Best Eulji Mundeok Builds (Talent Tree | Skill Order | Best Pairing) In Rise of Kingdoms

rise of kingdoms best eulji mundeok builds

Eulji has some nice nuking abilities, solid skills and can defend your garrison quite well – reason enough to give you guys two talent builds that you can use with Eulji Mundeok to get the most out of him – some say for a reason that he’s one of the best epic commanders in Rise of Kingdoms 😉

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Skill Order

When you star up Eulji, you also unlock a new skill. This helps you fine-tune in what order you want to upgrade your skills as not all skills are equally good for him. This helps to invest your sculptures more reasonable to get the biggest bang for your buck.

When you plan the skill order for Eulji, you have two options and they depend heavily on the role he will play in your commander lineup.

If you plan to use him for city defense, something absolutely useful in the earlier stages in Rise of Kingdoms, you want to max out the 1st skill before you take Eulji to 2-Star and then max out the 2nd skill. From here take him directly to 4-Star and try to land as many skill points into his 4th skill.

His 3rd skill won’t be that useful for defending as you will have mixed troops and the 4th skill will boost his damage by a ton.

On the other side, if you plan to use Eulji in the open field, then you want to take a different route. You want to max out his 1st skill before you star him up. From here, take him directly to 4-Star and hope to land as many points as possible in his 3rd and 4th skill.

Best Troops

If you do use Eulji in the open field, there’s only a build with a ton of talent points in the Infantry Tree plus his 3rd skill boosts infantry troops, so you really want to use full or almost full infantry marches.

For city defense you will use mixed troops and not that many talents in the Infantry Tree so that is for mixed troops (well, no choice here anyway).

Best Commander Pairing

With Eulji Mundeok you will have multiple interesting options if you’re using him as the primary commander:

City Defense Open Field Canyon
There are several setups, but in the stage where you would use Eulji as city defense commander, Sun Tzu is very likely the most optimal solution.  

With Scipio and Sun Tzu you add a lot of survivability in the open field as secondary commander to Eulji. With Richard and Charles you have a super tanky setup.


With Sun Tzu you can form a nice frontline with Eulji that is pretty tanky as well. Joan also works fine with her support abilities. Charles is basically the same as Eulji so super nice pairing here as well

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Best Garrison Build

If you want to use Eulji Mundeok as your garrison commander to defend your city, this is the build you want to use:

eulji mundeok best garrison build

Build with RoKTalent Builder

First of all you should get Nowhere To Turn in the Garrison Tree to get that extra rage – extra rage is always really useful. After that, Impregnable should be the next talent to get, simply because it will give a huge defensive buff.

Now you should go into the Attack Tree to get effortless. If you want to defend you need to deal some damage and when using Eulji as the garrison commander you can be sure that the battle will last long enough that you can get the full buff of Effortless.

Next up is going into the Infantry Tree to get Undying Fury for some more extra rage.

The reason why we go into the Infantry Tree rather than the Garrison Tree is that several talents there are not exclusive for infantry units – and when you’re defending your city there will be mixed troops.

So, After Undying Fury you can also get Call of the Pack, Double-Headed Axe and Iron Spear as well to give attackers not that easy time.

Now go back to the Attack Tree and get Unyielding and Armored Joints for some nice extra counterattack damage and damage reduction. The last points can then be spent in the Garrison Tree.

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Best Allround Infantry Build (Open Field, Barbarians)

If you’re looking to take Eulji Mundeok into the open field or hunt some barbarians, here’s an infantry build that will work great for that:

eulji mundeok best infantry build

Build with RoKTalent Builder

First of all you want to go to the Attack Tree and get Effortless, which is a great plain buff for attack stats, even when it takes some time to fully charge it’s the first talent you want to get for Eulji.

After that it’s time to pick up some march speed and you will get that in the right side of the Infantry Tree where you have two talent nodes that will give you a solid boost in march speed. Right after that, go to the Fleet of Foot talent on the very right side and you’re now pretty fast.

Then you should make your way to Snare of Thorn, it’s really helpful when you’re chasing down farming armies and prevent that they can get away from you.

Now you need to place all the necessary talent points in the right side of the Infantry Tree to unlock Elite Soldiers.

If you have maxed out Eulji Mondeok you have some points left and I’d recommend you to put them in the Attack Tree into Armored Joints and Unyielding.

Last points can then go to Strong of Body, but there are also other things you can buff – nothing special left here but a solid talent build overall.

Important! If you’re not sure who to pair Eulji Mundeok with, check out our freshly updated Ranked Commander Pairing list here 🙂


What’s you opinion on these builds for Eulji Mundeok in Rise of Kingdoms? If you have questions or you want to add anything please drop a comment below 🙂

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