afk arena vipers marsh full walkthrough guide afk arena vipers marsh full walkthrough guide

Viper’s Marsh Guide (Peaks of Time Realm #9) – Full Walkthrough

Congratulation on unlocking Viper’s Marsh, the 9th realm in Peaks of Time. Here you will find a full walkthrough through the whole realm from start to end to complete this realm  as fast as possible

Recommended Hero Levels: 180+

Viper’s Marsh is no realm that wants you to solve a puzzle or anything else – the puzzle is getting the right team set up for the battles here. The normal fights here are nothing else than simply gathering relics that will improve your team and also getting additional mercenaries that will complete a team that works against one of the bosses.

The most important thing in Viper’s Marsh is the factional advantage that you need to adapt to, otherwise there’s no way you’ll clear that realm.

There are four different Crystal Chests, one of the contains Dura’s Blade artifact, and each one of them is guarded by a boss fight that you won’t forget that easily – they have a ton of hitpoints and also deal a ton of damage and the only way to actually fight them is by having the right faction heroes in your team for all the fight – and that’s what I’ll be showing you now.

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Step 1 – as I said, first of all you will run through the whole map and don’t fight the camps in front of the Crystal Chests but all the other camps to collect every single relic possible. You will need the strongest relics so if you see that 2 or more relics are pretty useless to you you might need to reset the realm and start over again.

Do not attempt to get the Crystal Chests before you have all the relics and collected all the additional heroes.

Step 2 – now it’s time to support your squad with 4 additional heroes from the mercenary camps. There are a total of 4 mercenary camps and each one contains heroes of one faction exclusively.

I’d recommend you to use heroes that you don’t have and that are strong (yeah, nice tip, right?) and go with Lucius (Lightbearer), Tasi (Wilder), Khasos (Mauler) and Grezhul (Graveborn). Those are the heroes that are superior and a great addition if you don’t have them.

Step 3 – time to get the Crystal chests and I’d recommend you to get the “easier” ones first to get more relics before you hit the hardest ones.

Those are the ones around the lake that only contain 2 heroes (they are still hard enough, believe me). Northwestern will be a mixed team and really hard to beat.

The key to beat them is the  “Flag of Courage“, a unique relic you get at the beginning and that buffs your heroes damage by 100% and reduces their damage taken by 25% when they have a factional advantage. You need to use the factional advantage as much as possible!

So, beat those 3 bosses now:

The Lightbearer will be a Lucius and Belinda and Belinda can strike down your entire team in one ultimate. It will get easier if you have any hero that can silence her while you need a lot of damage on Lucius to get him down before he can use his shield. Graveborn heroes are your choice here, don’t use any Maulers! You can also use a Silvina to keep Belinda busy and also make her ultimate go down on Silvina on her back instead of your whole team.

The Graveborn will be Grezhul and Thoran and you need to use as many Wilders as possible and don’t use Lightbearer heroes at all, they will die off too fast! You can add strong Maulers like Brutus to fill your team but having as many Wilders as possible will make it better.

The fight against the Maulers will be tough because there’s no real hero that has the burst in the Lightbearers faction (even with the additional 100% factional bonus) that you need to use primarily here. You can still use a hero like Shemira here to get the damage output high.

Step 4 – the final boss. To unlock the Dura’s Blade artifact you will need to deal with a final fight of a team like the other 3 bosses but it will be a mixed faction team!

As you can see it’s Graveborn and Maulers heroes in that team making it strong against Wilders and Lightbearers and also weak against Wilders and Lightbearers. This means you can’t use any factional advantage here because the heroes that gain the factional advantage get simply shredded by the other faction heroes of that boss team!

The best way to beat it will be using Graveborn and Maulers as well (and if you have Brutus/Shemira and some more decent heroes it will be possible).

And now you have completed this realm and can continue with the next one, the Dismal Descent here.

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