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Best Joan of Arc Builds (Talent Tree | Skill Order | Best Pairing) In Rise of Kingdoms

Are you planning to or already running Joan of Arc in Rise of Kingdoms in one of your marches and want to see how you should invest the talent points, what equipment works best and what other commanders you should pair with? Well, then you’re in the right place, below you will find answer to each one of those questions and this will help you make your Joan of Arc perfrom as strong as possible in all situations.

Current Ranking – is Joan of Arc S-Tier, A-Tier, or D-Tier?!

joan of arc
Joan of Arc
Here is a quick overview of the rankings of Joan of Arc for the different game modes. Please refer to the full tier list linked below to see the ranking of all commanders in Rise of Kingdoms and full evaluation and priority..
Open Field:

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Skill Order

Skill 1
Skill 2
Skill 3
Skill 4
Skill Order Finetuning
Below you will find the best order to unlock and level up skills by how useful they are so you don’t have to level the skills up one by one and spend a lot of extra sculptures on it. This will let you use this commander earlier and also saves you important Universal Sculptures in the long run!
Your sweetspot of skills to make this commander useful is: 5511 and this is the recommended way to get there:


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Not sure how it works and what you get? Check out guide for Aethelflaed here that will is completely unlocked to show you how the skill order works. Preview here.

Best Troops

Joan of Arc doesn’t care about troop types. If you use her for gathering, bringing Siege Units is useful for the loading speed, but in any combat situation she will buff all troop types.

Best Commander Pairing for Joan of Arc

Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
Charles Martel
Charles Martel
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu

Alexander the Great is a great commander to hide Joan of Arc as secondary commander behind and let her support make him really strong. Charles Martel has a lot of durability and with Joan of Arc secondary, you will have a very durable setup running. Richard is pretty much the same as Charles Martel and can benefit a ton from running Joan of Arc as secondary commander in the open field. Sun Tzu is a very good epic pairing with good damage plus a ton of rage (make sure to not rage cap above 220 rage generated per attack). Boudica is a early but great pairing for open field, Sunset Canyon and barbarian hunting.

Find out more about the most useful commander pairings here.

Best Equipment Forge Order

As Joan of Arc isn’t normally a commnder that you want to run as the primary commander (she will get hunted down mercilessly), there’s no reason to equip her with any gear. If you don’t have other commander, equip whatever you have.

Below you will find the talent tree builds for Joan of Arc that make sense when running as the primary commander in any march in Rise of Kingdoms. Please also refer to the description below each talent tree as I explain a general route on how you should spend your talents there + some additional background for each talent build that I very likely will appreciate.

So, this is the gathering build that I would recommend to anyone asking for such a build for Joan of Arc. This build basically takes all the resource gathering talents in the Gathering Tree and then picks up all the extra march speed talents in the Support Tree and the Integration Tree that you can get afterward.When talking about the order how to spend the points (if you haven’t maxed out Joan of Arc yet), I’d go down the gathering tree first and then go into the other trees for the extra march speed.The reason why I would do that is that you probably are not gathering non-stop and when gathering takes some extra minutes you’ll be okay with that and can adapt – but bringing home more resources is a direct benefit that you will take advantage of right away. For that reason, first go down the gathering tree and then take the march speed in the other trees.
But now let’s get to the more interesting build in the open field with Joan of Arc and this is it. March speed is almost everything in the open field, so your very first talent point should go into the Gathering Tree to pick up that cheap extra march speed – this is the only talent point you’ll be feeding into the Gathering Tree.After that go into the Support Tree and go after Rejuvenate first. This will give you 150 rage each time you use Joan of Arc’s skill so after the first time it will take less time until she can use that skill again and you will get some nice rage engine rolling with her.I can only tell you, this will get her skill popping from something like 10 seconds for the first time to like 5-6 seconds after that so you will see that firing like a machine gun.Next go over to get Counterattack, this will be a nice boost after each healing and you will see that popping a lot. From here max out the Support Tree and see how you can spend your leftover points.In the Integration Tree you will go after charge first and the march Speed to get some nice extra boost in march speed.


I hope this guide for building Joan of Arc helped you investing without wasting much time and resources. If you liked it or you further questions (or maybe also annnotations that you believe should be added here in this guide), please don’t hesitate to post them below in the commen section. Thanks for reading and have a great day and see you out in the kingdoms.

  1. Do other research before ad hearing to this guide. There should be a third build of where “Fresh recruits” and the left side of the Integration Tree is built out.

    With that said this has been a very helpful guide, but I think I relied on it too much until I learned the game and I am paying the price in Talent respecs.

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