art of war legions best heroes tier list 2023 art of war legions best heroes tier list 2023

Art of War: Legions – The Best Heroes Ranked (Tier List) 2023

With almost 40 heroes (number growing) in Art of War Legions you have a tough decision, not only what heroes to use also what ones to invest in, right? Well, on top of that, the developers change the heroes every few months so the whole “shoe is strong/who is not” question got scrambled up.

For that reason I have created this tier list here that I frequently update to give you the advice and background you need to have to decide what heroes you run and also which ones you invest the time and resources to evolve and upgrade.

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What are the best heroes in Art of War: Legions? A Tier List…

Let’s jump right into the tier list.



I frequently update the list with all the changes that get made and also what other top players recommend – however, if you disagree or have questions regarding a certain her… just drop a comment below.

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    1. Freyja has high damage, high attack rate, and huge range so while your team is attacking the troops, most will probably die before attacking Freyja.

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