harry potter magic awakened best hermione granger echoes decks harry potter magic awakened best hermione granger echoes decks

Best Hermione Granger Echo Decks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Do you enjoy playing Hermione Granger as Echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakened or are you interested in doing so? Well, she is a very versatile and strong echo so I thought I will write a small guide here to let you know everything you need to know about her + recommend some decks here to play her well.

Hermione Granger Echo – What Is There To Know?

Hermione Granger will, after you cast 3 spells, reduce the next cost of your highest-cost spell card in your deck in half:

hermione granger spell cost card reduction effect

This means you want to do two things with her as your echo to run her well – you want to run as many spell cards (not summons) in your deck to be able to spam out as many spells to get the cost reduction on the high-cost strong spells as often as possible. The other one have that strong spell combination in your deck. This is called spell cycle in Harry Patter Magic Awakened and describes exactly that.

hermione echo overview

Pleae also mind we’re talking about the Hermione Granger Echo here, not the Hermione campanion card (which you can also run in your deck, of course!).

Is Hermione Granger A Strong Echo?

Well, she is very versatile and makes the whole spell cycle archetype of deck possible in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, but there’s a lot more than that to answer that question. Please refer to my frequently updated tier list of best decks and tier list of echoes here to see how she performs in the current meta in Harry Potter Magic Awakend.

Best Hermione Granger Echo Decks

Let’s take a look at the strong decks you can play right now with Hermione as your echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakend.

Please mind, this list gets frequently udpated when I add/change/remove decks from the meta deck list (linked above) to make sure you will only see up-to-date and strong decks here:


  • McGonagall CycleS+View Deck
    Pairing a spell cycle deck with the powerful Orb of Water and Thunderstorm that Hermione can reduce in costs with the many cheaper spells you play along Ron and McGonagall has a lot of control and damage that will be hard foryour opponent to deal with. Has been getting a lot of attention recently even on top of the ladder ranked duels.View DeckCards Tier ListEchoes Tier ListMore Hermione Decks
  • Avada KedavraS+View Deck
    Avada Kedavra is the most-feared spell in the Harry Potter universe and this deck uses the spell that instantly takes out the closest target - paired with hermione in a spell cycle deck you can concnstaly play it cheaper for hap the costs and take out powerful units or even your opponent if you time it right.View DeckCards Tier ListEchoes Tier ListMore Hermione Decks
  • Ice & FireA+View Deck
    Galcius Maximus and Incedius are your big spells that you're looking to cycle with Hermione Echo so play the cheap spells to get their cost reduced and play them on yor opponent. Super annyoing to deal with espcially with Ron and Malfoy Gang as companions that you improve with the Boomtastic Bombs. Once this engine rolls it will be hard for your opponent to do anything much rather than damage control until you have the victory.View DeckCards Tier ListEchoes Tier ListMore Hermione Decks
  • ThunderAView Deck
    This deck with Hermione as echo looks for Thunderstorm and Atmospheric Charm, both incredible DPS spells to be discounted through Hermiones echo after using the cheaper spell cards. You basically spam your cheap spells and throw with Ron and the Frey Twins some annoying companions on the board and everytime Hermione's echo discounts your Atmospheric Charm or Thunderstorm, you can make the opponent suffer a ton of damage (or their creatures if they have many on the board, both will have a lot of value that will give you a nice MP lead).View DeckCards Tier ListEchoes Tier ListMore Hermione Decks
  • Hermione Spell CycleAView Deck
    With a lot of cheap spells you cycle quick to trigger hermiones echo to then use your higher-cost spells to take out units on the battleground and take off health off your opponent. Try to keep Ashwinder alive as long as possible and with the lightnings you can pressure your opponent a lot all the time.View DeckCards Tier ListEchoes Tier ListMore Hermione Decks
  • Hermione F2PB+View Deck
    A Free-2-Play version of the hermione Spell Cycle deck where she reduces the costs of the highest-cost spell in your hand so you can play a ton of powerful spells a lot and cycle through the spells and pressuring your opponent easily. Imagine you can easily counter a 6 MP push with 3 MP so you have 3 MP more and can theoreitcally throw another 6 MP of spells for 3 MP on the board. You'll unlock these spells early and this is a great deck for the early stages in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.View DeckCards Tier ListEchoes Tier ListMore Hermione Decks


I hope this guide helped you in deciding for Hermione Granger as Echo in Harry Potter Magic Awakened and also how to use her. Please mind that the decks here get updated/extended every week so if you enjoy playing Hermione as echo, check back here to see what decks work well with her.

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