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marvel snap magneto move pool 3 deck guide marvel snap magneto move pool 3 deck guide

Magneto Move Deck – Pool 3 Move (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

Move Decks are so flexible in Marvel Snap right now and this one here for Pool 3 is absolutely crazy with all cards that have strong synergies on moving plus a final turn that will either move all your cards to other locations or mess your opponents locations with Magneto. Be prepared for this move deck that is probably the strongest I played so far.

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Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

Why this deck works well – you basically have many cards that can move and use cards to strengthen them and then multiply that through the board. This move deck also has several cards that move your opponents cards around to mess up their synergies.

Win condition there are many lines you can draw into. With Iron Fist, Cloak, Doctor Strange and ultimately Heimdal you have enough cards to move your cards around while cards like Human Torch, Dagger, Kraven, Vulture and Spider-Man will gain power when being moved so you multiply their strength through the board. And with Polaris and Magneto you can mix your opponents cards if needed to break their setup.

Problems – no specific hard counters, but facing locations or opponent cards that suppress revel or ongoing effects can become a problem.

Substitutions – the key cards here aren’t able to substitute and the lower ones are available in Pool 1 and Pool 2 – if you#re missing Polaris or magneto, please check out this Pool 2 Move Deck.

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

You have multiple drawing patterns you can use here. Don’t go too crazy and spend every energy point possibly, sometimes rather wait outa turn to make your move, if needed.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

Getting Human Torch, Angela, Dagger or Kraven on the board early is never a mistake and not too obvious what you’re up to and what locations you’re after. Save your Iron Fist to play along with one of the moving cards.

Mid Phase (Turn 3-4)

Here’s where you start powering up, in particular move your Vulture or Dagger to gain nice extra power by using Cloak, Iron Fist and see what the locations look like to see where you do your final push. Polaris can also be a great interruption if you see that your opponent is up to a Destruct Deck.

marvel snap magneto move pool 3 deck gameplay

End Phase (Turn 5-6)

Prepare here for your final move, which is normally either using Heimdal to move your cards to other locations to gain power or occupy locations that are not that occupied. Or you have Magneto to free up some locations to take them over.


Move decks are in the meta for a reason – you can flexibly outsmart your opponent and just get out of a location he heavily invested in and keep him asking himself at the end what just happened with little to do about it. Yes, Move Decks in MARVEL SNAP need practice to get to know your cards and synergies but it’s worth it in the long run and I see them viable in the upcoming seasons, for sure.

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