dragon trail best class guide 2023 with cannoneer dragon trail best class guide 2023 with cannoneer

The Best Classes in Dragon Trail 2023 (PvE & PvP Ranked) with Cannoneer

Are you not sure which class will be the best for you in Dragon Trail: Hunter World? Well, some classes work better in PvE, some in PvP and there’s not a single one best class that is better for everything. But also it comes down to what style of play you prefer and there’s not much use in picking a class because it is ‘better’ for something n paper but you then don’t enjoy playing it at all because the way it’s played doesn’t suit you.

For that reason I have here a detailed guide for all the classes that, and I’m 100% it will, help you a lot picking one that suits you well.

Please also check out my guide about the best pets in Dragon Trail here to pick a pet that will work well for you and very important there are a ton of active activation codes available right now that give you a lot of free rewards to boost your progress – you will find my frequently updated list of active codes here.

All Classes Guide in Dragon Trail

Alright, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the classes… and one thing ahead, the classes in Dragon Trail are not like you would expect them to be when you read the name and have their roles in mind from other MMORPGs.

Also, all classes have abilities that allow them to deal area damage, have a stun effect and also can slow down enemies. So there’s nothing you’re missing out on that when picking your class and it comes more don’t o how you want to deliver your damage.

  • Dragon KnightSBest Pets
    Cinsidered the best class by so many players for the fact that all skill stones are sued in a fight so you don't need much rerolling until you max out a skill with 3 pink stones.PvE: APvP: SDamage: A+Best PetsAll Codes
  • RangerA+Best Pets
    The ranger deals area damage, yes, but it's relatively low compared to other classes like the priest. But the ranger delivers great burst damage. Also, the special ability has the longest cooldown of all classes in Dragon Trail but it summons a wolf that is basically a second pet that will also stick around for 8 seconds and can't take any damage. So you're basically playing the ranger by summoning the wolf and then getting your arrows up and burst through enemies.PvE: B+PvP: SDamage: SBest PetsAll Codes
  • CannoneerA+Best Pets
    Deals a lot of damage and with the area damage also viable. Overall a pretty well-rounded new character class that makes fun to play and gives you great progress.PvE: A+PvP: A+Damage: ABest PetsAll Codes
  • PriestABest Pets
    The Priest Class has nothing to do with healing in Dragon Trail, it's basically the mage class. When looking at the skill that deals AoE damage you can mark a circle and the priest class will deal the damage there, that's different from the warrior that deals the damage where it lands. This is ideal for PvE and you can melt mobs as they will just sit in that damage circle far away from you. In PvP, you deal with human opponents and they will do everything they can to prevent that area.PvE: SPvP: ADamage: BBest PetsAll Codes
  • WarriorABest Pets
    You'd normally expect the warrior class to be some kind of tank class with a lot of hitpoints, right? Well, Dragon Trail does it a little differently - the warrior class is actually the 2nd-highest damage dealing class in the game and as you're constantly dealing your damage close to the enemy you don't have to wonder as much about evading and finding a good spot - go right in there and do what you have to do, basically.PvE: APvP: SDamage: ABest PetsAll Codes
  • ShadowhunterC+Best Pets
    If you expect a traditional assassin class, dealing a ton of damage and disappearing and having crowd control, Dragon Trail will teach you a lesson here - the Shadowhunter Class is so much different in this game and the damage is significantly weaker than what the other classes provide. I mean you can go invisible and stun the enemy, that's quite traditional if you will so, but it gets really annoying as you have to do that permanently and it also feels like battles start to take forever when you always have to do that to survive instead of bursting through enemies. For me the weakest class in Dragon Trail right now and I think there will be some buffs in the future but right now I wouldn't recommend running this class.PvE: BPvP: BDamage: CBest PetsAll Codes


I hope this guide was helpful for you and if you have further questions please don’t hesitate using the comment form below and I’ll be happy to reply. Also if you think I have forgotten anything in this guide please let me know in the comments.

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  1. What about the new class demon envoy? What’s the best pets to use n what are the best state to use from the guild?

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