Warpath Gift Codes – Frequently Updated!

warpath gift codes guide

We see fresh gift codes quite frequently in Warpath that will reward you with Gold, Cash, booster and other resources.

All you really need to do is to enter a code in your account and you will get rewarded right away.

The only problem – where to get the codes from? They get released in social networks and are often only valid for a couple of days. For that reason I have gathered them here and will update this page frequently when there’s a fresh code around.

If you don’t want to follow several people and the official Warpath accounts on social networks you can also check back here as I will always post here the current redemption codes 🙂

How To Use Warpath Gift Codes

Go to your account in the Warpath app and go to your player profile where you see the options. There you will find a point in the menu called “Gifts”. Once you go there you will see a text field where you need to enter the gift code you want to redeem.

warpath how to redeem codes

Now just look in the list below for the current codes that I tagged with the status: active

All Warpath Codes (Updated Frequently)

Here I will list you all codes and also add new codes as soon as they will get released. Normally we always see around one code per month and also special redemption codes during festive days like Mothers Day.

Here’s the full list.

New Year Code (January 1st, 2021)

warpath new year codeStatus: Active

Just in time for the new year we also got a fresh code to boost our progress in Warpath.

The code will reward 200 Gold, 500k resources each and 2x 60min Universal Rush booster

The code is nywp

Santa Gift Code (December 24th, 2020)

warpath santajack codeStatus: Active

Another code for Christmas and this one here will reward 200 Gold along with several Rush booster and EXP books.

The code is santajack

Merry Christmas Code (December 18th, 2020)

warpath christmas codeStatus: Expired

Not the biggest surprise that Warpath will give us a free code for Christmas, but I did not expect it to happent hat early. Anyway, collect a whopping 500 Gold along with some nice Rush boosters.

The code is MERRYXMAS

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