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A Prison’s Past Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called A Prison’s Past and it’s dedicated to Halloween with a nice spooky theme and story, one that I found to be very nicely done and presented.

A Prison’s Past General & Rewards

As always, I won’t spoil anything about the storyline of A Prison’s Past here in my guide so you can read through everything, including the walkthrough, without giving away the chance to experience the full realm and the storyline yourself.

Your task is to travel through the realm by switching your form into a day & night version that will either let you pass areas with light or make it possible to attack camps, so you will constantly switch between the forms to make your way through the realm of A Prison’s Past.

Speaking of rewards… A Prison’s Past will reward you with a total of 10x Stargazing Cards as the main reward along with all sorts of emblems, boosters, coins, shards and so on (as usual):

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A Prison’s Past Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for the A Prison’s Past.

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Please mind: I don’t mention to collect every Golden Chest individually, so if you can reach one -> collect it

Step 1 – after the short introduction, you need to travel to the Black Prison where the real storyline starts and the beginning section of A Prison’s Past is more or less a tutorial for the mechanics of the different elements that you need to use.

The first thing to do (after you collected the first Golden Chest that waits right in front of you) is to go to the Soul Obelisk (1) and transform into the soul form. Now you can attack the enemy camp there (2) and then transform back to your physical form to be able to pass the Canedlit Zone behind it:

Now go to the Black Prison (3) and you basically enter the main storyline of A Prion’s Past. The first thing to do there is moving the Candlelit Cart up to remove the right Slumbering Souls that block your path (4)


Step 2 – move the Candlelit Cart back to its initial position (1) and then use the Soul Obelist to transform into your spiritual form (2):

Now you can clear the enemy camps here and follow the path (3) until you reach the Broken House (4) where you need to pick up the next piece for the storyline:

Step 3 – follow the path and clear the camps around the next section (1) and continue the path and pick up the next item and the other Broken House (2):

Convert back to your physical form with the Soul Obelisk (3) and use the Track Switch below to move the Cendlelit Cart to the right position. Then go in between the tracks and move the lower cart to the top position (4):

Step 4 – after you collected the Golden Chest next to it that you can now access, follow the path and you can collect the first of two Crystal Chests of A Prion’s Past as well as the item from the Broken House (1). Then follow the path further and move the Candlelit Cart to the left position to get the Broken Soul out of the way (2):

Now go to the crossing railways and move the Candlelit Cart all the way to the right (1) and then one back and all the way down (2) to clear up all the Broken Souls there without having to fight them individually:

Step 5 – move the Candlelite Cart now all the way up (1) so you can access the part below and collect all the Golden Chests there as well as the item from the Broken House (2):

Then use the Obelisk to transform (3) and clear the camp with the Golden Chests as well as the one to your right as well (4):

Step 6 – also clear the Golden Chest to the top now (1) and once you have collected all the Golden Chests in A Prison’s Past now you can go to enter the final section (2):

Now you can pick up the final Broken House item (no effect) and collect the last Crystal Chest:

Congratulations, you have successfully cleared A Prison’s Past realm, enjoy the rewards and come back in 2 weeks for the new Voyage of Wonders realm here.

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