Ultimate Trophy Pushing Strategies

Trophy Pushing is one of the basic parts of the game, climbing the ladder, showing off how far you can get 🙂 Ok, I admit trophy pushing is sometimes frustrating and the higher end of the ladder is not always a sunny place, but I will show you in this guide here what it takes to push trophies, why you should push trophies (at least from time to time) and what attacking strategies will get you to the top.

What Trophy Pushing is all about

Let me start off by telling you that trophy pushing is something that every Clasher will do at one point in the game for some good reasons – for some they only go for trophy pushing, but trophy pushing indeed has some advantages that you don’t want to ignore.
League Bonus! The higher the league, the higher the League Bonus you will earn with every attack. This sounds simple, but just multiply your daily attacks with the extra resources and you will see that there’s a lot more you can earn.
trophy pushing to legend league
Extra Gems! Reaching Master League (1,000 Gems) & Champions League (2,000 Gems) will reward you with a ton of extra Gems, so pushing once to Champions League is mandatory as it will get you a 5th Builder or a ton of extra Gems.
Village Guard! In the higher Leagues, you will get a longer Village Guard – the Village Guard will protect your base from attacks while you can attack yourself without any deduction of the Guard. This means you can get in additional 2-3 attacks after your shield ran out and get a lot more trophies & loot every day. This Guard can be up to 4 hours!
more village guard in titan league
So you see, trophy pushing will also help you farming and make your life easier in Clash of Clans 🙂

Is Trophy Pushing only for TH11 end game Clashers?

Often times, trophy pushing is associated with end-game or TH11 gameplay, but as you have seen above the benefits are real for every player plus you will practice attacking all kind of setups and practice attacking for Clan Wars or just in general to become a more solid Clasher 🙂

How does Trophy Pushing work?

Trophy Pushing has two parts – one is attacking and not losing trophies in your attacks and the other one is defending.
While the next part of this guide will focus primarily on attacking, here you will find the bases needed for defending while trophy pushing:
[irp posts=”44239″ name=”Best TH7 Trophy Base Layouts”]
[irp posts=”44237″ name=”Best TH8 Trophy Base Layouts”]
[irp posts=”44199″ name=”Best TH9 Trophy Base Layouts”]
[irp posts=”44220″ name=”Best TH10 Trophy Base Layouts”]
[irp posts=”44241″ name=”Best TH11 Trophy Base Layouts”]
[irp posts=”44825″ name=”Best TH12 Trophy Base Layouts”]

Trophy Pushing Attacking Strategies

Now let’s talk about the attacking part of trophy pushing.
If you visit this website frequently, you know that I often post attacking guides here, but not every attacking composition is that useful for trophy pushing.
You want a strategy that is able to hit as many bases as possible so you can do your daily attacks without waiting in the clouds and nexting all the time until you find an “easy” base you can hit.
Also, you will need a strategy that works consistently enough that you don’t lose attacks, even if you make small mistakes.
Look at this here:
trophy pushing attacking strategies
You can see how one messed up attack can ruin you a lot of successful attacks!
That’s the reason why you need to be prepared and use a strategy that will prevent this happening.

Trophy Pushing vs Clan War Strategies

In Clan War, you have a lot of time scouting a base and even check out the exact radius of each defense, CC etc. plus you might even have info what’s in the Clan Castle or where traps are from a previous attack.
In return, war bases are specifically designed to not prevent a 1-Star, they want to prevent the 3-Star.
That’s the important difference as while trophy pushing you only have 30 seconds to prepare your attack and you won’t be able to tailor an army for the attack but use the one you have brought.
Also, the execution is different as many war bases have an offset Town Hall that you can easily get but an extremely tough core area.
The attacking strategies that work in clan war are quite similar to their trophy pushing counterparts, but the execution is different.
While war bases are different a lot of times, you will run into similar base setups in trophy pushing all the time.

Trophy Pusher Attacking Strategies

Now let’s take a look at the different strategies I have been putting together for you:

  • GoWiVa (TH8 – TH9)
  • BoValks (TH9 – TH11)
  • DragLoon (TH7 – TH11)
  • B*Witch with Miners (TH10 – TH11)

I know there are multiple more strategies, but those are the major ones that I think will set you up right now 🙂

GoWiVa (TH8 – TH9) Golem, Wizards & Valkyries

The general idea of this strategy is that you will use your Golems along with your Wizards to clean one side of the base to build your funnel. Then you open up the core area with the Earthquake Spells & send in your raged Valkyries to slice through the core like a hot knife through a piece of butter while the rest of your troops will gain you more percentage.
Troop Composition:

  • 2 Golems
  • 12 Wizards
  • 1 PEKKA (helps cleaning)
  • Fill with Valkyries (should be 8+)
  • 1-2 Rage Spell
  • 1 Heal Spell
  • 4 Earthquake Spells

When scouting bases, you always want to look out for bases that you can easily open up with your Earthquake Spells, like that:
trophy pushing with golem wizards valkyries
I can also recommend you to read my guide on the Earthquake Spell & my guide on the range of spells:
[irp posts=”12092″ name=”Master the Earthquake Spell”]
[irp posts=”14429″ name=”Spell Ranges & Effectivity”]
Then you will drop your Golems along with your Golems and once the outside trash buidings are cleaned it’s time to send in your Valkyries and drop your Rage Spell & Heal Spell in the core – that will let them destroy the core completely and you’re set for a solid 2-Star victory 🙂

BoValk (TH9 – TH11) Bowlers & Valkyries

This strategy is expensive in Dark Elixir but also very powerful, especially against the ring bases you see everywhere.
You will use a Queen Walk on one side and some Bowlers with your King on the other side to create a wide funnel to the core where you will send in your Valkyries.
Troop Composition:

  • 5 Healer
  • 8 Wall Breaker
  • 2 Baby Dragons
  • 6-8 Bowler
  • 10 Valkyries
  • 4 Rage Spells
  • 1 Jump Spell
  • Poison Spell

This strategy work great against ring bases 🙂
So, you will start your Queen Walk at one corner to one side and then your Bowlers with your Barbarian King to the other side to get something like that:
bovalk trophy pushing attack strategy
With all the Rage Spells, don’t hesitate to use them on your Queen & Bowlers if necessary, you will only need one to get the core down 🙂
Once your funnel is set (you see that when the closest core building is the closest building when you draw a line), you can send in your Valkyries to the core with an upfront Jump Spell.
bowler valkrie th10 trophy pushing army
Now you only need to drop your Rage Spell in the core and see how the Valkyries will take it down in a few seconds 🙂

DragLoon (TH7 – TH11)

Let’s come to one of the most popular and all-time classic trophy pushing strategy (and also the only one here that won’t shrink your Dark Elixir that much).
Attention TH7 & TH8! You just skip the Queen Walk part
You’ll perform a Queen Walk at the start and try to get one Air Defense and maybe the defending Queen.
Troop Composition:

  • 4 Healer
  • 4-6 Dragons
  • 10 Balloons (+ fill your CC with Balloons)
  • 5-8 Wall Breaker
  • 2-4 Rage Spells
  • 1 Clone Spell
  • 1 Poison Spell

You’ll start your attack with a Queen Walk into the Air Defense and clean off one corner part of the base. You can also add one or two Balloons to support your Queen and make that faster (but check the reach of the Air Defense first!)
dragloon guide trophy pushing
After that, it’s time to send in your Dragons & Balloons full forces to crush the base.
dragloon attacking strategy
The Dragons will tank for the Balloons, the Balloons will take defenses down and you will get your victory without a doubt 🙂
You just support them with Rage Spells & make sure to clone Balloons in the last part of the raid when you see there’s not many of them left 🙂

B*Witch With Miners (TH10 – TH11) Bowler & Witches

Probably one os the most used one for trophy pushing in the higher leagues and working also very effective against the ring base design you see there all the time.
You will build your funnel and then send in your forces. The Skeletons will distract defenses or stack up to deal a lot of damage while the Bowlers hit the second line structures and Healers keeping everyone alive.
So this strategy works well against ring bases as you will keep everyone alive and clean up while your Miners will approach the core.
Troop Composition:

  • 5 Healer
  • 5 Wall Breaker
  • 10-14 Bowler
  • 10 Miner
  • 3 Witches
  • 3 Rage Spells
  • 1 Jump Spell
  • 1 Heal Spell
  • 1 Poison Spell

You will start your Queen Walk in one corner and then start adding your Bowlers & Witches to it.
witches bowlers pushing
Your advantage is that the Healer will not just keep your Queen alive, they will also start healing the Bowlers which makes this group strong enough to clear the outside ring effective enough to get you the secure 1-Star.
Once you got half of the base cleared, you can take a shot for the core with your Miners. Drop your heal Spell in there, but most defenses are busy targeting your Bowler/Witch/Heroes pack so this should do it for the core 🙂

That’s it and will guarantee you the 1-Star and can give you the 3-Star 🙂

Last Trophy Pushing Tips

Ok, we got base layouts, general strategies & attacking strategies set – here are some final tips that I can give you 🙂

Work with Shields

Everyone has different schedules – some can do frequent attacks during the day, others can only attack in the morning once and a couple of times during the evening. It’s critical that you start using attacks as often as possible –  scouting plus attacking takes about 5-7 minutes, it’s often possible to do attacks, even if you’re busy during the day!

Keep the motivation up

Trophy Pushing can be hard sometimes and it’s easy to lose focus. Let me help you with some motivation that might keep up your focus:
[irp posts=”10171″ name=”Keep motivated in Clash of Clans and overcome downs”]
Set yourself small goals, like winning a certain amount of attacks each day. From my experience, don’t set yourself goals like gaining 30 cups per day, because then you might go for an attack to fulfill that goal and might screw up the attack.
It’s always your primary goal to NOT lose an attack. Gaining only a few trophies from a secure attack is better than losing a lot by going after a base that will reward a lot of trophies!

Defending CC Troops

Don’t forget to request defending Clan Castle troops before you end a session (or after an attack). Clan Castle troops can make the difference in defending trophies!
Here are the best troops to defend your village:
[irp posts=”6867″ name=”Guide: Perfect Clan Castle troops for defending”]


Trophy Pushing is nothing you do in a couple of days. If you’re doing it, for whatever reason you do it, you first have to be aware that it requires a lot of time.

Setting yourself daily goals helps a lot – Just set something that is realistic, like “today I will gain 10 Stars” or “I want to win 3 attacks every day”. The most important thing is that these goals are realistic because not being able to hit them will be negative motivation.

Good luck with pushing and have fun!

  1. using zap instead of queen walk in dragloon works the best ig because in TH11, 1 AD requires 3 zaps we can take out 3 ADs, and the last AD is taken care of by the drags or the heroes, a rage helps to destroy the core of the base. this attack requires more minor assistants from the cc. I might be wrong, but this is my thinking.

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