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3 Star Attacking Guide for BoWitch

Bowlers are still ruling the TH10+ world in Clash of Clans and even though this attacking strategy with Witches and Bowlers is nothing new today, I wanted to rework it to adapt all the recent balancing changes and make it up to date for you.

In fact, this is probably the most powerful Clan War 3-Star strategy that you can use against all kind of bases.

How BoWitch (also known as B*Witched) Works

You will build a funnel with a short Queen Walk and some Bowlers and then get all your troops into the inside of the base. If you accomplish that, you have a safe 2 Star with a good amount of percentage, even against maxed Town Hall 11 bases. If you manage to keep your Queen alive and have some nice timing on spells and Grand Warden ability you can also get the 3-Star victory with this strategy.

Which Town Hall Levels does BoWitch work?

Town Hall 10 & Town Hall 11

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Clan War (Primary) & Trophy Pushing

Pros of BoWitch:

+ Easy (kind of mass) strategy
+ Safe 2 Star, when you know how to build a funnel, with 3 Stars possible

Cons of BoWitch:

– Requires far upgraded troops & Heroes
– Extremely expensive in Dark Elixir

Troop Composition for BoWitch

There’s one adaption you will need to make, depending of the base your’re attacking.

But this is only for your CC troops, depending if you attack into a Single or Multi-Target Inferno Tower (more on that later below)

Your army setup is:

  • 5 Healer
  • 5 Witches
  • 16 Bowler
  • 4 Wall Breakers
  • 2 Wizards
  • Golem + 1 Giant (Multi-Target Inferno) or 7 Giants (Single-Target Inferno) in your CC
  • 4 Rage Spells (+1 in your CC)
  • 1 Jump Spells (Backup if Wall Breaker fail)
  • 1 Poison Spell

The Jump Spell is your life insurance in this attacking strategy – if your Wall Breaker fail breaking the outside layer the attack is doomed and we all know that this can happen sometimes. In this case you have the Jump Spell.

If your Wall Breaker do as intended you can still use it inside the compartments of the base so it’s not a waste of housing space.

BoWitch Step by Step

Now let’s take a look at the different steps that this attack requires. The most crucial part of this strategy is not the timing of deployment, it’s that you build a right funnel on the outside.

BoWitch attacking consists of these 3 steps:

  1. Building a funnel
  2. Send in Bowlers & Witches
  3. Use Jump & Rage Spells & keep Queen Alive

Let’s have a closer look at these steps.

The Side To Attack From

The side you attack from is pretty easy to find – for TH11 it’s the fastest path to the Eagle Artillery as it will break your whole attack when not get taken out of the game soon.

For TH10, you want to get the Single-Target Inferno Towers out of your way early. This often times only give you 1-2 option where you attack from.
IN case of this base here it’s the top right or top left side – but with all the trash buldings and the Town Hall on the right side the top right side is the better choice:

Building your funnel

This is the most crucial part of the whole attack – if you do this wrong you will see your forces walk around the base and will struggle for the 1 Star.

You will always make a short Queen Walk on the corner and set some Bowlers on the opposite side of your funnel to clear it wide enough to be sure all the other troops will enter between them.

The Attack

Now it’s about time to make it rain – Bowlers, Witches, Heroes! You will now open up the walls with your Wall Breaker/Jump Spell and send in everything.

Also make Rage Spells happen and use your Grand Warden ability when you see Giant Bombs blowing up.

Now it’s time to watch your attack and drop your spells to support your Bowlers.

I can also recommend you to watch this video from ClashTutor that is one of the best guides I’ve seen in a long time:

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Ive used this comp in war sometimes ago.. i used a clone 2r 1j. Clone those bowlers activate the eternal tome and watch the mayhem.


unfortunately the clone is simply too expensive in housing space for me to use it – but I’m sure they will buff it in the december update (I would assume 3 housing space, but don’t know for sure, just my feeling on this).
I’ve not seen a single clone spell use against my base or in war lately

Rob Ainsley

I ll give this ago used witches during Halloween promo much improved but can’t 3* a fully maxed th10 even with 40/40 heroes get about 85% usually


what composition did you use the witches with?

Rob Ainsley

8 giants 4 wb rest witches jump 2 rage 1 heal 1 freeze 1 skell/poison, plus didnt see it was a th11 guide lol

Rob Ainsley

used the combo in guide for a good few attacks still about the same haha! Wont be a problem in 3 weeks thought th11 getting started


well I really recommend not to do mass witch because the risk of losing is a lot higher compared to having some bowlers along
If they walk into a bad trap placement, you might lose the whole attack – the bowlers are great because they deal heavy damage and also hit the second line structures

Rob Ainsley

witches too cheep at time so worth risk but mass anything a big no no now due to cannon updates at moment using a giant,valk wiz and bowler attack which is working absolutely spot on and very good resource balance


Yap this one really works good ๐Ÿ™‚


Trade valks for the witches maybe? I think that is a better squad to go for the core.


the thing is that valks don’t last long, especially with that few tanking. So you will only pull of a close 2 Star (many 1 Star as well).
I use the version with Valks to farm when I have one Hero upgrading though.
The witches are nice because you have a steady stream of spawned troops that will give you more destruction in the end raid

Bochan Lie

Townhall 10 please strategy


Why Giants in cc and not golem?


Single target infernos and eagle artillery does 3x damage


How come the con talks about lavaloon when this article is suppose to be about bowler and witches strategy? Is that a typo.


Ive used this for quite some time. Got me to 5700k last season. Slightly different comp.
21 bowlers
4 Witches
6 Healers
Two jump 3 rage one Heal and poison. Heal helps since inferno nerf for core once wardens ability wears off. Keep it up Tim ????????


Been using the same army but with little changes. 12 Giants 6 Wall Breakers 6 Healers 2 Witches 14 Bowlers in Camps 1 Giant and 5 Bowlers in CC along with 4 Rage 1 Jump and 1 Heal. I use 3 healers on Queen to clean up one side and and then drop 3 bowlers with a witch and 2 healers on them to clean up the second side and then I get a perfect funnel for my troops to get into the core and wreck the base..Sometimes I do mess up with funnel and it ruins the whole attack.


nice guide ! BTW Im in your clan.:)

Invisible chief

Can you tell me the tag plz


we are full sry.


cant help it! you are popular:)

Joey D

Got a question: Would any feel it be advantageous to bring an extra witch or 2 when going up against multi target infernos?? It seems like adding one.for 2 bowlers may help with that but I haven’t actually attempted it that way. Thanks


I just got to Th10, is there a BoWitch strategy for 220 housing space army camps? (And a level 5 CC which means only 30 housing space, only dark spells and no SM)