3 Star Attacking Guide for Falcon Attacks

With the recent changes and the introduction of Town Hall 12, the Falcon attack startegy has become even stronger and is one of the most powerful around that will let you 3-Star in multiplayer and Clan War as well.
In this guide, I will show you what you should take an extra look at and how to make very powerful attacks with the Falcon strategy.

How Falcon Attacks Works

So, the primary part of Falcon attacks are the Valkyries that deal massive damage, especially under rage and will deal with defending cc ground troops, heroes and skeletons easily as well as cutting through walls with one hit. You basically save yourself the Jump Spell(s) and can use the space for Rage Spells and Healing Spells that will help taking down more of the base instead of just overcoming walls.
Timing and building a funnel is the key to success with Falcon – if you mess that up you will see quite a big fail. No worries, if you mind the tips I will give you in this guide you should not mess up the funnel and walk away with a decent victory up to a solid 3-Star 🙂
Building the funnel works with a Queen Walk on one corner and some cheap troops on the other side and you’re set to go – then it all comes down to placing your spells at the right time and you’re good.

Which Town Hall Levels does the Falcon strategy work?

Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 12

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Clan War (Primary) & Trophy Pushing

Pros of Falcon:

+ Able to 3-Star any base

Cons of Falcon:

– Requires skill to build the funnel properly
– Archer Queen at a high level for your Town Hall for Queen Walk

Troop Composition for Falcon Attacks

I know there are many different setups out there, but all the differences are based on the troops the attacker uses to build the funnel – the Valkyries, spells, Healers etc. are always the same.
Here are my recommendations for the different Town Hall Level:

Falcon Town Hall 9:

  • 4 Healers
  • 14 Valkyries
  • some Giants, Wizards, Hog Rider for the funnel
  • Clan Castle filled with Bowlers
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 2 Heal Spells
  • 2 Poison Spells

Falcon Town Hall 10:

  • 4 Healers
  • 14 Valkyries
  • 8 Bowlers
  • fill with Balloons & Wizards
  • Clan Castle filled with Bowlers
  • 3 Rage Spells
  • 2 Heal Spells
  • 2 Poison Spells

Falcon Town Hall 11:

Here is the additional Healer a nice addition in case you run into a Seeking Air Mine and the 2 Baby Dragons will help you drag your Queen into the right direction.

  • 5 Healers
  • 12 Valkyries
  • 8 Bowlers
  • 2 Baby Dragons
  • fill with Balloons & Wizards
  • Clan Castle filled with Bowlers
  • 3 Rage Spells
  • 2 Heal Spells
  • 1 Freeze Spell
  • 2 Poison Spells

Falcon Town Hall 12:

At Town Hall 12 you want to use the Wall Wrecker to break strategical walls and then it should release additional Valkyries along with the Valkyries you already deployed.

  • 5 Healers
  • 11 Valkyries
  • 12 Bowlers
  • 2 Baby Dragons
  • fill with Hog Rider
  • Clan Castle filled with Valkyries
  • Wall Wrecker Siege Machine
  • 4 Rage Spells
  • 2 Heal Spells
  • 1 Freeze Spells

Falcon Attacking Step by Step

Now let’s take a look at the different steps that this attack requires. The most crucial part of this strategy is not the timing of deployment, it’s that you build a right funnel on the outside.
Falcon attacking consists of these 3 steps:

  1. Building a funnel
  2. Send in the Valkyries to the core
  3. Spells

Let’s have a closer look at these steps.

The Side To Attack From

Choosing the side you will attack from is pretty easy to choose as you always want to go from the opposite side of the Town Hall (in war they are normally offset), so your Valkyries will clear out the whole core of the base while your funneling troops make the outside and meet at the end at the opposite side to destroy everything.

So, the green arrow is the Baby Dragon that will drag the Queen Walk (purple arrow) to the top side while the Barbarians King with Bowlers (red arrow) cleans the other side.

Building your funnel

The funnel is now something you create easily at the corner sides where you will start your attack.

  • one corner gets the Queen Walk with maybe a Baby Dragon to drag her into the right direction
  • the other corner gets the Barbarian King with Bowlers or Wizards, Balloons etc. (whatever you’ve chosen to bring)

Now you see how it should look like and there is no way your Valkyries will go somewhere else than into and through the core of the base.

The Falcon

Now it’s about time to make it rain – deploy your Valkyries and your Wall Wrecker (at Town Hall 12).
The Wall Wrecker has the advantage to blast through walls and tank a little bit for the Valkyries and once destroyed releasing 4 additional Valkyries that will support your Valks.

The only thing now is using your spells properly to help your Valykries cutting through the base like a hot knife through a block of butter.
You will need some practice to not waste your Rage Spells, but once you Rage your Valks they will just be so fast taking down so try to deploy it as far in advance of their position as possible.
In between the Rage Spells you should drop your Healing Spells – don’t combine them as Valkyries will leave the radius too fast and only get a few healing ticks from the Healing Spell!
No you can use your leftover Wizards, Hogs etc. to help cleaning the base and make the 3-Star in time, but you should be good by now 🙂

I have here some additional videos that will show you plenty of attacks that will help you (I recommend you watching also those for other Town Halls as they will all talk about in-depth basics of this strategy and are all valuable even if you’re at a lower/higher Town Hall):


One of the most powerful 3-Star strategies you can use right now and I can only recommend you to learn this attack as with the current meta I can almost guarantee you that this will stay for a while.

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