this equipment falls off compared to Healer Puppet and Invisibility Vial heavilyDescription: Shoots a giant piercing arrow that crosses the entire village
  • Archer PuppetB
    Her og ability summonig archers. It's technically not bad espcially earlier but in the top Town Hall levels you have one big relief to not summon the archers and that is that the queen can still take damage from splash damage so even if she is invisible, she can still suffer splash damage triggered by the summoned archersDescription: Summons a gang of Archers
  • Grand Warden

  • Eternal TomeS+
    Easily the strongest of all since you can use it to get your troops through a rough part of the base without worrying at all, including the traps. Very versatile with pretty much all attacking strategies.Description: Grand Warden and all nearby friendly units become immune to damage
  • Healing TomeA
    Solid to keep alive, especially when you combine it with the invicibility from the Eternal Tome...Description: Heals the Grand Warden and all nearby friendly units
  • Rage GemB
    Good to boost but honestly I can also do that with rage and even traget and time that more easily... It's not bad but the other ones above are just so much betterDescription: Nearby friendly units do extra damage
  • Life GemC
    I really don't see much of the point here, as long as I can hel why do I want them with more hitpoints?Description: Nearby friendly units gain extra hitpoints
  • Royal Champion

  • Royal Gem-
    There are only two abilities for Royal Champion at this point so there is no reason to rank themDescription: Heals the Royal Champion by an extra large amount
  • Seeking Shield-
    There are only two abilities for Royal Champion at this point so there is no reason to rank themDescription: Throws her shield which bounces between defenses, dealing damage


Of course this might change over time when the meta of Town Hall 16 gets clearer but I will update this with new equipment that we very likely going to get in the future and the way meta attacking strategies develop. If you disagree or want to say thanks or anything else, please post a comment below.

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