Upgrade Heroes correctly

upgrading heroes in clash of clans

Upgrading your Heroes becomes a vital thing once you reach the late game in Clash of Clans. You will quickly realize that Heroes will, on the one hand, make your army much stronger but on the other, you’ll also see how weak and vulnerable your village is without them, especially when they’re not available while being upgraded to a higher level.  In this post, I’m hoping to show you how to coordinate the Hero Upgrades most efficiently and although there is no way to upgrade and still use them, there are however definitely some things to keep in mind before and during their enhancement.

How to upgrade Heroes

There are lots of questions when it comes to upgrading your Heroes, one of the most important is whether to maintain the Barbarian Kings and Archer Queens level closer together or focus on upgrading one of them individually first. Here are my simple rules for that.

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Keep your Heroes Level close together

Why should you keep your ‘Heroes’ Level on par with each other? Well, there are several things that make doing this the better strategy:

  1. Always keep one Hero active, so there is at least either a gallant King or Queen available to participate in Clan Wars (quite enough unless you are in a hardcore War Clan)
  2. Your attacking and defending will not be too unbalanced as would be when one of them is far ahead in Level. Imagine your AQ is Level 30 and your BK Level 10 – when you upgrade your AQ, your BK is much lower that you won’t be able to do attacks on the same level as with your AQ active.
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Additionally, always bear in mind the significance of the ‘Level 5’ steps; each of your Heros will be enhanced either with the Barbarians Kings Iron Fist or the Archer Queens Royal Cloak boosting their potential damage a lot.

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You can see the steps the Heroes take above. When for example your Archer Queen is at let’s say Level 7, and your Barbarian King is Level 9, you should consider upgrading the Barbarian King first. Moving up to Level 10 he will obtain the stronger Iron Fist and therefore the bigger boost thus offsetting the alternative value of what the Archer Queen would get moving onto Level 8.

Keep Heroes Level Together

It’s always smart to keep your Heroes level closer together – if you have one higher level and one at a very low level, you won’t be able to do anything when the higher one is upgrading.


The Grand Warden

All we talked about in the prior chapters were the Archer Queen and the Barbarian King – but what about the Grand Warden?

Every one of us being at TH11 knows how vital the Grand Warden is.

Well, the Grand Warden is a little bit different in this context since he’s a supportive troop and his upgrades cost Elixir and not Dark Elixir.

I always like to upgrade him along with one of my other Heroes – my attacks aren’t that strong during that period anyway and staying away from Clan War is not that hard for me.


Replace Upgrading Heroes

The hardest point about upgrading Heroes is not the high costs, it’s the absence in your attacks. They are so powerful, especially Level 30+, that attacking is quite hard without them.

There are only 2 ways, depending on how you play the game:

  1. Clan War enthusiast: Upgrade all Heroes a quite the same time
  2. Everyone else: Upgrade one Hero at a time

The difference is Clan War. Those of you who love playing in Clan War and are in a War Clan want to reduce the downtime for the Heroes as much as possible. This is a pretty much a pain-and-gain situation, but if you’re that much into Clan War the only way.

To everyone else, don’t to this. It will take longer until you have your Heroes upgraded – but in return you’ll be able to still play the game at a decent level. I did upgrade my Heroes during the past year and always did upgrade the AQ for 5 Level and then the BK for 5 Level and managed to even push to Titan 1 League in the meantime with only 1 Hero available.

I will show you the strategy below.

Mythbuster! Before every update, there are tons of rumors that Supercell will let us use upgrading Heroes in Clan War, but they have been fake every single time.

In fact, gemming the Hero upgrade time because of Clan War is one of the biggest income streams for Supercell, so chances that they will allow us to use upgrading Heroes is less than 1%

Don’t wait with the Hero upgrades, every one has to do it at one point!

Farming the Dark Elixir!

Farming the Dark Elixir is not only a lot of work, but it is also hard because most of you will have some Hero upgrade running right now – so you’ll need:

  1. An attacking strategy that doesn’t cost a lot of Dark Elixir
  2. This attacking strategy need to get you at least 1 & 2 Star attacks with only 1 Hero available
  3. A base that protects Dark Elixir

I have two great attacking strategies for you:

If you’d like to also push some trophies, go with this one here:

I use it for months now.

If you’re not that much into trophies and go for hardcore farming attacks, I recommend using Goblin Knife:


And last but not least, here are some base layouts for you to use:


Upgrading your Heroes is the biggest challenge in Clash of Clans – this will take you so much, but with some structure and endurance, you’ll be able to do it. Don’t lose your goal and I’ll promise you after a couple of weeks you’ll get used to it.

Also make sure to check out my in-depth guides for each single Hero here:


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  1. i just have both upgrading non stop until there done. currently on my 2nd week of no hero attacks getting them both from 40-45 as a th11 in titan it aint as bad as i thought 9 drags 6 baby drags 4 lightning 1 rage 2 eq loons in cc and warden surprisingly still 2 starring most bases and if not im getting the dark storage and at least 1 star. it sucks not having heros but having none for 5 weeks is better then 1 for ten weeks imo

    • I did that at first, but I think alternating between both of them is a better option,, when you get into upgrades taking a week, 5 weeks without a queen to do back to back upgrades on her is brutal. At least alternating them,, you get her a week, lose her a week, I found on weeks I had her I could easily get a surplus in dark so that I had less to get with only king when she was down upgrading.

      Cheers 😆

      • Yeah but you get used to not having them and change raids accordingly extra Wiz’s/bowlers Queen substitute pekka/valks king substitute

    • I agree.. I just got to th10,,, my storages are overflowing by the time my builders are done, I got 4 builders steady on a week or two upgrades 😓😱😨, and 1 builder doing the new th10 buildings that are starting become longer upgrades now… never mind lab did vals first 14 days,, I’m already upto almost 160 000 dark and still have 6 days to go before I can start my bowlers in lab. Just spent 6 million on walls just so I could raid and get star bonus without capping out storages.

      Build times are absolutely outrageous.

      Cheers 😆 and merry Christmas everyone

  2. Having one hero alive all the time is stupid. If you are upgrading your queen, you should not war. Im town hall 11 with 40/40. im keeping both heroes down untill they are 45. Dont drag it out, get done with it. Farming dark elixir without heroes isnt hard either. I use 32 balloons and 40 minions, easy 2star everytime and i get over 4k dark elixir (including league bonus) every attack.

  3. Really? Keep one of them alive for clan wars? What stupidity is that to go to war with only 1 hero? Bad guide. War asf while both are alive, farm DE while one is sleeping.

    • if you’re in a serious war clan you need to sit out, that’s right.
      I can score a 2 Star with 1 Hero upgrading in 80% of the times as TH11, so why do I need to sit out?

  4. To be honest I don’t really get the point of having the heroes level close to one another. The way I do it is leveling one of them to the next +5 level and only then start the other one. I think one lvl15 and one lvl10 is more useful than two lvl14 heroes. I would never get into a situation as described above (aq7 and bk9). Most people do it like that but I just don’t get it!

    • When you have one at level 10 and the other one at 25 (just as an example), you are not able to do anything when your 25 Hero is upgrading.
      That’s the main reason

  5. when I first got my heroes I never used dark elixr just giant, healer, barb, arch, goblin, wiz and wb when they both got to level 20 I started using my dark troops and got to be a maxed th10 except walls with level 20 heroes then spent 20 weeks non stop using only elixr troops farming for strictly DE had no heroes for 20 weeks straight but finally got them maxed. was the happiest day of my clan career now im in titan 2 and still pushing

  6. I agree with trying to upgrade your heros together at the same time. Then you can opt out for less wars. Im trying to get heros higher lvl for shattered golaloon.

  7. Good article…what I found works best when at least one hero is down – use 2-4 max valks. Also as a th9 when raiding use 4 healers, 4 breakers, 8 barbs, 8 arrows, 12 giants, rest wizards. Spells – one jump, rage, 2 heal, one poison, and one haste in castle. I end up destroying maxed out th9’s everytime with massive loot. CLASH ON PEEPS 💪🏻

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