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Reach ‘n Reveal Deck (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

I literally learned about this new deck yesterday and played it and was simply shocked when testing it how powerful it works – it has multiple win conditions, counters meta decks at Pool 2 and is simply so reliable as you don’t need to get certain cards in place.

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Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

Why this deck works well – you have as a center Storm to lock down locations and that you can still get power in either by placing Sunspot there before, moving Nightcrawler or buff up with Ironheart while your opponent can’t do much about it so you can focus on winning a second location.

Win condition Storm on a flooded location with Sunspot and buffing up cards is one way, using Infinaut as crazy strong 20-power card in the end is another one and using White Tiger and Odin by adding those additional tigers also one very strong while Enchantress lets you counter meta decks in MARVEL SNAP like Devil Dinosaur decks or Zoo decks effectively.

Problems – actually none, more like the opposite that you can dominate all kinds of decks with it

Substitutions – none, this deck is played the way it is, you cant really substitute anything here

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

You try to early lock down one location as you have the cards to fill it up later and then focus on making a strong push on a second location to win the game.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

Getting Sunspot on the board will be a great start to gain extra power – if you can lock down the location with Storm right away! But even without you want to get lead in one location and lock it down. as you have enough cards like Nightcrawler, White Tiger or Ironheart to improve power in that location while your opponent can’t

Mid Phase (Turn 4-5)

This is a quite calm period for this deck where you focus on your next location and keep pressuring. Use Jessica Jones to pressure one location in between or Enchantress to play against Dino, Kazar or other broad buffer cards. Try to buff up your locked location if possible.

End Phase (Turn 6)

Here you make. strong push on the second location with either White Tiger and Odin (trigger twice then), or skip turn five to drop Infinaut with his 20 power at the end. remember, at this point you have the lead in the locked location so you only need the second location for the victory.


This deck is not that popular but it’s crazy effective as long as Enchantress can counter the meta so well, too. There’s so little you can and only move decks can be a little trouble against the Storm but manageable with the insane power push you play in the last turns(s).

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