Best Rubeus Hagrid Echo Decks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

harry potter magic awakened best rubeus hagrid echoes decks

Do you enjoy playing Rubeus Hagrid as Echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakened or are you interested in doing so? Well, he is a very interesting and flexible echo so I thought I will write a guide here to show you everything you need to know about him and also recommend some decks here to play him well.

Rubeus Hagrid Echo – What Is There To Know?

Hagrid echoes will passively heal summons, which you can see with the little green icon before playing the card:

harry potter magic awakened hagrid gameplay

This means you want to run Hargid as echo primarily in summon decks or at least some strong summons that you can make more durable and stronger on the battlefield and give your opponent a harder time dealing with them.

These type of decks (archetype) are called summon decks (unlike other archetypes like spell-cycle decks that you would play with Harry Potter or Hermione Granger as echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakened).

harry potter magic awakened hagrid overview

Please also mind we’re talking about the Rubeus Hagrid Echo here, not the Hagrid campanion card (which you can also run in your deck, of course!).

Is Rubeus Hagrid A Strong Echo?

Well, with Hagrid echo you need to either run a summon spam deck or at least a deck that has some strong creatures in there that are important – otherwise his healing goes to waste – so he is quite depending how well those cards/decks perform in the current meta. But with that many summons there are always some that do well.

Please refer to my frequently updated tier list of best decks and tier list of echoes here to see how he performs in the current meta in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Best Rubeus Hagrid Echo Decks

Let’s take a look at the strong decks you can play right now with Hagrid as your echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakend.

Please mind, this list gets frequently udpated when I add/change/remove decks from the meta deck list (linked above) to make sure you will only see up-to-date and strong decks here:


  • Hagrid LocomotorS
    Hagrid Locomotor is still performing strong in the meta but this is the more competitive deck version compared to the Starter-version of the deck that you can find below. The general mechanics are the same but there are more spells to make it work better that you need to have and also rank up enough.View DeckCards Tier ListEchoes Tier ListMore Hagrid Decks
  • Hagrid Locomotor StartA
    The idea behind this deck is to get the Locomotors up to keep everything your opponent does busy and use supporting summons while you save up mana to overrun them in the long run.View DeckCards Tier ListEchoes Tier ListMore Hagrid Decks
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I hope this guide helped you in deciding for Rubeus Hagrid as Echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakened and also how to use him. Please mind that the decks here get updated/extended every week so if you enjoy playing Harry as echo, check back here to see what decks work well with him.

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