Art of War: Legions – The Best Heroes Ranked (Tier List) 2023

art of war legions best heroes tier list 2023

With almost 40 heroes (number growing) in Art of War Legions you have a tough decision, not only what heroes to use also what ones to invest in, right? Well, on top of that, the developers change the heroes every few months so the whole “shoe is strong/who is not” question got scrambled up.

For that reason I have created this tier list here that I frequently update to give you the advice and background you need to have to decide what heroes you run and also which ones you invest the time and resources to evolve and upgrade.

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What are the best heroes in Art of War: Legions? A Tier List…

Let’s jump right into the tier list.


  • DavisonS+
    Davison just received a buff that makes him so much stronger. Some would say he's broken but there are still ways to deal with him. Anyway, hard to kill right now and, I think safe to say, the best hero in Art of War Legions right now in pretty much all game modes, on offense as well as on defense.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • SeleneS
    Selene buffs up your army at the start and causes a lot of damage and her active skill binds enemy units to the ground for a few seconds. She simply has a lot of buffing and rebuffing going on and is not easy to deal with and you will be able to use her well in pretty much all game modes and on offense and defense.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • AlyS
    Aly is just scary to mess with and her massive fire bomb just causes so much damage and nuke a full army. The only way to counter her properly is by setups with immunity skills or stunning and they have to be properly timed and used. Hands down, one of the best heroes in Art of War Legions right now, on offense as well as defense.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • SeondeokS
    Seondeok is also a hero you can use well no matter at what stage in Art of War Legions you are right now. Her healing and team buffs make her really versatile and fit basically everywhere. You can run her on offense as well as on defense.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • JinnA+
    Jinn... he is still quite new in the game so I don't want to rank him straight up in the S Tier just in case there's something about him that I don't foresee or that he will get adjusted soonish. I just don't want to encourage players to invest in a hero that I'm not absolutely sure about. See him in an imaginary 'A+ Tier' right now, ok? Also, a hero that can be used on offense and defense as well.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • KrakenA
    Kraken not only has some nice-looking skills, he also packs quite a punch in the current meta and is, especially on offense, a hero that works really well right now. Don't use him on defense, though. Also viable in Hero Trial.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • CharonA
    Quite nice kit and has his spot in the meta. Not the craziest of all heroes but useful for sureBest TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • ArthurB+
    Arthur is slowly declining his rank and I see him in B Tier now (although on top of the B Tier). The reason is that due to the release of Orc Hunters he is not capable of beating Seline as he used to. Also now that Seondeok is more commonly used, he is not as viable anymore.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • OdinB+
    Very mixed impressions so far and I don't want to rank him too high so temporarily ranked here.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • FreyjaB+
    Quite disappointing so far and nothing outstandindBest TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • ZeusB
    Zeus also got buffed recently, which might get him higher in the future, but I like to keep him here in the B Tier for now. Delivers constant area damage and is still a hero you don't want to ignore, but we'll see where his journey in Art of War Legions will go in the future.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • DraculaC+
    Dracula is amazing in trials and Infinity War and works well against Cerberus with his attack buff and his lifesteal is also useful. Still, in the current meta this might be useful and he's not a bad hero but just not enough to be recommended in a higher tier.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • PoseidonC
    Poseidon also get buffed (badly needed, tbh) so I ranked him up higher now again, He had quite some journey in the tier list this year while being on top at the beginning of the year, then very low in the recent version and now back on his way up.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • ChioneC
    Chione is dropping ranks and I believe with the new buffs and the meta shifts coming with it, she will even fall more out of meta in the future. Just a prediction, so don't invest too much in her anymore for now until we see which direction her journey in Art of War Legions takes in the coming weeks and months.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • ApolloD+
    Apollo is one of the better damage dealers in Art of War Legions but he's still unable to compete against the top-tier heroes.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • NezhaD
    Nezha can be okayish but not on his own, he needs a well-rounded formation to work. For that reason, plus he's working well in Hero Trials, I ranked him in D Tier of the tier list.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • DrakeD
    Drake buffs your army a lot and has some niche uses in some Arena formations, but that's all and that's why I can't rank him higher at the moment.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • IvanD
    Ivan can work well in Hero Trial and in some Arena formations as well. Dealing damage and reducing the attack speed and movement speed can be helpful, but overall there are many better options than him right now.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • AinzD
    Ainz used to be really good against Cyclops or Cerberus and summoning his own reflection is pretty cool but hasn't much space in the current meta. But I think with a few buffs he can make his way back up a tier, we'll see.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • WukongD
    Wukong does not boost your army, he boosts himself. The only reason where this is not bad for you is when you end up in a death match with another hero. Overall not really worth the invest right now.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • HorusD
    Horus is working well against dark units and ranged units with his skill kit, but overall I simply can't rank him any higher.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • MephistoD
    Mephisto can perform well against certain troop types like Cyclops, but other than that not the best overall kit to run much.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • AzraelD
    Azrael is not a bad hero, but as only top players in the arena can obtain him there's no need to rank him high as also he has never shown his true potential in the meta and (I believe) the developers are too scared to make him very strong or the crowds will storm them down. His insta-kill strike is pretty cool, though.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • EdwardD
    Edward has some nice debuffs on the enemy and buffs selected troops in your army. He can be used for Hero Trial and some formations in the Arena use him good as well. Other than that, more like a niche type hero in Art of War Legion.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • CassandraD
    Cassandra boosts the probability to get troops you want in Temple of Fusion so that can be important as no other hero in Art of War Legions can do this. But, tbh, that's the only reason I don't have her in F Tier.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • GreenD
    Green CAN be a substitute for Seondeok if you need to use a healer. Of course, less effective, but that's the only real use I see for him in the current meta. Can be useful in Hero Trial, nonetheless.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • HohenheimD
    Hohenheim is really easy to level up and also good against all Hero Trial boss and farm you Coins. As this tier list is tailored towards end-game, he doesn't play much of a role but for early game to mid game players a hero you want to have on your list.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • BeowulfF
    Beowulf is horrible to see here in the lowest tier as a legendary hero, but it is what it is. But unless he will get buffed, his giant shield and counterattack damage will remain very ineffective for the invest that you need to do.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • KalvinsF
    Kalvins is the hero everybody starts out with in Art of War Legions, but he doesn't play an role in the mid/late/end-game meta (except some Hero Trial formations, but that's not mandatory).Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • IlumF
    Illum sounds promising with increasing health, attack and defense, but it's simply not enough compared to other heroes and his active skill is weak.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • MosheF
    Moshe has a good passive that increases health and defense of your army, but only deals little damage.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • KrissF
    Kriss is, obviously, a season hero and not many players use him in Art of War Legions - for a reason! He's underwhelming.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Robin HoodF
    Robin Hood sounds great on paper but other heroes simply deal so much more damage that he belongs in the F Tier in Art of War Legions, especially as his buffs aren't that great after all.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • MinotaurF
    Minotaur can damage pretty well and the frontline stun is also helpful, but only works in a good formation. On his own, he's simply not strong enough.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • GenichiroF
    Genichiro doesn't have much of an impact on his own, but his area damage and attack speed reduction on enemies can make a good appearance in the right setup. Still, I can't rank him higher because he is so bad as a primary hero.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • PlankF
    Plank is worthless using, sorry there's no other way to say this.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • DanteF
    Dante increases your movement speed but even less than Kalvins but that doesn't make much of an impact, tbh.Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • DianaF
    Diana can go behind an enemy and damage plus drop their armor for a little bit. Overall not a viable kit but as a rare hero you wouldn't expect her to be that high on that list, right?Best TroopsInfinity War RankingActive Codes


I frequently update the list with all the changes that get made and also what other top players recommend – however, if you disagree or have questions regarding a certain her… just drop a comment below.

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