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Aero Move Deck – Pool 3 Move (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

Move Decks are so flexible in Marvel Snap right now and this one here for Pool 3 is doesn’t use a very cool final play with Aero, moving your opponents win condition on the last turn where you want it to see. Very strong and also frustrating for your opponent and absolutely a fun and strong deck to play right now if you’re into move decks in Marvel Snap.

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Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

Why this deck works well – as with other move decks, you start to build power with your cards that have move synergy before drawing into one of your win-condition lines. With Daredevil you can see their Turn 5 move and you have great counters to heavy-power play cards with Shang-Chi and Enchantess, too. Finally you can completely mess up their final turn play with Aero to take your win condition lanes.

Win condition – multiple ones. You are flexible with your move cards and can build power early to compete for 2 locations. In the mid-game turns you can use Polaris, Shang-Chi and Enchantress to disrupt their play a little bit and with Daredevil you can use Gamora well to get 12 power in on Turn 5 without problems. Finally, you can use Aero to move their final play somewhere else for the victory

Problems – this decks needs some practice as you have to think ahead a little bit how to play your cards right with the move abilities of your cards and their synergies and the move component you also have with Polaris and Aero on your opponents cards.

Substitutions – not too much as all cards are kind-of necessary to make this deck work and make sure that you draw into one of your win condition lines. But check out other move decks here.

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

You have multiple drawing patterns you can use here. Don’t go too crazy and spend every energy point possible, sometimes rather wait out a turn to make your move, if needed.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

Start slowly occupying the locations, see what they are and increase your power by playing Angela or Kraven and pump them up with moving cards through Cloak and Iron Fist. Important here is to also foresee what deck you opponent is up to as you need to interrupt late and see what they’re up to. If you have Daredevil play him as well if you have Gamora for that 12-power play in Turn 5!

Mid Phase (Turn 3-5)

At this phase you normally will see what 2 locations you’ll be competing for so strengthen them and make sure you have open card spaces on them. If you played Daredevil earlier, use Gamora on Turn 5 to get a lot of power in. Turn 5 can also be great to drop you Enchantress or Shang-Chi to ruin a strong synergy of your opponent.

marvel snap aero move deck guide

End Phase (Turn 6)

Here it’s time to use Aero to move over their last-turn card, that is normally the very strong card. Either move it to a location you haven’t invested in to keep the lead in the other ones or use Aero to keep the lead in one strong location. Sometimes you also just play a Chang-Chi here against strong power locations. There’s no blueprint here, this is very situational and you should have developed a good read what card your opponent is probably about to play.


Move decks are in the meta for a reason – you can flexibly outsmart your opponent and just get out of a location he heavily invested in and keep him asking himself at the end what just happened with little to do about it. Yes, Move Decks in MARVEL SNAP need practice to get to know your cards and synergies but it’s worth it in the long run and I see them viable in the upcoming seasons, for sure.

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