star bonus & versus battle reward cooldown reset guide clash of clans

Star Bonus & Versus Battle Rewards Cooldown Guide

Have you ever noticed the cool down for your Daily Star Bonus or Versus Battle Reward Loot Cap is very low after completing the last victory/getting the last needed Star? I thought it might be helpful to give some more details about how this cool down works. Also, how you can use it to save up if your Storages are filled in your Builder Base or a 2x/4x Star Bonus Event is incoming.

Daily Star Bonus Cool Down in Clash of Clans

The word “daily” already says the cool down of the Star Bonus is 24 hours.

double star bonus clash of clans

It resets when you collect the Star Bonus reward, not when you got the 5th Star to complete it.

Now, the interesting thing you might have recognized on your own is that sometimes you will get a new Star Bonus immediately after completing one. The reason is that if it takes you more than 24 hours to finish the next Star Bonus after you have collected it, it will stack the new one on top of the currently running Star Bonus.

Let’s say I collect my Daily Star Bonus on Monday 8am, but I do not do any attacks on Tuesday – in this case I will be able to complete 2 Daily Star Bonus on Wednesday (after 8am).

This means you can save up your Daily Star Bonus if you want to or also finish one that you missed because you haven’t been able to attack enough in one day.

get more star bonus event loot in clash of clans with daily star bonus cooldown

This also comes in handy when you see that a 2x or 4x Star Bonus Event is coming up. Simply don’t use your Daily Star Bonus the day before it starts and you will have an extra Star Bonus during the event – especially with the 4x Star Bonus Event, this is very nice 🙂

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none” excerpt=”The Star Bonus resets when collecting it, so you won’t be able to hide it from attackers by not collecting it”]Keep in mind! The Star Bonus resets when collecting it, so you won’t be able to hide it from attackers by not collecting it unless you want to miss out the next Star Bonus[/tweet_box]

There is no need to not collect your Star Bonus:

  1. This will just extend the time until you get a new reset
  2. Star Bonus gets delivered to your Treasury (and only 3% of your Treasury can get taken in a raid)
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Versus Battles Reward Cap Cool Down

The Versus Battle Reward is the only way you can earn resources in your Builder Base (except what your Mine & Collector will produce) and it’s also limited.

The cool down of the Versus Battle Rewards is 22 hours and the reset is similar to the Daily Star Bonus.

It will start the 22 hour cool down as soon as you have reached the 3rd victory and earned the reward for it. However, it will also roll over to the next day, if it takes you more than 22 hours to get your 3 victories.

short cooldown for versus battle rewards in clash of clans

I was just finishing up the 3rd victory and saw a cool down of less than 4 hours – that’s because I had not been using my attacks earlier. The cool down is not reset when you earn the first victory, it’s reset when you collect the 3rd one of the previous cycle and then runs in the background.

This way, they can stack up and if you haven’t unlocked your 3 victories within that 22 hours, it will restart and then you can have 6 Victory Rewards! However, stacking up more than two cycles is not possible.

This is important for you to know. If your Storage capacity is not big enough to store the reward from another Victory Reward, you can just let it be and wait until you have spent enough to store it and don’t waste any reward (as long as that won’t take you longer than the two cycles of 44 hours in total!)

This is a nice practice if you’re upgrading your Builder Hall, which takes up to several days.

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Versus Battle Reward Reset With Gems

You can also use Gems to reset the countdown if you have already unlocked your three victories in the current cycle.

versus battle reward cooldown using gems

This will NOT give you 3 additional victory rewards in your cycle, it will simply skip forward in the cycle and end the cool down starting a new 22 hour cycle (that’s also why the costs in Gems gets lower the less time is left on your cool down)

I don’t recommend using Gems for the reset, because it’s quite expensive – however, it’s cheaper than using the Gems to buy the Gold or Elixir directly for an upgrade.


I know it’s not rocket science here, but I get many frequent questions about how the cool down works and if it’s possible to save them up. You can do that with up to two full rewards in Daily Star Bonus and Versus Battle Rewards as well 🙂

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

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  1. I would like to add, that if you have a 2nd Daily Star Bonus available (i.e. more than 24 hours since the current one began) any ‘extra stars’ you rarn will be applied to the 2nd bonus. Example, you ate ar 4/5 stars and earn 3 stars: you will get your bonus and be at 2/5 towards the next. The exception is during a 2X/4X bonus, in that situation the 1st time you complete the bonus, there is no rollover…you will finish and immediately be at 0/5 stars.

  2. Your BH VS battle cooldown has me confused. Please clarify. Do you wait 22 to 24 hours after your cooldown is reset to start battling? Or do you wait until 48 hours after your previous 3rd victory to start your VS battle?

  3. Following up on alex’s post. What is the best use of gems. I have a TH9 almost maxed (29 walls, AQ lvls and 10 BK lvls left). Just got all the stuff for BH4. I have almost 6K gems and wondering what is the best way to use them. Thanks for all the work you do. Your sight is extremely useful and informative.

    • Then I wouldn’t spend them for the BH – it’s still at least 4-6 weeks until SC comes up with a new update and it’s not that sure that they will extend the BB that much soon.
      If I were you I would spend them either on boosting for farming DE or (if you’re into CW) spend it to skip the upgrade time for your King and Queen 🙂

    • Resetting the countdown to get more loot is the best way in term of outcome per gem – I however wouldn’t recommend you gemming on the Builder Base right now. Rather push above 2k Trophies and then use the rewards you get there to keep your lab & builder busy will do it.
      If you start resetting the countdown a couple of times, you’ll have more loot than you can spend with the lab and the single builder soon and then you will need to gem upgrade times. Progressing faster will match you up with harder opponents who also used gems right now, so there’s no real benefit right now.
      I pesonally did use gems, but that’s because I need to discover some more end-game content to write about it here on the website (otherwise I wouldn’t have done that) – but that wasn’t more than 2k gems so far and I am about to max out my BH4

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