Creating a good Clan Description in Clash of Clans

If you’re running a Clan you have to consider a lot. You have to recruit members, choose the right people to be your Co-Leader and Elder and organize pretty much anything in Clan War. While setting up your Clan, you have to choose a good name for your Clan but it’s also pretty important for you to make a good Clan Description.

Why the Clan Description is so important for the success of your Clan

The Clan Description is the one and only thing new members and potential recruits will see. You can set up your basic rules in there and you don’t have to send them via Clan Message all the time.

Let’s say you’re currently looking for a new Clan and you come across various Clans and you read the description. Which of the following Clans would you rather join?

I’m sure all of us would have chosen the last one. But why’s that (despite the high-end side)? Simply because you have a very good feeling what this Clan is about – the first Clan is nothing more than a bag of surprises so let’s break down some basic rules of what you should have in your Clan Description.

Clan Donation Rules

Each Clan has it’s own rules about what to donate. Some Clans having a wide range of Town Hall Levels so they have the basic rule that you can only request reinforcement Troops you can donate yourself – players constantly asking for Level 4 Dragons while only being Town Hall 5 themselves aren’t that much support for your Clan, are they?

You should also clarify about the Donation Balance. Most Clans use the simple “Donate as much as you ask for” but this sometimes lead to an imbalance in the Clan.

Imagine you have someone only taking 500 Troop Spaces within a season but donates 2.000.

Most people would consider this player very helpful and social but if they donated 1.500 more Troops than they took the possibility of getting a neutral or positive Donation Balance.

General requirements

It’s also important that people are able to donate Troops that can be used. In general, this comes down to the Archer or Wizard Level. Most Clans I see have a minimum Experience Level but in my opinion it’s good to set up general Defenses a potential Clan Member should provide.

If you have lots of members with only poor upgraded Air Defenses you will get a problem in your Clan Wars as mass Dragon is still one of the most used styles right now. However, this depends completely on the style of Clan you’re running. If you are running a Clan for adults also place the min age you want your members to have into the Clan Description.

Promotions in your Clan

The people offering instant Elder, don’t get me started on this… I’m sure you know what region you should put them in. It’s worth putting your promotion rules inside the description to prevent new people asking constantly if they may become Elder etc. If you only choose your Elder by their activity in the Clan write it there.

Website or anything

Some Clans use a Website outside the game for communication and organization. You should definitely put it there and also if you’re using a additional tool to manage your clan to make it clear to new members so they can directly check it out and integrate themselves.



It’s never wrong to tell what will get you kicked so it’s clear to everyone what’s not going to happen in the Clan:

  • Asking things that are in the Description
  • Asking to become Elder instantly
  • Very negative Donation Balance
  • Cursing and Swearing
  • …etc…

The purpose of the Clan Description

I know a lot of people out there think if they put harsh words into the Clan Description they might scare off new members, but I think it’s the best way for both sides.

You have a very clear picture in mind what kind of Clan you’re running and if you get a lot of members that just play in a different way you will not be able to run the Clan you want and either your Clan will develop in a wrong direction or you have to kick people quite often. With the right Clan Description, you will not get more new members but you will get better new members – Quality always beats Quantity.

After all the hard rules, it’s not wrong to put some nice words. Oh, and before I forget – placing some Emoticons are also nice. Imagine all my posts without images, it’s much more comfortable to have some fresh things instead a Wall of Words in front of you 😀

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