afk arena best teams endgame 2022 afk arena best teams endgame 2022

The Best Teams in AFK Arena (Early to End Game)

In this guide here I want to show you several team builds in AFK Arena that work really well and will give you an additional boost.

I know that you likely don’t have all the heroes but you can also use this as a strategy to plan which heroes you’re going to level up and ascend.

Updated the tems with the current meta and the new heroes. Changes are not that huge but some fine-tuning applied! Please also check out my freshly updated tier list of the best heroes here.

You will find the best teams in the sections:

Best Campaign Team (PvE) In AFK Arena

Here you will have the best-working current teams for campaign that will work. Even if you’re not even close to Campaign 35+, make sure to keep those formations in mind to already start prioritizing these heroes to have them ready when you need them

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All of these teams work right now, they are not in any particular ranking!

(up to Chapters 15-20)

Shemira will do it for you here, simply upgrade her as much as you can (mind to NOT put too much into her Signature Item and other investments) and she will easily carry you through the earlier stages of AFK Arena. Use tanks in the front row (Lucius with his shield works great) and buffing/healing like Rowan or Nemora to keep her up and she will deal her area damage that basically takes out teams even if she’s the only survivor.

Mid-Game Teams
(Chapters 20-30)



This team is called Green Sand Wolf and works great even on level deficits up to 100 levels with Safiya dealing insane damage, Eiron pulling and the others buffing and keep the enemy team



The Rowan/Rosa Energy Team basically controls everything with immense control effects on the enemy and also works well before Chapter 30 when the deficits get too high that the crow control effects will miss too frequently. If you have pulled the heroes early on, take them and the good thing is that the heroes used here will be useful in some shape later, too.



I like the Daimon/Thoran team version here also gets you easily running up to 120 levels deficit and although you really on some rng with Thoran to cheese, it’s viable and you can make a great progress with it, no doubt.

Late-Game & End-Game Teams
(Chapters 30+)

Alna Graveborn



With the insane damage that Grezhul deals at 9/9 by stealing stats from enemies he only needs to stay alive to make this team work really well, that’s what Alna will do by providing invulnerability to Grezhul with her 9/9 furniture set. This is always the front line of your setup.

For the backline, you can flexibly pick out of 9 heroes shown above.For the backline you have flexible options…Ferael and Tasi are great picks if you need crowd control, Nara and Athalia are well-needed if you require to disrupt enemy setups or particular enemy heroes, Desira/Rowan/Merlin provide healing and other buffs for your team if you#re missing speed or the final punch. You can play around with them and they are your drea-team and you’ll be able to handle even bigger level deficits easily.

Thoran Cheese



Thoran Cheese is another godfather of all end-game setups and very popular as the invest is quite alright. It’s all about Thoran in the frontline and everything else in this team is to group enemies up and let Thoran’s ult do the work. Can be rng-heavy and require many tries for a chapter to pass, but it will. Also, you might need to flexibly re-arrange your team according to the enemy setup. Above you can see viable options that you can use.

Thoran uses the Call artifact equipped for haste or Eye for crit and the other heroes should wear their optimal artifact (more about the best artifacts here). Lorsan will link two enemies and die and should be used if you have problems grouping the enemies together or if you have enemies like Rowan that are hard to burst. Alternatively, Kelthur can be used to swap positions with an enemy to group them up and execution link can be useful from time to time. Nara is more useful for disrupting in the early stages or keep an enemy busy. Pippa (ideally positioned behind Thoran) and Lyca are really useful to gather more energy and haste to make Thoran ult faster. This team works practically without any level deficit and you only need to focus your effort on Thoran instead of building multiple heroes with furniture and Signature item

Lucretia Invade



Lucretia Invade teams use her Signature Item skill to stack up her attack ragin through team members dying so you want to use heroes int he team that do their thing and not last too long, basically enable, disrupt and/or give support and die.

On the disruptive side you have Granit with stuns, Zaphrael with his initial cc and Mishka with re-active crowd control. Brutus is great to go through initial burst damage with his passive ability and the other heroes are basically providing buffs and debuffs. Make sure to adapt the positioning according to the enemy team and you will see some great results with this team.

Lucretia 5-Pull



This setup works differently as it will mandatorily use Skriath and Eironn to group up enemies so Lucretia will deal more area damage. Also keep in mind that Eironn is always in the middle of the backrow!

The other heroes provide, like in Lucretia Invade team, crowd control and buffs/debuffs before they die and stack up Lucretia’s attack rating so she can finish the enemy team on her own. Also, adapt the other heroes positions according to the enemy team setup, this is also no static setup except Eironn in the middle of the back row for pulling and Lucretia in one of the front row positions.

5-Pull (without Lucretia)



This setup is like the Lucretia 5-Pull but without Lucretia and works more with crowd control to keep the enemies grouped and suppressed long enough so your team can take them out, for that reason it’s a separate team setup listed here and also has some different mechanics.

Eironn still is middle of the back row in 99% of the cases and Skriath in one of the other back line positions, those are the static setups here and the other heroes are free to jump in according to the enemy team setup.




With Kren’s massive damage and Mishka’s cc, this team is quite reliable and accessible for many players. Also Mortas for buffing and Prince for dodge-tanking are mandatory for this setup. Then you can relocate and swap in other heroes in the above listing as the enemy setup requires and you have a nice team that can deal with higher level deficits, too.




This team is about turning enemies against each other and Mehira is always in the middle of the backlin. With Khazard and Rosaline you will cycle through her ultimate frequently and keep all enemies charmed while Rowan works well as a dodge-tank in the frontrow. These 4 heroes are normally mandatory for the setup and then you can re-arrange and swap out Brutus for one of the other heroes above. Raku and Daimon are good substitutions if you don’t have Khazard.

Ainz Comp



Honestly somewhat on a downward trend recently but still a meta team that will do its job, forming around getting Ainz to ult and take down the enemy team. Can be sometimes make-or-break and especially when the level deficits get a lot higher squishy but in terms of investment with the dimensional heroes one of the easier ones for many players to run.

Ainz and Albedo are mandatory and int he backline (albedo maybe sometimes in the front row) and the other heroes listed above free to position according to the enemy setup. Although Arthur has fallen in popularity he’s still a good pick here and tank and buff well in this team setup. Not the strongest one but one that still works fine (but with level deficit above 200 you will have problems with it).

Raku CC



This team is really flexible as it only requires Raku as the core hero and you can flexibly build a team around him. This setup stuns enemies while Raku proc his marks and dealing percentage damage that is not capped and can deal with higher-level deficits as well.

PvP Teams

There’s a lot of frequent updates here so I took the teams out until I update this section as the prior teams here will not work and I don’t want to give you false recommendations…

Faction Tower Teams

For Lightbearer Tower, the core heroes you will use most of the time are:

There is no static team, so adapt the positions according to the enemy setup you’re facing. Lucius can be an option earlier but for the higher stages he will simply die so fast that he never casts his shield so take him in (as well as other heroes from the Lightbearer faction) as long as they work and don’t invest in him any further.

Here’s the pool of heroes that you will use later in the Mauler Faction Tower

Fill in with other heroes as you need, but this is the core team you’ll be using so don’t invest late-game into other heroes just because of the Faction Tower.

Also here the pool is quite limited but viable with all types of different heroes:

Also Graveborn have now some viable options:

In the early stages you can also carry with Shemira, but DO NOT invest in her Signature Item because of Faction Tower!!! She will fall off later and become absolutely worthless!

For Celestials Tower you basically have 5 heroes that are useful (also check out my recently updated Stargazing Priority to pull them in the right order here):

For the Hypogeans you will use Lucretia and then swap in the other heroes to fill the team, Lucretia will carry:


So, these are the team setups that you should aim for and that I always keep updated with new heroes and teams that shape the meta. Remember, AFK Arena is no short-term game, it’s about long-term investing in heroes for the end-game and late-game.

  1. Would it be possible to also include recommended beasts for any given team? (I know there is a seperate page with a tierlist on said beasts, but it does not specify what teams they work best with.)

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