afk arena solar planes full walkthrough guide afk arena solar planes full walkthrough guide

Solar Planes Guide (Peaks of Time Realm #12) – Full Walkthrough

Congratulations on unlocking The Solar Plane, the 12th realm in Peaks of Time. Here you will find a full walkthrough through the whole realm from start to end to complete this realm as fast as possible

Recommended Hero Levels: 200 with a main carrier hero 220+

If you have a strong carrier and ascended Kaz somewhat reasonable you will be able to do this realm with a team of Level 200 heroes – but you need a hero like Shemira at Level 220.

Overall the main problem with The Solar Plane is not the levers, they are quite easy, the main problem are the 6 bosses you need to defeat to open the gate to the final chest that will give you the artifact.

They are Level 300 and you need to get some nice and fitting relics as well as a team that works to get them done – there are no resurrection spots or healing fountains available in the whole realm.

So, this guide will give you two parts – the first is with a general route and some tips on which relics you need to look out for. The second one is on the bosses and the best order and strategy to defeat them.

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Route To The Bosses

The route to take is actually not too hard. You will start going clockwise around the map and defeat every camp you will find to get the relics.

Step 1 – so, as I said, you will start clockwise here and you should ignore any lever now.

Simply don’t use them and go ahead and follow the path as much as possible and clear out every single camp that you find along the way (and also collect the Golden Chests, of course). Again, don’t pull any lever or my next steps will get mixed up.

Step 2 – now you should be at this point and almost rounded the whole Solar Plane map one time until you are in front of this yellow lever. By this time you should have about 15 relics collected so far.

Here’s what you do next in order to clean the whole map so only the boss fights are left:

  1. Important! Follow the order of the steps!
  2. Use the yellow lever on the left side of the map
  3. Use the blue lever on the right side of the map
  4. Now you have some camps open at the spot shown in Step 2 – clear them now
  5. Now use the red lever on the bottom side of the map
  6. Now use the blue lever on the right side again

Now you can walk around the map and clear every camp you see. If needed you might turn another lever but that’s no problem – there are no negative consequences for using them.

The only important thing here is that you collected all the relics or you will have big trouble with the bosses!

So, if you follow my guide here you have Kaz that you will use – and this makes it mandatory that you get her relic Death’s Bite – this is the strategy that will defeat the bosses and without it you won’t make it. I know this sucks but this is the only way to get the Solar Plane done without having two Level 240 heroes in your team.

Defeating The Bosses

Every boss in The Solar Plane will give you a legendary relic so it’s important to beat the easiest bosses first and then approach the harder ones. All bosses are immune to any form of crowd control like stun or silence – the battles will come down to raw attacking power and defensive strength.

Attention! Many guides out there are outdated! If you see any guide featuring Level 300 bosses you can be sure they don’t work anymore. In July 2019 there was a change that made the bosses Level 290 but immune to crowd control – the Level 300 bosses haven’t been immune to it that so they could be killed a lot easier!

Team Suggestion

There are several teams that work but they all build around a carrier Shemira Level 200+ paired with Brutus or Lucius, a healer like Rowan/Nemora, Kaz and any other damage dealer like Belinda.

Hero Killing Order

In my opinion, Arden is the easiest boss and you should go after him first. With the above mentioned team you shouldn’t have many problems as long as you time your healing well you will get enough damage done by Shemira and Kaz’ poisoning. You might need to re-roll a few times but normally this is an easygoing thing.

Next up you should go after Fawkes who is also not a tough guy to beat. The rough plan here is the same as for Arden…. time your healing well and let Shemira and Kaz do the damage ticking Fawkes down.

Now Seirus is getting a little harder so make sure that you have either good defensive relics before you entered the boss fights or pick a good defensive legendary relic when you defeated Arden and Fawkes.

Thane is also hard if you don’t have strong defensive relics so make sure to buckle up here. He is also probably the boss fight you need several re-runs on until you get a nice outcome. If you struggle a lot with him with the named team above you might need to re-start the Solar Plane and select different relics.

Here comes the two hardest bosses and you should do Warek first as Tasi is even a little harder. If Shemira is your carrier hero (several levels higher than the others) you want to equip her with all the gear that adds dodge so she can dodge away most of Warek’s ultimate hits. Try to avoid using any other melee support unit so Warek will not lock on them and keeps targeting the one with high dodge.

Now, last one here to get is Tasi and she is actually pretty hard to do. After the update, the best thing to do is using 2 teams. The above-mentioned team is able to get her down to about half her health in the time frame and another team doing the pre-work will come in handy.

She is a nightmare and I know many people that are already in Chapter 20 but still can’t get past The Solar Plane so try your best with multiple teams or prepare to make several runs for great relics and level up and ascend your team a lot more than recommended.

Once you beat her, you have finished this realm and you can continue to the next Peak of Time, which is Burning Woods.

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