marvel snap pool 1 move deck guide marvel snap pool 1 move deck guide

Pool 1 Move Deck (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

Move Decks are pretty solid and viable for Pool 2 and Pool 3, but there’s also a version you can play with Pool 1 cards that is not just viable and solid, it’s also one that gives you so much flexibility to outplay your opponent that you can make a great push with it.

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Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

Why this deck works well – you basically have many cards that can move and use cards to strengthen them and then multiply that through the board. This also gives you a lot of flexibility and makes it hard for your opponent to react as you can make him dump his strong cards into a location you abandon later. Also using Chavez helps drawing your move cards more reliable through the turns.

Win condition see which locations are available and move your cards there. You can start where you want and then change your focus within a turn or two and your opponent has little chance to react. Also Iron Man gives a nice multiplier towards the end to strengthen a position you’re locked in for.

Problems – lacks a little the stronger move cards from the higher decks but can still deal well with most meta decks in Pool 1.

Substitutions – basically none as there’s not too many move cards available in Pool 1. Here you can see some substitutions if you have access to some Pool 2 cards already.

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

You have multiple drawing pattern you can use here. You can run Angela with Kraven and then move them or use Multiple Man with Iron Fist and add up more power with Hulk Buster there. Then you can use Doctor Strnge or Heimdall to move at the end or Iron Man or Chavez for a strong push on one location.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

You get the cards on the board that you have in your hand and go from there. There’s no fix pattern or game plan at this point as you will try to get value and keep your options open. Iron Fist is always a great start if you can get extra value out of him or with Angela you can buff up a card early and feed low-cost cards into the location.

Mid Phase (Turn 3-4)

Here’s where things get more interesting and Ironheart is always a great play here for multiple locations or Hulk Buster to make a card stronger you move in a later turn. You ideally want to force your opponent to invest into one location and commit there and not reveal that you will move your cards out of there later.

marvel snap pool 1 move deck gameplay

End Phase (Turn 5-6)

This part here is super situational. You can use either card like Iron Man or Chavez for a great push at the end or move cards with Doctor Strange or Heimdall. This depends on your opponent and the locations but gives you several options to pull a surprise on your opponent and take over the lead.


A very fun deck to play and one your opponent will hate at the end, also as you not really see incoming too much after the first turns that you#re playing a Move Deck. Also, in Pool 1 decks not many players adapt much on their opponent so they play down their deck to get most value out of it and you can make their strong cards be lonely on abandoned locations at the end.

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