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Best Harry Potter Echo Decks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Do you enjoy playing Harry Potter as Echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakened or are you interested in doing so? Well, he is a very interesting and strong echo so I thought I will write a guide here to show you everything you need to know about him + recommend some decks here to play him well.

Harry Potter Echo – What Is There To Know?

In short, Harry Potter makes the lower-cost (3-cost and lower) spells better, so the essence with him is running a deck with cheaper spells that be a lot better than playing them with any other echo in terms of effect and damage.

harry potter echo gameplay

This means you can cycle through your cheaper spells quicker to counter/attack your opponent while they have to wait for more MP to play their stronger spells to hold up to.

This is also a type of spell cycle deck you play (unline the spell cycle you play with Hermione Granger as echo, though, as she will reduce the cost of every 4th spell – more about Hermione echo mechanics here).

harry echo overview

Please also mind we’re talking about the Harry Potter Echo here, not the Harry campanion card (which you can also run in your deck, of course!).

Is Harry Potter A Strong Echo?

Well, he can be versatile as there are lots of spells that he enhances to control, counter and attack – so you can cheaply deal with whatever your opponent(s) throwing at you and make them spend more MP for their approach than it takes you to counter and then attack yourself with the MP you’re ahead.

Harry Potter makes the whole spell cycle archetype of deck possible in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, but there’s a lot more than that to answer the question if he is strong or not. Please refer to my frequently updated tier list of best decks and tier list of echoes here to see how he performs in the current meta in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Best Harry Potter Echo Decks

Let’s take a look at the strong decks you can play right now with Harry as your echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakend.

Please mind, this list gets frequently udpated when I add/change/remove decks from the meta deck list (linked above) to make sure you will only see up-to-date and strong decks here:


harry mcgonagall
Harry McGonagall
Also the Harry Echo meta profits from McGonagalls and with the many cheap spells to cycle here the way this deck gain extra momentum is through McGonagall as companion as you will gain a lot and can still spam your cheap spells to control the zone..
f2p harry
F2P Harry
Great control spells let you counter whatever your opponent is doing for positive mana value (when they spend more mana than you need to counter it) and once you#re in the lead you can interrupt and attack them with your offense spells..


I hope this guide helped you in deciding for Harry Potter as Echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakened and also how to use him. Please mind that the decks here get updated/extended every week so if you enjoy playing Harry as echo, check back here to see what decks work well with him.

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