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Spell Ranges & Effectivity

I’ve written a lot about Spells – how they work, when they work best, when you should use them, how to combine Spells and where to drop them. I was sure I wouldn’t need to write another guide about Spells unless there was a big change or a new Spell. So why am I writing this guide?
Recently, I came up with the idea for this guide when I tried to figure out the exact range of a Spell while scouting a war base. I found out that it can be difficult to drop a spell perfectly, so I thought a guide on the range of Spells could be useful. The main purpose is to find out if you can use a Spell on more than one thing.
spell ranges in clash of clans

Spell Ranges

Spells can be very effective if used correctly – but some are even more effective if you can double their power:

  • Use a Jump Spell on multiple layers of Walls
  • Break open a big part of a base with Earthquake Spells
  • Freeze 2 Inferno Towers instead of one

These 3 Spells will be the focus of this guide, and I will show you how you can see exactly if your Spell will be able to be extra effective or not.
I hear a lot that people are not sure if they just dropped their Spell wrong (let’s face it, the displays are small and fingers aren’t surgical tools) or if they tried something that’s not possible.

More Freeze Spell Power

The Freeze Spell has a radius of 3.5 tiles (means it can freeze defenses 7 tiles in a row). When you plan your Freeze Spell you should keep that in mind, especially if the base you’re attacking has the Inferno Towers directly next to the Town Hall:
freeze spell radius inferno tower

This means you can freeze both of them at the same time. This will only work when all sides of the Inferno Tower are touching the Town Hall completely!

Jump Jump Jump Spell

The Jump Spell has a radius of 3.5 tiles, which means you’re able to go over two layers of Walls when there are max 6 tiles in between.
[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none” excerpt=”Jump Spells only need to touch the wall to make troops jump it”]That’s right – you only need to touch the piece of wall to make your troops able to jump over it, you don’t need to cover the whole tile where the wall is located[/tweet_box]
jump spell radius
I also heard that it’s possible to do it with 6 tiles in between, but then you have to place it on the very pixel which makes it too complicated to be sure to make it – the risk is too high to ruin your attack because you can’t be that accurate all the time.

Earthquake Spell

The Earthquake Spell has a radius of 4 tiles so that you can destroy 8 tiles in total.
earthquake spell radius
You can see that from the point where I dropped – but be careful and keep in mind that the 8 tiles in a row only work in a straight line where you place it. The next lines get less and less.
Also, you can just totally destroy a compartment that we often see in Clash of Clans – the 2×2 regular buildings compartment:
earthquake destruction radiusBut be careful and drop the spell right in the center.
I also recommend dropping all spells directly one after the other – this lowers the risk that you offset one of the Earthquake Spells a little bit.

Jump Spell vs Earthquake Spell

The Jump Spell and the Earthquake Spell have different ranges and the battle in the community still goes on which one is better.
The Jump Spell needs less housing space, but is only temporary.
Most argue that the Earthquake Spell does not only offer a permanent effect on walls (it destroys them instead of making troops jump over it), it also offers a larger range and is, therefore, the better solution.
This is not true!
Ok, it’s true that the Earthquake Spell has the larger range with 4 tiles being larger than the 3.5 tiles of the Jump Spell – but here’s the thing, both spells offer the exact same effect in reality!
No, it’s not witchcraft. It’s actually math (some might call that the same 😉 )
I’m going to prove to you that it doesn’t matter if you use an Earthquake Spell or a Jump Spell when it comes to the area of effect during your attack.
I have built a scenario with 3 common setups. These are the most common of their kind you can take down with the EQ and the JS:
earthquake spell range
Now, take a look at the same compartments and what the Jump Spell can do:
jump spell range
That’s the same compartment sizes, but the Jump Spell has 1 tile less diameter than the Earthquake Spell.
Again, the Jump Spell can affect a wall when it’s only touching it and the Earthquake Spell can take it down by only touching it.
The solution is classic geometry.
You might remember the school lesson that a square tile has a different diameter than it’s sides – well, let me just show you the result:
jump spell versus earthquake spell radius
On the left-hand side, you see the Earthquake Spell and the right-hand side is the Jump Spell.
You can see that they are touching the same amount of tiles, vertically and diagonally, despite their different ranges.
That’s the reason.
[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]It’s Witchcraft! Earthquake Spell & Jump Spell have the same destruction radius[/tweet_box]
With 4 and 4.5 tiles radius, this wouldn’t be the same so it’s simply a coincidence (but I’m not sure if that wasn’t intended by Supercell).
So, bottom line it doesn’t make a difference in range which one you use.
Either use the Jump Spell for a temporary effect and save housing space (or bring a second Jump Spell) or use the Earthquake Spell to deal additional damage against buildings.

CAUTION! This is what you can do, but you have to be very accurate when placing the spell!


I hope this helps you to plan your Clan War attacks a little more precisely. The point about the Inferno Towers and the Freeze Spell gave me headaches for quite some time until I learned about the layout.
Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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