Best Frederick Builds (Talent Tree | Skill Order | Best Pairing) In Rise of Kingdoms

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Are you planning to or already running Frederick in Rise of Kingdoms in one of your marches and want to see how you should invest the talent points, what equipment works best and what other commanders you should pair with? Well, then you’re in the right place, below you will find answer to each one of those questions and this will help you make your Frederick perfrom as strong as possible in all situations.

Current Ranking – is Frederick S-Tier, A-Tier, or D-Tier?!

See how Frederick is ranking in the different game modes of Rise of Kingdoms in my current tier list here.

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Skill Order

When you star up Frederick, you also unlock a new skill. This helps you fine-tune in what order you want to upgrade the skills of your commander as not all skills are equally good and worth maxing or worth maxing first (in general) – this helps to invest your sculptures more reasonably to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Frederick is all about dealing direct damage without caring about buffing or debuffing anything or anyone. You really want to max out his 1st skill when you have Frederick at 1-Star, it’s the most vital damage dealing skill you have with him, although it may sound not that appealing.

From here, take him to 2-Star and also max out his 2nd skill. This will give you that extra healing so no matter what you’re planning to do with him, he has the general skills.

In the long run, you want to expertise him to get even more damage, but I’d say you take him to 4-Star from 2-Star directly and unlock the 3rd and 4th skill to get these benefits as well. The 3rd skill is not that strong until you have him really well upgraded to be viable in rallying cities anyway.

Best Troops

Frederick doesn’t care about troop types at all. There’s no advantage or disadvantage of using a certain troop type, but if you use a secondary commander for rage generation (that Frederick really needs), you might meet the troop type standards of this commander as well.

Best Commander Pairing for Frederick

Yi-Seong Gye (YSG) brings the area damage and and some extra rage and in total is a commander that works well with Frederick in early kingdoms. However, both are heavy damage dealers and can turn into a glass-cannon. Find the talent builds for Yi-Seong Gye (YSG) here.
Richard provides a ton of durability along Frederick so you have the damage from Freddy and the tankiness from Richard that go well along each other. Find the talent builds for Richard here.
Sun Tzu has a great rage engine and provides Frederick with extra rage that helps him on the other side cycling through his primary skill more frequently. Find the talent builds for Sun Tzu here.
Boudica is a very early pairing and provides a lot of useful traits fro Fredd. Find the talent builds for Boudica here.
Pelagius can also be a early pairing as their kits work well with each other. Find the talent builds for Pelagius here.

Find out more about the most useful commander pairings here.

Best Equipment

In terms of equipment, here’s what I recommend to use as the route for Frederick:
The situation with Frederick is that you will not have great equipment available when he’s a viable commander in early kingdoms to rally and then he’s absolutely not useful anymore when you have access to the good equipment

Best Builds For Frederick

Below you will find the talent tree builds for Frederick that make sense when running as the primary commander in any march in Rise of Kingdoms. Please also refer to the description below each talent tree as I explain a general route on how you should spend your talents there + some additional background for each talent build that I very likely will appreciate.

This is the primary build to use when using Frederick to rally cities, no matter if that’s simple attacking or being the rally leader with him. So let’s have a closer look at what the talent points are used for.

Conquering Tree is the first one to spend your talent points on and you want to go for Entrenched as fast as possible because it will improve the damage you deal on a garrison, which is the best you can have when attacking a city. After that Tear of Blessing is, obviously, your second objective in the Conquering Tree here to reduce the amount of troops that die and rather get wounded when attacking another player’s city. If you have both of them, Entrenched and Tear of Blessing, you can get Meteor Shower and this is a really helpful talent that can give you a huge additional damage buff for the next attack when it proccs.

Skill Tree is now your turn to get to Rejuvenate as quickly as possible to get that sweeet extra rage. If you remember my words in the beginning, we want to get as much rage as possible to get Frederick’s first skill rolling as fast and often as possible.

Leadership Tree is where you will spend your last points, depending how much you leveld Frederick up. Hidden Wrath is really nice to get the extra rage and Healing Herbs will halp the second skill heal your troops during the rally. Then you can also get the March Speed.

If you want to do rallies against objectives you can also use this alternative build here that focus on getting rage and skill damage buffed up as much as possible – which can give you a great blast.

Skill Tree is the first stop here to get Rejuvenate to get the extra rage to get your first skill rocking as often as possible. Latent Power is here also very useful because it will give you a decent buff on your first skill damage.

Leadership Tree has some really nice talents in there that will buff your damage. Name of the King is the ultimate talent you want to get here.

But actually I like the build that I show now a little bit more…

I personally like this build here for rallying objectives more simply because it focus on creating more rage in the Skill Tree and the primary skill already deals such tons of damage that you don’t need to buff it and rather should get the rage generation buffed so it will get used more often during that rally with Frederick.


I hope this guide for building Frederick helped you investing without wasting much time and resources. If you liked it or you further questions (or maybe also annnotations that you believe should be added here in this guide), please don’t hesitate to post them below in the commen section. Thanks for reading and have a great day and see you out in the kingdoms.

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