invincible guarding the globe tier list with battle beast invincible guarding the globe tier list with battle beast

Best Heroes in Invincible: Guarding The Globe (Tier List) – with Battle Beast

Although there are not too many heroes available in Invincible: Guarding the Globe, you can pull them very specifically witht he way the pulling system works as you always see what heroes you will get – this let you fine-tune your hero roaster a lot better compared to other gacha-type games, which I personally love.

Still, you need to pull the right heroes and build them or you will get stuck – and I can tell you that some heroes are a lot better than other ones in Invincible GTG, so I have created the below ranked tier list of all heroes so you can see what heroes are worth pulling and also worth building.

What Are The Best Heroes in Invincible: Guarding The Globe

The below list has the heroes ranked from best (top tier) to fodder-material (bottom) and I believe this will be a huge help to see how well heroes in Invicible GTG will be when you build them and unlock all their skills.

I will also add artifact recommendations soon, but I think this is a good point to help you building your hero roaster in the game correctly early on.

I also linked you my artifact recommendations next to the heroes, kust use the button called ‘Artifact’ – plus also I have here my general upgrade/invest guide for artifacts in the game.


  • InvincibleS+Artifact
    Incredibly strong and versatile attacker and great in any team and against all setupsClass: AttackerRarity: EpicArtifact
  • RobotS+Artifact
    Best support in Invincible Guardian the Globe. Period. Useful in every team and every situation with his buffing and healingClass: SupportRarity: EpicArtifact
  • Monster GirlS+Artifact
    By far the most durable defender in Invincible Guarding the Globe! The kit is not funky, just straightforward and the stuns are great as wellClass: DefenderRarity: EpicArtifact
  • Atom EveSArtifact
    Nice shielding make her very useful in pretty much all teams and along with the healing of her later skills a perfect support hero in Invincible GTGClass: SupportRarity: EpicArtifact
  • Battle BeastSArtifact
    Best base stats and great abilities - can be a little bit of a glass cannon, espcially when not fully built, but he can take out one or two enemies before he goes down. Lacks a little bit of team building posibilities right now but I am sure this will improve in the future so he is for sure one of the Top 3 attackers in Invincible GTG!Class: AttackerRarity: EpicArtifact
  • Omni-ManSArtifact
    Good damage dealer and can take a couple hits as well. One of my favorite attackers all way even as new player without all skills you will like him a lot but once you have his 3rd skill he can crit chain like crazy and output so much damageClass: AttackerRarity: EpicArtifact
  • Green GhostSArtifact
    Really good support hero with stuns crowd control and her emergency healing and invisibility makes hard to deal with and a reliable support for your teamClass: SupportRarity: EpicArtifact
  • The ImmortalAArtifact
    Good damage and ult but as main defender can go down too quickly so he needs quite a bunch of supportClass: DefenderRarity: EpicArtifact
  • War WomanAArtifact
    Nice area damage and can also off tank a bit. Her damage, however, can be very situational depending when she uses her ult and if there are enough enemies around to really pack a punch.Class: AttackerRarity: EpicArtifact
  • Red RushAArtifact
    Nice support and can do a lot espcially silencing enemies that really hurt your team is where he shines and makes your life a lot easier when you need that.Class: SupportRarity: EpicArtifact
  • TitanAArtifact
    Good and straightforward defender that can hold up quite a lot. Not as durable as Monster Girl but still a good tank to buildClass: DefenderRarity: EpicArtifact
  • Shrinking RaeB+Artifact
    Can be alright but there are a couple better damage dealers that are less fragile. Also, she needs all her skills and timing to be good to pop off.Class: AttackerRarity: EpicArtifact
  • BulletproofB+Artifact
    Similar too Shrinking Rae quite too fragile to really make an impactClass: AttackerRarity: EpicArtifact
  • Allen The AlienB+Artifact
    Okay defender but not a hero that will carry easily and needs quite some building to be useful. His damage is on the better side of defenders but if you're looking for a main tank, he is often times not your first choice.Class: DefenderRarity: EpicArtifact
  • Black SamsonB
    Good defender as a rare hero and worth building early for multi-team setups in opsClass: DefenderRarity: Rare
  • Martian ManB
    Quite solid support as rare hero early in Invincible Guarding the GlobeClass: SupportRarity: Rare
  • AquarusB
    Good support early in the game, but the epic support heros are so strong that you will replac ehim quite quickly so don't invest too muchClass: SupportRarity: Rare
  • Mauler Twin OriginalCArtifact
    Not really good attacker, I can't recommend any version of himClass: AttackerRarity: EpicArtifact
  • Mauler TwinCArtifact
    Not really good attacker, I can't recommend any version of himClass: AttackerRarity: EpicArtifact
  • Dupli-KateC
    Alright as early game attacker but will fall off after thatClass: AttackerRarity: Rare
  • Rex SplodeC
    Alright as early game attacker but will fall off after thatClass: AttackerRarity: Rare
  • IsotopeC
    With all the good support heroes in the game a hero I would fodderClass: SupportRarity: Rare
  • MagmaniacC
    Okay-ish attacker early in the game but no hero to think about too muchClass: AttackerRarity: Rare
  • Tether TyrantC
    Not really that good and in my opinion fodder heroClass: DefenderRarity: Rare
  • KurskC
    Okay-ish attacker early in the game but no hero to think about too muchClass: AttackerRarity: Rare
  • Flaxan LeaderC
    Okay in the first days but honestly fodder heroClass: DefenderRarity: Rare
  • DarkwingD
    Bad attacker, stay away and you can fodder himClass: AttackerRarity: Rare
  • Damien DarkbloodD
    bad and fodder for sureClass: AttackerRarity: Rare


I hope this tier list for Invincible: Guarding The Globe helps you pull the right heros and develop the right heroes and we all cna be excited what new game modes are coming later this year to the game – with the right heroes in your roaster to approach them.

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