best monsters in monster never cry tier list best monsters in monster never cry tier list

Tier List of the Best Monsters in Monster Never Cry

Building a monster in Monster Never Cry is a long process and a long-term commitment, so you want to pick the ones that are worth it and I wanted to give you a overview of how the different monsters perform later in the game which should be a good indication for you which ones to invest in rather than picking ones that will not be useful later.

So, don’t pump all your resources in the first heroes you pull and rather wait for the ones that will make your progress and carry in the long run.

What Monsters Are Worth Building in Monster Never Cry?

Rarity is a big indicator in Monster Never Cry but there are also some lower-rarity monsters that are quite viable in the late- and end-game parts of the game.

Below you find my first version of the tier list that I will gradually expand so if you want to see something added just drop a comment below.



This list is hopefully a good start for you to pick your monsters in Monster Never Cry that you invest in that will carry you in the long run without setting you back – please mind, the ones you don’t see on the list are not really worth investing so you rather want to use them until you can replace them with the ones on the list that are worth it.

  1. This is the best well organized tier list I’ve seen for this game. It really helped me out big time. Thanks you!

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