harry potter magic awakened best dobby echo decks harry potter magic awakened best dobby echo decks

Best Dobby Echo Decks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Do you enjoy playing Dobby as Echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakened or are you interested in doing so? Well, he is a very interesting and flexible echo so I thought I will write a guide here to show you everything you need to know about him and also recommend some decks here to play him well.

Dobby Echo – What Is There To Know?

Dobby is a highly flexible mobility echo that will constantly replace one of your mobility cards in your hand with disapparate and leave a copy of your character behind that deals damage and slows down surrounding enemies when destroyed.

This allows you to get tactically out of tough spots while dealing damage andis not tied to a certain archetype and one of the few ideal starter and beginner echoes to play in Harry Potter magic Awakened.

harry potter magic awakened dobby overview

Is Dobby A Strong Echo?

The mobility you gain with Dobby opens a lot of playstyles and ways to deal with other archetypes of decks, so he is indeed a flexible cheo in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Please refer to my frequently updated tier list of best decks and tier list of echoes here to see how he performs in the current meta in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Best Dobby Echo Decks

Let’s take a look at the strong decks you can play right now with Dobby as your echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakend.

Please mind, this list gets frequently udpated when I add/change/remove decks from the meta deck list (linked above) to make sure you will only see up-to-date and strong decks here:


dobby beginner
Dobby Beginner
This is the first full deck you will unlock with Dobby as echo and it is actually a decent deck to play in the very early stages with some summons to get on the board, some control spells to help you interrupt your opponent and aerea damage if you need it. Don't just swap in more cards because you get them if you can't build one of the decks above, this will work a lot better than you might think..


I hope this guide helped you in deciding for Dobby as Echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakened and also how to use him. Please mind that the decks here get updated/extended every week so if you enjoy playing Dobby as echo, check back here to see what decks work well with him.

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